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Headmaster’s Notes

Dear Parents and Students,
A Positive Start to the school Year
The settling into the new school year was very short and within a day or two, students and staff were in the rhythm and working hard. As near as possible to the end of the month, you will receive a School Newsletter via your eldest child. Please take the trouble to read it as it contains valuable information for the month to come.

The Beginning and End of the Day
After four weeks of School, it is clear that we can improve the drop off, and particularly the pick up in front of the School at the end of the day. If all parents try to pick up exactly when the bell rings, it is clearly mathematically impossible for you to park – result – chaos!

I would like to remind you that our battle with the authorities to build the large car park was on the strength of parents not parking in the road at the bus stop. This is happening for two reasons: a) everyone is trying to pick up at the same time and b) the people parking in the road are too lazy to walk from the new car park.

Before School :
This is generally better than the evening, but there are still secondary school parents driving into the School Slip Road and slowing the flow of traffic. We would ask that all secondary school students are dropped off in the bus stop – a kiss and fly system. There are members of staff to see the students safely across the road. This takes the cars of 300 students out of the slip road!

After School:
Please use the car park and not the road – take advantage of a bit of exercise! If parents of Secondary School students delay arriving until 15/20 minutes after the final bell, they will find space to park if they need to. It makes for a longer afternoon for you before you pick up and the students get a chance to talk to their friends for 20 minutes before they go home.

This requires consideration for each other and the children’s safety, rather than selfish actions. Thank you for your cooperation.

Secondary Sports Day
Our annual Secondary Sports Day for students in Forms 7 to 13 is next Friday 9th October at the Stade Eric Estival in Mandelieu. Full details will be forwarded by letter soon, including a map of how to get there. Parents are welcome any time during the day to support the students.

School Photographer
The official school photographer will be in school on Monday and Tuesday 19th and 20th October. He will take individual photographs of every pupil in the School plus class photographs. If you would like brother and sister photographs, please let Elisabeth know as soon as possible, and certainly before Tuesday 20th.

A Break Coming Up Already!
Our half term break is already only a few weeks away. Please note that we break up for a short vacation on Friday 23rd October to re-start on Monday 2nd November. For those of you familiar with the French vacations or who have children in French schools, we only have one week’s vacation and not two.

Kindest regards,

Brian G. Hickmore