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Headmaster's Notes

Dear Parents and Students,

Warning, Warning, Warning
This week, I received an e-mail from the Police informing me that they will be fining owners of cars that are parked on the pavement at the end of the school day from now on. They have given us 3 months to get it right and they (and I) feel that is long enough. Remember, all the negotiations with the regional authorities, to get the land and make the extra 80 spaces was to make our children safe by not using the road.

With the constantly damp weather, we will have to put off the final marking of the car parks, probably until the Christmas break (3 weeks away). However, most of the problems that still exist are related to poor behaviour and not respecting the general rules ñ and I'm not talking about children here . Two reminders:

All Secondary students must be dropped off in the Bus Stop in the morning and not driven into the School slip road ñ that reduces the traffic inside the campus by 60%!!
At the end of the day, parents of children from Form 5 upwards do not need to be picked up on the bell. I've been in the new car park at the end of several days. 10-15 minutes after the final bell, there are loads of spaces. Why not wait a little ñ your kids don't want to go straight home, anyway .

Work for Absent Students
As you will know from your Family Guide, the School does not set work for students missing school for any other reason than illness. Before you request work for your son or daughter, who is sick, please ensure they are well enough to do it. It may be more valuable to catch up afterwards rather than attempting work when you're not feeling well. My reason for bringing up the topic is that work given is rarely handed in to teachers for marking.

Winter Concert
This year's Winter Concert will be held in the Performing Arts Centre at School on Monday and Tuesday 15th and 16th December at 19h00. As in previous years, two tickets will be attributed to performers for them to pick up from the office from Monday 1st December. The tickets will then be available for the general school public to collect from Wednesday 3rd December. There is no charge for the concert tickets, although you will have the opportunity to make a donation towards extra music equipment ñ amplifiers etc. A reminder : All performers in the concert have a compulsory rehearsal on Sunday 14th December from 09h30 ñ 14h00 (this date was on the rehearsal schedule, too)

Primary Winter Assemblies
There are three Primary Winter assemblies this year:
Early Years and Reception ñ Wednesday 10th December at 09h00
Forms 1, 2, &3 - Thursday 11th December at 09h00
Form 4, 5, &6 - Friday 12th December at 09h00

End of Term
The end of the Autumn Term is on Friday 19th December at 12h00. Please note, lessons will generally go on until the end of term. It is also important that we share this special time of the year all together, so please be here until Friday. During the morning, your child(ren) will be given their School Report in an envelope that will also contain the final Newsletter of 2014.

Kindest regards,
Brian G. Hickmore