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Headmaster's Notes

Dear Parents and Students,

End of Another Year
Today marks the end of the academic year, and in just over two months your child(ren) will have moved up a class. It is surprising how quickly children move up through the School. In the graduated class tonight, there are three students who started at Mougins School with Nurse Marian in Early Years Mougins School Pedigrees.

A Fond Farewell
At the end of every year, we say goodbye to families and staff who have been part of the Mougins School family. It is the nature of international schools, as they permit people to globe trot with their children and follow similar English speaking education wherever they go. After many years of dedication and passion for her work, Mrs Denise Aughton, our Librarian since the creation of the Millennium Library Building, is leaving us to enjoy retirement with her husband. We wish them happiness in their travels. Mrs Fabienne Hallett will be our new librarian from September. Mr Ian Boyce, Subject Leader for Secondary English, will be moving back to the UK after six years of dedicated teaching and subject leadership. Mr Stephen Sexton will be his replacement. Mr Mike Owen (Key Stage Two Science) and Mrs Elaine Owen (Primary School Form 6 teacher) will be taking a sabbatical year. Mrs Kathryn McGahie will be joining the Primary staff for one year and Mrs Caren Coonan will join the KS3 Science & Maths Departments.

Finally, in September Mrs Helena ????? will join the Modern Languages Department to teach Spanish to replace Mrs Ninonska Morancay

Remembering Pierre Shams Marot
A term has gone by since the tragic loss of Pierre Shams in Form 11. Since that time, a large number of parents, students and teachers have been discussing how we can keep Pierre Shams in our minds and hearts in the years to come and pay tribute to his courage. His class mates have suggested a teak garden bench in the quiet area between the Science and Administration Building, which would be engraved with his name, and the possibility of planting a tree in the same area. Others have also suggested making a donation to the cancer unit for young people in líArchet Hospital, in Nice, where Pierre Shams was so well looked after during his illness.

With your help and generosity, I believe we can do all of these things. If you would like to make a donation, you can do so any time during the summer vacation and throughout September. Office hours during the vacation are 08h30 15h00 (except the last week in July / 1st week in August when we are closed), or you can send your donation to the School address to be found in this newsletter. Donations can be by cheque, made payable to Mougins School.

I will keep you fully informed of the results of your generosity in the first newsletter of next year, at the end of September. Thank you in advance.

Car Park for the New School Year
After very long negotiations and French administrative difficulties - nearly 5 years - we will have our new car park for the new school year (I think!). It may not be quite finished as a result of the above mentioned difficulties. I need your help to overcome some final obstacles, as sometimes urban rules seem to take precedence over the security of our children. If you feel that parking in the busy road in front of the School presents a danger for your children, perhaps you would like to write to me to express your concerns. The letters can be short or long, mild or strong, and in English or French. Thank you.

Happy Hols!
This is a bumper year as far as the summer vacation is concerned. Every six years, the school calendar jumps forward a week. This means that the school year will end on 3rd July in 2015, but to compensate for the late finish, we start the school year later. We will be welcoming the new students to the School on Friday 5th September 2014 and the start of term for all students is Monday 8th September 2014 at 08h45.

On behalf of all my teaching and non-teaching colleagues, I would like to wish you a great summer, doing all the things you like to do in your leisure time with your children. If you are leaving us this year, we wish you every success and happiness in the future please keep us up to date with your news. For the majority, we look forward to welcoming you back, batteries recharged, on the 8th September. Bon ÈtÈ!