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Headmaster's Notes

Headmaster's Notes

Dear Parents and Students,

Educational Visits

At this time of year, a number of educational trips are organised, particularly for students in examination classes. Some visits are completed in a day, others are residential. Educational visits are great motivators and place students in the heart of their subjects, giving them the opportunity to experience the classroom theory in situ, first hand. This term amongst others:

Ile Ste Margeurite Form 7 - 5 days residential
BTec Music Trip to London Forms 12 & 13 - 3 days residential
London AS and A Level Art 4 days residential
Madrid - AS and A Level Spanish 4 days residential
CERN Switzerland AS and A Level Physics 2 day residential
Cinema – Grasse Form 3,4,5 & 6 French Classes day trip
Gallimard Perfumerie Form 10 GCSE Chemistry day trip

A big thank you to the teaching staff for organising and running these trips in addition to their normal teaching loads.

Regional Cross Country Championships

After a very successful Departmental Cross Country Championships this week in Cagnes sur Mer, a large number of students have qualified for the Regional Championships to be held at the Base Nature in Fréjus on Wednesday 6th December. We wish them every success and will bring you results in the newsletter at the end of term.

Winter Concert

This year’s Winter Concert is a little earlier in December than in previous years. The two performances will be on Thursday 7th and Friday 8th December at 09h00. For details, see a full article in this newsletter.

International Speech Competition

This annual event involving students from Forms 7,8 & 9 will be held on Wednesday 13th December at the International School of Monaco.

Piaf Meets Piazzolla

If you are a fan of either of these performing artists, don’t miss the concert “Piaf Meets Piazzolla” in the School’s Performing Art Centre on Saturday 16th December at 19h00. Entrance is 10€ to include a drink and free for children under 12. See posters around the School

Teachers In-Service Training Days

Just a reminder that there will be no school for pupils next Thursday and Friday 23rd and 24th November. These two days are dedicated to teacher training time. Enjoy the long weekend.

Winter Assemblies

There will be three Winter Assemblies at the end of term that parents are invited to attend:

Friday 15th December - Early Years and Reception
Monday 18th December – Forms 1,2 & 3
Tuesday 19th December – Forms 4,5 & 6

All three assemblies start at 09h00.

Road in Front of the School and Bus Stop

For the parents who insist on parking on the pavement in front of the School, and even in the bus stop, you are very likely to receive a 135€ fine, if you actually leave your car (and rightly so).
If you are in the car, the police will ask you to move on, but if you leave it, they will fine you. It’s true you have to walk a little, but there are spaces in the big car park – especially if you don’t come too early.

End of Term

The day after the Winter Assemblies marks the end of the Autumn Term. We finish, therefore, on Wednesday 20th December at 12h00 and return on Monday 8th January 2018. There will be a newsletter on the last day of term, tucked inside the envelope with your child’s report (Secondary), or in their bag (Primary).

Kindest regards,

Brian G. Hickmore

Head Master's Notes

Dear Parents and Students,

A Month Already
It seems incredible, but we have already been back at school for a month and the summer vacation seems something of the distant past. The School year has started well and the students have settled well into their subjects and timetable. The Form 7 students have just returned from their activity week on the Ile Ste Marguerite, in the Bay of Cannes, having had a great time and bonding at the beginning of their secondary school education. Thank you to all the staff who gave up their time and looked after the children for the five-day residential visit.

Café des Amis – New Chef
We are pleased to welcome our new chef – Ana Maria Cordido Gasperi. Ana is Venezuelan and apart from her excellent cooking skills, speaks English and French in addition to her native language. Students and staff have already noticed, and commented on the change, and we look forward to trying out some of her new ideas for the cafeteria over the coming months.

Security Barriers at the End of the Day
The entrance barrier at the end of the day is programmed to lift at specific times. Some parents are arriving 25 mins before that time, which is therefore 45 mins before the end of School. This presents a security issue. May I remind you that the barriers were installed as part of a number of security measures to increase the protection of your children at School. The barriers open 20 minutes before the end of the School day. Please do not arrive before.

If you have a driver or chauffeur, please make sure they understand the following times:

Mondays and Fridays 15h10 (end of School 15h30)
Tuesdays and Thursdays 15h50 (end of School 16h10)
Wednesdays 12h45 (end of School 13h05)

Secondary Sports Day
Our annual Secondary Sports Day takes place tomorrow – 29th September for all students from Forms 7 – 13 at the Stade Eric Estival in Mandelieu. We look forward to seeing as many parents as possible to support the students on this exciting day.

School Photographer
The School photographer will be in School on Tuesday and Wednesday 17th & 18th October. He will take individual and class photographs of all students and classes, which will be prepared into packages for you to purchase.

External Examination Results and Graduate Destinations
Full details of both of these are to be found elsewhere in this newsletter. Please study them carefully – they are both excellent and we should be very proud of our students and their teachers. On our website, you will find the same details for the past five years or more so you can compare year on year. It is a better way to be informed than listening to over the dinner table inaccuracies.

Secondary Homework Timetables
The homework timetables for the secondary school will be posted on the school website from next week onwards. You will find them under the drop-down menu ‘Academic’.

Half Term Break
Already looming up is the half-term break. The last day of the half-term is Friday 20th October at 15h30. We return on Monday 30th October at normal start times. Please note that Wednesday 1st November is a national holiday. I strongly advise you not to extend your vacation by taking the Monday and Tuesday off. Teachers will teach throughout the two days and they will not be going over the work for students missing school.

Have a good month of October.

Kindest regards,

Brian G. Hickmore

Headmaster's Notes

Dear Parents and Students,

The End of the Academic Year
We are now on the final run-down to the end of the school year – indeed after this long weekend (no School tomorrow and Friday) there are only five weeks remaining. As always, the time will go very quickly and is packed with lots of events involving lots of pupils, teachers and parents. Please keep an eye on the calendar regularly to ensure you miss nothing!

Staff Changes for Next Year – 2017/2018
This year, after 34 years at Mougins School, Ms Jane Hart will be leaving to enjoy a well-earned retirement. In September, Ms Sarah Kench will arrive to take over as the Secondary Art Teacher.

After six years of teaching Business Studies to IGCSE, AS and A Level, Mrs Neelam Makkar will be returning with her family to the UK. Mr Glenn Horsfall, who holds a Masters degree in Business, will take over the Business Studies from September.

It goes without saying that we are sorry to see these two superb teachers leave us and sincerely thank them for all their hard work and dedication during their time at the School.

Mrs Tania Marcanik will be reducing her teaching hours with Form 2 next year and will be joined to job share with Mrs Vicky Maycroft from September

Summer Fair
Make sure you have all arranged to be free on 9th June from 15h30 to come and join in the PTA Summer Fair. Lots of fun and food – check the PTA newsletter for details. Thanks to the PTA in advance for all their hard work for this special evening.

This year, for our end of year entertainment, we are presenting “Nostalgia” bringing together scenes and songs from some of the many musicals we have performed over the years. The two performances will be on Thursday 22nd June and Saturday 24th June, both performances at 20h00. Please note, then, there is no performance of Friday 23rd June.

Returning Secondary School Text Books
Just a reminder that all text books from all subjects in the Secondary School must be returned before the end of the school year. Students in Forms 11, 12 and 13 may bring their books in once they have finished their examination. Books must be taken to the subject teachers and not dumped in the School office – they need to be marked off by the teacher who distributed them and who has a note of the book numbers.

The Last Week of Term
The annual Prize Givings for each section of the School are as follows:

Early Years and Reception Monday 26th June at 09h00
Forms 1,2 & 3 Tuesday 27th June at 09h00
Forms 4,5 & 6 Tuesday 27th June at 11h00
Forms 7 – 12 Friday 30th June at 10h30

The Form 13 Graduation Ceremony and Farewell to all members of our community is on Friday 30th June at 18h30. All families are invited to this special occasion.

Medical Forms
On entry into Mougins School, most parents provide a full medical history of their children using the medical form provided by the school. Some parents still need to do this for the welfare of their own children. Every 2/3 years, a full physical examination given by your doctor is necessary to keep these records up-dated. This will ensure that any problems with vaccinations, hearing or eyesight are detected at an early stage. Nurse Marian will have sent out new forms to all concerned by the end of June.
Please update and return the form for September

End of Term
School officially finishes on Friday 30th June at 12h00. Your child's reports and the final newsletter of the year will be given to them on the final morning. Please avoid leaving early – you have had a year to organise flights and there are nine weeks of vacation to follow. The new School year begins on Monday 4th September 2017.

Kindest regards,

Brian G. Hickmore

Head Master's Notes

Dear Parents and Students,
Our Spring Break followed by External Examinations
The school year is flying by and we are already at the Spring break. The period that follows, until the end of the year, is very intense and busy, particularly for our older students who will be involved in external examinations that will be important for their futures. We trust they will use of the break for intense revision, as some examinations start the week after our return to School. We wish them every success and are looking forward to some top grades.

Spring Concert
I am sure that those of you who attended the annual Spring Concert would want to join, with me, in congratulating all the participants involved. It was an evening of excellence where students from across the secondary school shared their musical talents through voice, individual instruments and in bands. A huge thank you and well done to the Music Department teachers – Mr Glenn Horsfall, Mrs Rosie Dixon and the Music subject leader, Mrs Nicki Elcome, who directed the concert.

Car Park Courtesy
Although this is a subject I have written about before, it was once again on the PTA agenda at their last meeting. Clearly a large number of parents are still very upset and offended by the poor behaviour of parents/chauffeurs in the car park.

There are still cars parked on the roundabout (unless I stand there) and cars parked across spaces for three cars, stopping anyone using the other two spaces in the new car park (which would also seem to be too far to walk for some parents!)

If you park behind the staff cars – YOU CAN NOT LEAVE YOUR CAR. Staff make their appointments outside of school time and may need to leave immediately after school.

Finally, some of our parents need to check out the rules for handicap spaces in France.

Please – as I’ve said before – show your children a good example. Thank you for your consideration for the school community as a whole.

The Summer Term
We return to school, after the break, on Monday 24th April at the normal start time. During the term, there are several short holidays – Monday 1st May, Monday 8th May, Thursday & Friday 25th and 26th May and Monday 5th June. Please note, there may be external examinations on these dates.

For the rest of the time, children should be in School. The end of the school year is on Friday 30th June at 12h00 with our Graduation and Farewell Ceremony at 18h30. As there are nine weeks of vacation in the summer, please do not take your children out of School early at the end of June.

Have an excellent Spring break.

Kindest regards,

Brian G. Hickmore

Headmaster's Notes

Dear Parents and Students,

Happy NewYear
Just in time to wish you a very Happy, Healthy, Prosperous New Year 2017. I hope you had an enjoyable break and your new year has started well.

Form 11 Mock Examinations
The two-week mock examination period is over. We would like to congratulate Form 11 for their hard work, commitment and excellent behaviour throughout the sessions. The results will soon be sent to the families concerned and there will be a feedback Parents’ Evening on Thursday 2nd February at 18h00 in the Examination Room in the Rosanna Learning Centre. Details of the meeting will be included with the results.

Punctuality a Serious Issue

All the children in the School have an assembly once a week in the Hall. For the Primary School, it is on Fridays, for Forms 7,8 & 9, Tuesdays and the older students on Mondays. Recently, a student was giving a presentation to all the middle school students and she was constantly interrupted by a trail of latecomers. It’s hard enough for a student to be giving a speech to 100 other students without adding further difficulties. Unfortunately, this is not unusual.

Children should be in School BY 08h45. Assemblies never start until 5/10 minutes after that. Students write “traffic” as the reason they are late in the late book as if it’s a new thing. The roads in this area have been saturated for the past ten years – leave earlier!
After 09h00, the office staff are blocked in their seats for a further 15 minutes, constantly have their ears bent by the buzzer and pressing the button to open the gate to latecomers.
Of course there are unavoidable situations, but the large majority of children who are late to school are regularly late. Please give your children a good start to the day – get them to School before 08h45. Thank you.

A Traditional Pantomime
This year’s “panto” is Snow White. For those of you who are unfamiliar with pantomime, a somewhat larger than life style of comedy , why not come along and have a fun evening on one of the three nights of the show – Thursday, Friday or Saturday 9th, 10th and 11th February at 19h30 in the Hall. Those of you who are familiar are bound to be there! Tickets are available from the office at 10€ for adults and 5€ for students. See you there!

Half Term Break
It seem strange to be saying welcome back and have a good half-term break in the same newsletter,

but in only three weeks we will break for half-term. The holiday begins at 15h30 on Friday 17th February and we return on Tuesday 28th February (Monday is a staff INSET day) at 08h45. This is a very busy academic time for your children. I strongly recommend you keep to the holiday dates. Extending your time off disadvantages your children. If they miss three double Maths or Science lessons, for example, those lessons will not be re-taught, so good luck with that!

USB Keys (8gb) with the Mougins School logo are now for sale (10€) in the Office. These should be used exclusively for school work and the School will not print out work from any other keys, to avoid the risk of transmitting viruses. They will also be used instead of a CD should you wish to have a copy of School concerts or musicals, just buy the key from the Office and we will put the appropriate item on it for you. Please mark the key with your name or put a personal key ring on it in case of loss.

Have an enjoyable half-term – let’s try to keep down the number of children on crutches when we return

Kindest regards,

Brian G. Hickmore

Headmaster's Notes

Dear Parents and Students,

The Winter Break
After a long term, we have arrived at our Winter break. It has been an excellent term with many events and activities across the whole School both within the curriculum and beyond. Thank you all for your contributions and support for all that we undertake at Mougins School.

In Front of the School Issues
I am delighted to announce, after much lobbying and correspondence with the authorities, that we have now two “educative radars” on the approach to the school from both Mougins and Sophia Antipolis. These radars pick up the speed of approaching cars and indicate if they are under or over the speed limit, which is currently 50 km. You may have noticed that they do not seem to be functioning correctly at the moment, but they will.

Slip Road and Car Park
Unfortunately, I seem to be receiving more and more complaints from parents, students and staff about the behaviour of some drivers in the car park. I will be sending an e-mail to you all in the New Year, in several languages, in an attempt to return to the correct use of the bus stop, slip road and car park and demonstrate the respectful behaviour that we would like our children to witness.

For your information, the School has the legal obligation to provide parking for the staff and students (yes, even the motorised sewing machines). Parents with children up to Form 2 have the right to park and drop off and then leave. All other parents have no legal right to park.

Primary Winter Assemblies
The three Primary Winter Concerts – firstly Forms 4,5,&6, followed by the Early Years and Reception and ending with Forms 1,2 & 3 were an absolute delight. Well done to all the children for their performances. Thank you to the class teachers, who worked extremely hard to produce such smooth running and enjoyable shows and a special thanks to the Music teachers for their commitment and expertise.

Secondary Winter Concert

Once again, the Winter Concert performed last Monday and Tuesday was of an amazing standard. This annual event, which involved nearly one third of the Secondary School students and many staff members, contained excellent performances from individuals, choirs and bands in a non-stop festival of music. Bravo and thank you to our three music teachers – Mrs Rosie Dixon, Mr Glenn Horsfall and the overall Music Coordinator, Nicki Elcome.

Regional Cross Country Championships
On 7th December, 46 students from Mougins School competed in the above championships at the ‘Base Nature’ in Fréjus. The competition involves the best teams from the Alpes Maritime and Var and the races are tough. We had a total of 8 teams (4 girls and 4 boys) across the secondary age range. An outstanding performance came from Zara Blakey in the Benjamines age group. Zara was at the top of the podium – 1st out of 308 runners – exceptional (see photo in this newsletter). The teams’ results were as follows:

Benjamines (girls) - 32nd/47
Benjamins (boys) 32nd/46

In the Minimes races, whilst the girls ran separately from the boys, the results were obtained by mixing the results – five runners to count (2 boys / 3 girls or 3 boys / 2 girls)
Minimes Team 1 - 37th/63
Minimes Team 2 - 54th/63

In the Lycée section, teams had to be a mixture of ‘Cadet(te)s’ and ‘Juniors’ students:

Lycée Filles - 6th/12
Lycée Garçons - 6th/14

Well done to all the runners for their commitment and determination to do their best.
Have a Great Break
On behalf of my colleagues, I wish you a great Winter vacation, and if you celebrate Christmas, have a merry one. A Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year 2017 to you all – we’ll see you on Tuesday 3rd January 2017 at the normal start time of 08h45.

Headmaster's Notes

Dear Parents and Students,

No School Tomorrow
Exceptionally, our newsletter is out on a Thursday, as tomorrow is a public holiday in France – Armistice or Remembrance Day. Enjoy the long weekend.

The Start of the Day
We live in an area where, at certain times of the day, the roads are saturated. Whilst the traffic at the end of the school day, is relatively fluid, the mornings are a problem. Our school day begins at 08h45 – all the children should be here by or before that time. Registration is from 08h45 to 08h55, when Primary School children start their lessons and Secondary School students move to their first

An increasing number of students are late on a regular basis, making the start of lessons difficult for teachers and the other students in the class. The tutorial time before 09h00, for secondary students, is used to give out essential information concerning examination entries, certificates, assemblies etc and many students are simply not there for this important time.

A large number of the late comers are the same students every day, which would suggest that you need to leave home earlier. Punctuality and attendance are important in life, not just at School. Let’s give our students good habits (even if yours are not).

Mougins School Race Track
But actually it is the school slip road! A number of cars are driving through the school car at an unacceptable speed. It is essential that we all drive through slowly. Thank you for your consideration.

Graduation Destinations
We intended to publish last year’s graduates’ destinations in the first newsletter, but didn’t manage it. However, you will find it in this edition. We have received feedback from quite a few of them and all seems to be going well.

Please note that Thursday and Friday 24th & 25th November are staff in-service training days and therefore there is no school for students on the those day.

Winter Assemblies and Concerts
We have a number of end of term events, so pleased make a note of the following dates:

Friday 2nd December Forms 4, 5 & 6 at 09h00
Thursday 8th December - Early Years and Reception at 09h00
Friday 9th December - Forms 1,2 & 3 at 09h00
Monday and Tuesday 12th and 13th December - Secondary Winter Concert at 19h00

Parents are welcome to attend the morning Winter Assembles. Tickets for the Winter Concert will be available soon – watch out for more

Kindest regards,

Brian G. Hickmore

Headmaster's Notes

Dear Parents and Students,

A Month Already Gone
This is the first newsletter of the school year, the start of which already seems in the distant past! It contains a mass of interesting and useful information. Please take the time to read it carefully.

Entrance and Exit Barriers
Please note carefully – the barriers which allow parents into the campus to park at the of the day(principally parents in Reception and Forms 1 & 2) open at the following times. (See Family Guide)

Please do not arrive before these times – you may be refused entry for security reasons.

Mondays and Fridays - 15h10
Tuesdays and Thursdays - 15h45
Wednesdays - 12h45

After School Pick Up
A large number of children are not being picked up after School, up to 1 or even 2 hours after the final bell. These children are not involved in after-school activities and although they are on the campus, they are not being supervised. For Secondary School students, parents may wish to come into the campus 15/20 minutes after the bell to avoid the traffic problem, however, students should not be left beyond that time. Primary School children should be picked up as soon as possible if they are not involved in an organised activity.

Examination Results
A full-break down of the June 2016 examination results and statistics can be found by downloading the newsletter. Congratulations to our students on their excellent results.

Higher Education Destinations of the Graduates 2016 (40 students)
The forty students, who graduated at the end of the last school year, have now either entered their universities world-wide or are involved in their gap year before continuing their education. You will see their destinations in the next newsletter.

Secondary Parent/Teacher Meetings for this term.
The four different parent/teacher meetings for secondary school students are also scheduled in this Newsletter. You will receive a letter with further details about the evening that concerns your child(ren) and an appointment sign up form nearer the time.

Half Term Break
We break up for half term in three weeks’ time on Friday 21st October at 15h30 and resume on Wednesday 2nd November. After seven weeks of hard work, enjoy the break!

Kindest regards,
Brian G. Hickmore

Headmaster's Notes

Dear Parents and Students,

Have a Great Summer
Today marks the end of the school year and beginning of our summer holidays. On behalf of all at Mougins School, we hope you will have a wonderful summer and look forward to seeing the majority of you in September. To those leaving us, we wish you every success and happiness in the future and hope you will keep us up to date with your news. Amongst the staff, we are saying farewell and big thank you to Mel Nightingale (teaching assistant in Reception), Emma Warwick (KS1 teacher), who has decided not to return to school after her sabbatical year and Vicky Bryan (Secondary English teacher) who will be taking up a post in the UK from September. Thank you all for your dedication and hard work.

Sophia Games (Jeux de Sophia)
Once again Mougins School has participated in the Sophia Games. This is an annual event during which around 300 companies, based on the high-technology park of Sophia Antipolis, participate in a multitude of sports/games, including archery, football, badminton, swimming, bowling, shooting, ultimate Frisbee and orienteering. Showing their usual enthusiasm and prowess, the Mougins School team of senior students and staff won the overall Trophy for the third time running.

This is an extraordinary feat in view of the fact that Amadeus, our major competitor who came sec-ond, has 4,000 employees. The icing on the cake was the fact that three of our staff came 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the Women’s Team. To Lois Downes, Michelle Johnson and Jo McDonnell hearty congratulations for an extraordinary effort and well done to all the team who carried off 6 gold medals, 4 silver medals and 5 bronze medals.

Notable performances – and there were many, include:

Darja Berga 1st (out of 63)
Nikita Jesaibegjans 2nd male student (out of 187)

Ladies (in the top 20 – out of 584)
Lois Downes 1st
Michelle Johnson 2nd
Josephine McDonnell 3rd
Elisabeth Ward 16th

Men (in the top 50 – out of 2024)
Jérôme Hébant 26th
Jim Farrell 47th

Well done and thank you to all who took part in as many events as possible to place us on the top of the podium. A special thanks to Jérôme, who organised and motivated our team throughout the competition.

Sweeney Todd
Congratulations to the cast and crew of the recent production of Sweeney Todd. It was a challenging musical and a challenging story, excellently played. The staging, costumes and make-up were top class. A special bravo to Fraser Douglas, who’s interpretation of Sweeney Todd was outstanding – we will miss him next year! All of this, once again, under the expert direction of Margot Renssen – brava!

Dogs on Campus
It is extremely unpleasant for children in PE lessons, and at playtime, to be confronted with dog mess on the pitches, which is happening more and more frequently. The School maintenance team is constantly clearing up, too. In the interest of hygiene, therefore, we would ask you not to bring your dogs on to the school campus. Thank you for your consideration.

Examination Results
All students in Forms 11, 12 & 13, who have taken external examinations during May and June, have been issued with individual user- names and passwords to access their results online for both examination boards – CIE and Edexcel/Pearson.

The results will be available on the following dates:

Thursday 11th August 2016 All CIE examinations (IGCSE, AS and A Levels)
Thursday 18th August 2016 Edexcel / Pearson AS and A levels (including IAL)
Thursday 25th August 2016 Edex- cel / Pearson GCSE and IGCSE
The Next School Year

The Autumn Term 2016 will begin on Monday 5th September at 08h45. Between now and then – have a healthy, happy and safe summer.

Kindest regards,
Brian G. Hickmore Headmaster

Headmaster's Notes

Dear Parents and Students,

An Excellent Performance National Championships for Orienteering
A team of four plus a student official took part in this three-day event from the 17th - 19th May near Mulhouse on the Swiss border. Erin Cooke (F9), Lucy Davenport (F10), Michael Kobouloff (F10) and Jules Ward (F10) represented the School and the Academie de Nice and achieved a very creditable 21st place out of the 44 teams in the competition. Our Jeune Officiel was Gaelic Jara (F9), who had to work hard and orienteer during the competition. Well done to all concerned and thanks to Jèrome for managing the team. This team looks good for the future!

Medical Forms
On entry into Mougins School, most parents provide a full medical history of their children using the medical form provided by the School. Some parents still need to do this for the wellbeing of their children.

Also every 2/3 years, a full physical examination, given by your doctor, is necessary to keep these records updated. This will ensure that any problems with vaccinations, hearing or eyesight are detected at an early stage. Nurse Marian will have sent out new forms to all concerned by the end of June. Please update and return the form in September 2016. Feel free to come and see Nurse Marian if you have any questions.

End of Year Prize Giving’s, Graduation and Farewell
It is our tradition to have Prize Giving Ceremonies for all sections of the School at the end of the school year. Some parents will be involved in more than one and you are all invited to the Graduation and Farewell Ceremony on the last day of term. To help you with your planning, here are the dates for all the Prize Giving’s in the last two weeks of term:

Tuesday 21st June
Forms 1 & 2 in the Hall at 09h15
Forms 3, 4, 5, 6 in the Hall at 11h00

Thursday 23rd June
Early Years & Reception in the Hall at 09h15

Friday 1st July
Forms 7 to 12 at 10h30 outside
Form 13 Graduation and Whole School Farewell at 18h30

End of Year Musical - Sweeney Todd
Our end of year musical, to be performed outside on the High Court, will be Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street. There will be two performances Friday and Saturday 24th & 25th June at 20h00. Please be assured that whilst the story of Sweeney Todd is a little macabre, our production will be stylised and contain no gruesome scenes.

Book Return Day
All secondary school text books should be returned to the teachers who distributed them, on Tuesday 28th June. Students must make sure their subject teachers to avoid being charged for a replacement book cross off the number inside the book. Please do not hand books into the office.

The End of the Year
As mentioned above, the last day of term is Friday 1st July. School finishes at 12h00 (not forgetting the Graduation and Farewell Ceremony at 18h30). Students will receive their end of term reports on Friday morning. There will be a final Newsletter with the reports containing details for the start of next year, but just a reminder we come back on Monday 5th September at 08h45.

Kindest regards,

Brian G. Hickmore


Head Master's Notes

Dear Parents and Students,

The Spring Break and Revision
Today is the start of our Spring Break. For 75% of the students and their parents, this means a two- week period where they can relax, get involved in activities and re-charge the batteries ready for the Summer Term. For the others, it is a time for solid revision in preparation for the external examinations, which begin shortly after the start of term. We trust that their revision will be thorough and wish them luck and success in their (I)GCSEs, AS and A Levels.

Spring Concert
The Spring Concert earlier this week, taking us back to the 1980s, provided a fantastic evening of entertainment. Well done and a big thank you to all the choirs, bands and soloists who contributed to the success of the Concert. A special thanks to Rick Preston, who co-ordinated all the bands and to Nicki Elcome, for all her hard work and dedication with the choirs and overall direction of the Concert.

LAMDA Musical Theatre
There will be a LAMDA Musical Theatre presentation on Friday 13th May at 18h30 in the Hall. Students who are preparing for their LAMDA examinations will be presenting their entries. Entrance is free and the evening is open to all.

The Last Pantomime
The recording of the winter production of Aladdin is now available on DVD (Blu -ray). You can get your copy from me for only 10€ - a great memory for all those students, parents and teachers who were in involved in the production.

National Championships for Cross Country
Congratulations to Alex MacFadyen, in Form 11, who competed in the French National Championships for Cross Country last month in Le Mans. Despite a fall and being trampled on by runners with spikes, Alex finished a very creditable 165th/400. The stitches, making it difficult to sit down, will
be a firm reminder of his performance for a while to come! Well done, Alex.

Last Years’ Prize Giving Winners – Vouchers
If your son/daughter won a book voucher in the Secondary Prize Giving at the end of June last year, you need to make a trip to the English Book Shop in Valbonne to choose your book, if you have not already done so. The vouchers will remain valid until 31st May 2016 after which they will have no value.

Dog Owners
Although I have mentioned this before, if you bring your dog onto campus, you need to keep a close eye on it and perhaps not let it roam on the artificial playing surfaces. Without going into graphic detail, cleaning dog mess off the artificial grass is virtually impossible, particularly if it has been trodden on – for offenders, a bucket of hot water and a scrubbing brush are available from the office. Thank you for your co-operation

Headmaster's Notes

Dear Parents and Students,

I hope you all had a good half term break and your children have come back to School refreshed and ready to work hard.

Automatic Barriers – Entrance and Exit
Unfortunately, during the half term break, a delivery van hit and broke the new exit barrier, so we have had to wait before putting the system into action. However, all is back to normal and the barriers are now fully operational.

Before School: the barriers will be open before 08h00 every morning. They will close again at 09h15.

Early Years: The barriers will open between 11h45 and 12h15 to allow the Early Years children to be picked up and leave.

End of School: The barriers will open at the following times at the end of the day to allow parents to find a parking space before the final bell:
Monday 15h10
Tuesday 15h45
Wednesday 12h45
Thursday 15h45
Friday 15h10

Please do not come earlier than these times
If you are in the car park and the exit barrier is down, it will open automatically as you approach it SLOWLY!

If you come to the School at any other time, you will need to push the button on the post on the left as you enter and speak to the office, so they can open the barrier.

Regional Championships for Orienteering
This competition will take place next Wednesday 9th March in Mougins. Teams members will receive a separate letter.

Form 9 (I)GCSE Options Evening
This very important meeting, when the option blocks for next year will be available, is on Monday 14th March at 18h00 in the Rosanna Learning Centre (Examination Room)

Primary Sports Day (Forms 3 to 6)
The Primary Sports Day for these classes will be held at School on Friday 25th March in the Gymnasium and High Court. Details to follow for those classes.
The Juice Box
The Juice Box—producing fresh fruit and vegetable juices — will be on campus at lunchtime on Wednesday 30th March.

Students will be able to give it a try and buy healthy juices. The Juice Box truck is run by a nutritionist (and past Mougins School student). We will remind the pupils nearer the time.

Top skiers
Congratulations to Alexia Redding-Hoet (Form 5b) who achieved 1st place at the English Alpine Championships in Bormio, Italy, in the U10 Giant Slalom race. She also finished in an overall 5th position including the U12 girls. Sacha Redding-Hoet (Form 6b) and brother Jazz (9b) also achieved notable performances.
Kindest regards,

Brian G. Hickmore

Headmaster’s Notes

Dear Parents and Students,

Campus Security
We are nearing the end of the work to heighten the campus security. We are still reinforcing the wooden fence as a result of the additional weight of the “metal wave”. The sliding gate will be the last part to be installed, but requires considerable safety measures so that a child or adult cannot get trapped as the gate slides open.

Once the exit barrier is in place, I will send an e-mail to you all with the opening and closing times at the beginning and end of each day and around midday for Early Years. Please note that the barrier will not be opened in the afternoon before the stated time - so there is no point trying to come early to park and sit for half an hour in the car because, for obvious security reasons, you will not get in.

Last week, I noted many cars parked along the road again, at the end of School. When I checked the car park, it was half empty. This means either students, parents or both are just too lazy to walk!

Form 11 Post Mock Examinations and A Level Options Evening
There will be a parents/students/teachers meeting, to feed back after the mock (I)GCSE examinations, on Thursday 4th February at 18h00 in the Examination Room, at the top of the Rosanna Building.
There will also be a full explanation about the next step in Form 11 students’ education – the A Level programme in Forms 12 & 13.

Form 9 Information Evening for (I)GCSE Options
Parents, and students, currently in Form 9 are invited to attend an information evening regarding the next step in their child’s education – (I)GCSEs - on Monday 7th March at 18h00 in the Examination Room, in the Rosanna Building. We will introduce the subjects on offer and the option block system for next year. It is very important to attend this meeting, if possible.

Parenting Adolescents – for all Parents
As proposed at a PTA meeting earlier this year, Mr Robert Cooke, Subject Leader for Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) and I, will be holding an open meeting for parents with children of all ages, on Tuesday 9th February at 09h00 in the School Hall. Even if your children are not teenagers yet, they will be! Just a few ideas on how to deal with adolescence with the possibility of discussion and questions.

Congratulations to the cast and all involved with the production of the pantomime Aladdin. The first two nights were really special and we wish them good luck with their final performance tonight. Once again, thank you and congratulations to Margot Renssen, the director of the “panto”.

Dogs in Danger
We have noticed quite a few dogs running free in the car park. Judging by how some people drive there, this is probably not a safe practice.

Half Term Vacation
The half-term break is already just in front of us – in two weeks time. We break up on Friday 12th February at 15h30. Please note, and I am sure you already have, that we have just over one week for half term, not two weeks as in French Schools. School resumes for students on Tuesday 23rd February at normal start times. If you choose to leave early or come back late, please note that teachers will not re-teach the content of their lessons – your choice. Have an enjoyable break!

Kindest regards,

Brian G. Hickmore

Headmaster's Notes

Headmaster’s Notes

A Short Break and On We Go
I hope your half term break was restful and you were able to profit from the generally good weather on the Cote d’Azur. The month of November contains another couple of mini-breaks and a number of events. There are six weeks remaining before the Winter break.

Nice To Cannes Marathon Relay
Once again, a number of teams from Mougins School will compete in this annual event, Sunday, 8th November. We have a Student Girls, Staff Ladies, Men and Mixed Team. Good luck to the 24 runners involved. Results in the next Newsletter.

County and Regional Cross Country Competitions
Still on the running theme, many of our secondary students will be competing in the County Cross Country Championships for the Alpes Maritimes on Wednesday afternoon, 18th November at the Hippodrome in Cagnes Sur Mer. Competitors will be notified by letter beforehand. Parents are welcome to come to the event to support our runners. The Regional Championships will be in Fréjus on Wednesday 9th December, for the teams that qualify in the County Championships.

Parents’ Evenings next week
Just a quick reminder that Forms 8 and 12 have their Parent/ Teacher interviews on Monday 9th November – (students should have already made rendezvous with teachers) and Forms 7 and 10 have theirs on Thursday 12th November – (should be fixing rendezvous at the beginning of next week.

Days off in November
Next Wednesday 11th November is a French national holiday (Armistice) and so there is no School on that day.
On Thursday and Friday 26th & 27th November, the School will be closed to students for Staff Training Days. Enjoy the long weekend.

Dogs on Campus
If you bring your dog on campus at the end of the day, please take care that it is not in a position to take care of its ―natural necessities‖ whilst there. We have had recent problems where we have had to clear up after dogs have left their ―message‖ and the owners have not cleared up. This is of course a serious hygiene problem if it is on the grass playing areas in the middle of the campus. Thank you for your consideration.

Car Park
Thank you for your cooperation following my last Newsletter. However, there are still some parents and drivers not respecting the very simple rules. Letters in English, French and Russian will be put on windscreens, or given to offenders, in a drive to bring parent behaviour up to the level of their children.

Kindest regards,

Brian G. Hickmore Headmaster

Headmaster’s Notes

Dear Parents and Students,
A Positive Start to the school Year
The settling into the new school year was very short and within a day or two, students and staff were in the rhythm and working hard. As near as possible to the end of the month, you will receive a School Newsletter via your eldest child. Please take the trouble to read it as it contains valuable information for the month to come.

The Beginning and End of the Day
After four weeks of School, it is clear that we can improve the drop off, and particularly the pick up in front of the School at the end of the day. If all parents try to pick up exactly when the bell rings, it is clearly mathematically impossible for you to park – result – chaos!

I would like to remind you that our battle with the authorities to build the large car park was on the strength of parents not parking in the road at the bus stop. This is happening for two reasons: a) everyone is trying to pick up at the same time and b) the people parking in the road are too lazy to walk from the new car park.

Before School :
This is generally better than the evening, but there are still secondary school parents driving into the School Slip Road and slowing the flow of traffic. We would ask that all secondary school students are dropped off in the bus stop – a kiss and fly system. There are members of staff to see the students safely across the road. This takes the cars of 300 students out of the slip road!

After School:
Please use the car park and not the road – take advantage of a bit of exercise! If parents of Secondary School students delay arriving until 15/20 minutes after the final bell, they will find space to park if they need to. It makes for a longer afternoon for you before you pick up and the students get a chance to talk to their friends for 20 minutes before they go home.

This requires consideration for each other and the children’s safety, rather than selfish actions. Thank you for your cooperation.

Secondary Sports Day
Our annual Secondary Sports Day for students in Forms 7 to 13 is next Friday 9th October at the Stade Eric Estival in Mandelieu. Full details will be forwarded by letter soon, including a map of how to get there. Parents are welcome any time during the day to support the students.

School Photographer
The official school photographer will be in school on Monday and Tuesday 19th and 20th October. He will take individual photographs of every pupil in the School plus class photographs. If you would like brother and sister photographs, please let Elisabeth know as soon as possible, and certainly before Tuesday 20th.

A Break Coming Up Already!
Our half term break is already only a few weeks away. Please note that we break up for a short vacation on Friday 23rd October to re-start on Monday 2nd November. For those of you familiar with the French vacations or who have children in French schools, we only have one week’s vacation and not two.

Kindest regards,

Brian G. Hickmore


Headmaster’s Notes

Dear Parents and Students,

Winter Concert
Well done and thank you to all students and staff who were involved in this year’s Winter Concert. They were fantastic and festive evenings, enjoyed by all who attended. Thank you, too, for your generous donations made on the two evenings towards the ever growing need for musical instruments. A huge and special thanks to Nicki Elcome, our Music subject leader and Concert Director, for all her hard work and expertise.

A New Year’s Resolution?
I am sure the smokers amongst you are about to give up for the New Year, but in case that doesn’t happen, can I remind you that smoking anywhere on School premises (including the car park) is forbidden. This is requested by the School and demanded by the law. Thank you for observing our policy.

Côte Poets
The 7th edition of Coté Poets is now available for only 3€ from the School Office. Congratulations to Ruchie Kawakita (Form 12) and Romeo Kerbrat (Form 13), who’s artwork appears in the magazine. Well done, also, to Chiara Hoppner who’s students’ poetry competition entry appears in this Newsletter.

Calendar 2016/2017
I know it sounds a little in advance, but parents have asked if the school calendar for the next academic year is available and the answer is – yes. Please contact the office if you would like a copy.

A Break – With or Without Festivities
If you celebrate Christmas, then Merry Christmas. If not, I trust you will enjoy the Winter break to the full. Whatever your beliefs, remember that affection, kindness and love for each other are more important than anything else.

Our traditional pantomime will be ALADDIN and performed on three nights 28th, 29th and 30th January at 19h30. More information later.

On behalf of all at Mougins School, I wish you all a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year 2016. We return to School on Monday 4th January 2016 – normal start time.

Kindest regards,

Brian G. Hickmore

Headmaster's Notes

Dear Parents and Students,

Already at the Final Fence!
We have just five weeks until the end of the School year and, as always, it is an extremely busy time. Please take care to note down all the events that involve you and your family to avoid missing something important and exciting!

External Examinations
Whilst a large majority of the (I)GCSEs are finished, the AS and A2 examinations continue throughout the month of June. We wish the students in Forms 12 and 13 continued success in these very important exams.

End of Year Secondary Examinations
For Forms 7 to 10, internal end of year examinations will begin on Monday 8th June and finish on Wednesday 17th June.

Form 12 - Return to School
At the end of their examinations, all students in Form 12 are due back in School from Monday 15th for a two-week period - mornings only. During this time, we will be looking at A2 options for next year (missing students' options will not be taken into account), personal statements and letters of motivation, CVs and applications to the UK and USA.

There will also be presentations from external agencies dealing with further education (for example Business Schools in the area and abroad) and career advice.

Senior Prom
We are also looking forward to the first ever Prom Night on the School premises with students from Form 12 and 13, on Friday 19th June - organised by the School and PTA. Hopefully, all 85 students in those classes will be able to attend.

Les Miserables
You will be able to read later in this edition information about our annual outdoor musical production - this year - Les Miserables. Make sure you have the 26th and 27th June in your agendas - you will regret missing this spectacular production!

French National Championships for Orienteering
Congratulations to the team of four Form 10 students who competed in the above championship just over a week ago. Celine Hoeie, Christine Sanglier, Artjoms Jesaibegjans and Hector Jones competed over two days to finish a very creditable 19th out of 41 academies throughout France. Joshua Rhode was also greatly appreciated as our (young official). Thank you all for your skill and commitment and being excellent ambassadors for Mougins School.

End of Year Prize Givings 2015
Please note (and as written in the Family Guide) the end of year celebrations of this academic year will be as follows:

Early Years and Reception
Monday 29th June at 09h00
Forms 1, 2 and 3
Tuesday 30th June at 09h00
Forms 4, 5 and 6
Wednesday 1st July at 11h00
Forms 7 to 12
Friday 3rd July at 10h30

The end of term is at 12h00 on Friday 3rd July. Form 13's Prize Giving and Graduation Ceremony is that evening at 18h30. All parents are invited to this important celebration, which also gives us the opportunity to finish the school year in style and say farewell to those families moving on and (have a great summer) to the rest.

Kindest regards,
Brian G. Hickmore

Headmaster's Notes

Dear Parents and Students,

Keep a Close Eye on the Calendar!
May is always a confusing month with regards to the calendar, because there are a number of National holidays or “feriés”, the first of which is tomorrow, Friday the 1st May. They follow, this year, in regular succession, the next being the Friday after, 8th May. The week after that, Thursday and Friday 14th & 15th May are days off for the Ascension and the “pont” or “bridge” that make a four day weekend. Finally, after only one full week, Monday 25th May is another day off for Pentecost. Keep the calendar close at hand!

External Examinations
Next week also marks the start of the external examinations, principally for Forms 11 to 13 (one or two for Form 10). The examinations begin with the (I)GCSEs, which go on throughout May. They are joined by the AS Levels further into May that last until the middle of June. Finally the A Levels start generally near the end of May and go on until the end of June. We wish our students the very best of luck in their examinations and look forward to some excellent results (middle of August).

Important Note: The national holidays marked above are not necessarily days off in the UK, where our examination timetable is created. Students may well have examinations on these days, which, of course, cannot be moved.

Year 8 Science
Year 8, this month, used plastic bottle models to scientifically investigate if sweat does really cool the body down via the evaporation of heat energy. The students had to do a full investigation to include their initial prediction, generation of data, drawing a line graph of results, conclusion and final full evaluation of their work. They are truly developing into brilliant young scientists.

A reminder that all Form 12 students will return to School from Monday 15th June until Friday 26th June (mornings only). During this time, we will be looking at options for their final year, have guest speakers relating to further education and careers, working on personal statements and letters of motivation etc. Remember, applications to institutes of higher education are made in the coming Autumn Term 2015. These two weeks are compulsory for all Form 12 students.

Security Officer
I am sure you have noticed that, following the presence of the Police Municipal for the period of three weeks prior to the Spring Break, we now have a regular security officer at the beginning and end of the day, throughout the week, to ensure the safety of the children at drop off and pick up and generally keep an eye on the driving and parking through the campus. In view of the fact that we do not qualify in the same way as schools in the Educational Nationale for the presence of the Police Municipal, we will work with the security company on a permanent basis.

A Short and Intensive Term
This term always goes fast – there are only two months and they are packed with all sorts of activities, residential trips in both Primary and Secondary, the above mentioned exams, summer fairs, a musical etc etc. Be involved wherever you can and enjoy the term.

Kindest regards,
Brian G. Hickmore

Headmaster’s Notes

Dear Parents and Students,

Sharing Excellence
Examinations – In last year’s external (I)GCSE examinations, four students at Mougins School achieved top marks world-wide. Both Kana Fujiwara and Ruchie Kawakita shared the highest international subject mark in Art and Design, and Melissa Boyce-Hurd and Lisa Marie Landry achieved the same accolade in English language and French respectively. These awards are highly prestigious throughout the world, so a huge congratulations to all four students.
Cross Country - Alex MacFadyen, in Form 10, participated in the French National Championships for cross country at the beginning of this month. Alex travelled to Les Mureaux, near Paris to compete and achieved an excellent 98th place out of 360 students in his category (cadets). A fantastic performance – bravo, Alex.

Regional Championships for Orienteering
Another highly successful competition for our orienteerers! At all three levels – Benjamins, Collèges and Lycée, our teams won gold medals and the latter two categories have qualified for the French National Championships to be held near Geneva toward the end of May (there are no national finals for the Benjamins age group). The gold medallist were:

Benjamins: Michael Aspegren, Alexander Pivovarov, Arseniy Sa- kach & Samuel Soutoul
Collège: Céline Hoeie, Britte Van Die, Artjoms Jesaibegjans & Alexander MacFadyen
Lycée: Darja Berga, Vivianne Ja- kobsson, Robert Mueller & Artemiy Bulgakov

Well done to all of our competitors, as there were also many silver and bronze performances and of course, special congratulations to the gold medallist, named above.

Spring Concert
By the time you read this newsletter, there may be only a few tickets left for the Spring Concert, which will be on Monday and Tuesday, 30th & 31st March at 19h00. Check with the office as soon as you can on Monday, if you intend to join us, so as not to be disappointed.

Gala Evening – Royal Mougins Golf Course
Tickets for this great evening on 24th April (the Friday after we come back to School after the Spring Vacation) are selling, but there are still places available. Come and enjoy a super night out, including dinner and entertainment by our students – cost 65€ - see you there.

Car Stickers
To give you a little background to these little round stickers, destined for the back window (if not too heavily tinted) of your car. For some time, we have had the impression that our car park is being used by the offices over the road and by people going up to the medical centre and clinic. The idea is simply to be able to check who is using the car park and put a polite note on cars that are parked there without a sticker. If they are members of the school community, they will be invited to pick up their sticker from the office, if not they will be asked not to park in our car park.
We deliberately did not put the name of the School on the sticker, but if you are worried that the logo might draw attention to your car, one parent has come up with the solution: put the sticker on a small piece of card, which you keep in the glove compartment away from the School, and place on the dash board when you arrive in the car park. After a time, the stickers will be replaced with different ones – the design can be virtually anything. Thanks for your help.

The Roundabout is a Roundabout
There are still cars driving the wrong way around the roundabout, despite the very clear white arrows on a blue background and no entry sign preventing you going the wrong way – in theory. Just a question of discipline – thank you!

Your intentions 2015/2016
Just a quick reminder that the forms to let the school know that your children will be here in September 2015 or not are due back today. If we do not have it yet, please ensure that it comes into the office next week. Thank you!

Spring Vacation
Our Spring Vacation begins next Friday, 3rd April at 12h00. We return after a two-week break on Monday 20th April at 08h45. With any luck, the Spring weather will have kicked in, too. Have a great break and see you in the Summer Term.
NB - Don’t forget to put your clocks forward tomorrow night – Saturday 28th March!

Kindest regards,

Brian G. Hickmore Headmaster

Headmaster' Notes

Dear Parents and Students,

Finished Car Park – Finally!
During the half-term break, we will finally re-mark all the lines in the car park, making it clear for all where you may and may not park - and which way you have to go around the roundabout. There will also be signs at eye-level to make it even easier.

Campus Security
Thank you so much for your cooperation during the high security alert period. Unless there are further problems, the level should be dropped the day before you come back to School. However, in the interest of safety and focusing on the children’s education, the day will continue to start at 08h45 for both Primary and Secondary School children.

The teaching staff will also continue to “man the gates” in the mornings and afternoons, as at present, and adults will only be permitted on campus 15 minutes after the final bell in the afternoon.

Some parents have asked me about internal procedures and so without going into detail, for obvious reasons, I would like to inform you that we have both “evacuate” and “lock down” procedures. All staff are fully briefed for both.

This month, the Year 8's matured into young would-be chemists by greatly raising their level of terminology as used by real life chemists. They undertook various experiments where they had to discuss and write about formulae, atoms, molecules, reactants, nitrates versus nitrites, chlorides versus chlorine. The picture shows Lea and Marie-Celeste forming precipitates (solid-like substances) from a reaction of two separate liquid starting reactants. The future of chemistry at Mougins School looks bright with such upcoming chemists.

Regional Championships for Orienteering
Firstly, congratulations to all the teams who participated in the County Championship earlier this month. We achieved gold, silver and bronze positions in Collège and Lycée and gold and silver in Benjamins. Two days ago, we competed again at regional level and our teams did extremely well. We are not able to give the exact positions at the time of going to print, but will announce the results in the next edition of the newsletter.

Enjoy the Break
However you intend to spend the short vacation - on the slopes, visiting family in other regions, or simply having a calm break – enjoy yourselves! School resumes on Tuesday 3rd March at 08h45 for all pupils, as the Monday is a staff training day.

Kindest regards,
Brian G. Hickmore

Headmaster’s Notes

Dear Parents and Students,

A New Year
I think I am just in time to wish all the families at Mougins School a very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year. No sooner do we finish one vacation than we start to talk about the next one and, of course the half-term break is looming up already. Please remember that we have one week for half-term and it is the final week of February starting on Friday 20th at 15h30. Students return to School on Tuesday 3rd March at the normal start times.

Form 11 Post Mock Parents’ Evening
Following the two-week mock (I)GCSE examination period at the beginning of the month, may I remind all parents of students in Form 11 that there is an important feed-back evening next Thursday 5th February at 18h00 in the Examination Room (1st Floor of the Rosanna Learning Centre). It is vital that students and parents attend this meeting.

Sleeping Beauty
Our traditional pantomime, Sleeping Beauty, had its highly successful opening night last night and will be on again tonight (Friday 30th) and tomorrow night (Saturday 31st) at 19h30. Don’t miss this excellent production of the traditional fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty (slightly revisited!)

Alpes Maritimes Championships for Orienteering
Next Wednesday, 4th February, over 60 students from School will compete in the county championships for orienteering in Mandelieu La Napoule (San Peyre). We wish them luck and hope they will qualify for the regional championships in the Parc de la Valmasque on 18th February.

Campus Security
Thank you for all your positive comments with regards to the letter sent out last week and for your cooperation in complying with its requirements. We sincerely hope that the government is not pushed to move the alert level higher.

Kind regards,
Brian G. Hickmore

Headmaster's Notes

Dear Parents and Students,

Time for a Break
With this newsletter, you will have received your child's end of term School Report. Please read it carefully and take note of the descriptors on the inside of the front cover, as the grading system may vary from ones you previously have been used to. Of course, the report also marks the end of the Autumn Term, the longest of the three.

Winter Concert
Once again, the Winter Concert was full of excellent performances from choirs, individual performers, duets, trios and bands! Congratulations to all who took part - both performers and technicians - and thank you for your kind donations destined to expand our musical instrument collection, thus enabling more and more children to play an instrument of their choice. A very special thank you and congratulations to Nicki Elcome, our Subject Leader for Music, who trains all the choirs, produced an amazing programme, and directed the concert.

Ice Bucket Challenge
Thank you all very much for supporting my Ice Bucket Challenge. The icy water came as a bit of a shock especially as there was so much of it, but your massive generosity and the children's enthusiasm made it a warm experience. I am pleased to tell you that the Challenge raised 1400€ - truly amazing. You can watch the second wave of bucket on Facebook - Ice Bucket Challenge Brian Hickmore Mougins School. If you still want to help, send a mail to and they'll tell you how to make a direct donation to the unit - mention Ice Bucket Challenge in your mail. Thanks again.

Spring Term
Next term begins on Monday 5th January 2015 at the normal start times. Between now and then, if you celebrate Christmas, then Happy Christmas and of you don't - have a fantastic break. To you all on behalf of all of us at Mougins School, I wish you a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year 2015.

Kindest regards,
Brian G. Hickmore

Headmaster's Notes

Dear Parents and Students,

Warning, Warning, Warning
This week, I received an e-mail from the Police informing me that they will be fining owners of cars that are parked on the pavement at the end of the school day from now on. They have given us 3 months to get it right and they (and I) feel that is long enough. Remember, all the negotiations with the regional authorities, to get the land and make the extra 80 spaces was to make our children safe by not using the road.

With the constantly damp weather, we will have to put off the final marking of the car parks, probably until the Christmas break (3 weeks away). However, most of the problems that still exist are related to poor behaviour and not respecting the general rules ñ and I'm not talking about children here . Two reminders:

All Secondary students must be dropped off in the Bus Stop in the morning and not driven into the School slip road ñ that reduces the traffic inside the campus by 60%!!
At the end of the day, parents of children from Form 5 upwards do not need to be picked up on the bell. I've been in the new car park at the end of several days. 10-15 minutes after the final bell, there are loads of spaces. Why not wait a little ñ your kids don't want to go straight home, anyway .

Work for Absent Students
As you will know from your Family Guide, the School does not set work for students missing school for any other reason than illness. Before you request work for your son or daughter, who is sick, please ensure they are well enough to do it. It may be more valuable to catch up afterwards rather than attempting work when you're not feeling well. My reason for bringing up the topic is that work given is rarely handed in to teachers for marking.

Winter Concert
This year's Winter Concert will be held in the Performing Arts Centre at School on Monday and Tuesday 15th and 16th December at 19h00. As in previous years, two tickets will be attributed to performers for them to pick up from the office from Monday 1st December. The tickets will then be available for the general school public to collect from Wednesday 3rd December. There is no charge for the concert tickets, although you will have the opportunity to make a donation towards extra music equipment ñ amplifiers etc. A reminder : All performers in the concert have a compulsory rehearsal on Sunday 14th December from 09h30 ñ 14h00 (this date was on the rehearsal schedule, too)

Primary Winter Assemblies
There are three Primary Winter assemblies this year:
Early Years and Reception ñ Wednesday 10th December at 09h00
Forms 1, 2, &3 - Thursday 11th December at 09h00
Form 4, 5, &6 - Friday 12th December at 09h00

End of Term
The end of the Autumn Term is on Friday 19th December at 12h00. Please note, lessons will generally go on until the end of term. It is also important that we share this special time of the year all together, so please be here until Friday. During the morning, your child(ren) will be given their School Report in an envelope that will also contain the final Newsletter of 2014.

Kindest regards,
Brian G. Hickmore

Headmaster's Notes

A Short Break
School breaks up today for a short half-term break. We resume on Monday 3rd November at the normal start times. Please make sure your children are in School on the first day back. Thank you.

School Photographs
The photographer was in school as planned earlier this week. The packs of photographs will arrive shortly after half-term. You will have the choice of purchasing the pack or returning it to School. In the pack there will be a form, should you wish to re-order more photos (for uncles, aunts & grandparents etc). The re-ordered photos will arrive in time for the end of term, so could make an additional Christmas presents.

Car Park Issues
Hopefully one day, I will not put anything in the newsletter about parking. I don't think it's yet, though ...
Handicap Spaces:
We have had a number of children with injuries this term, requiring them to use crutches. Parents driving these children to School should be able to use the handicap parking spaces. Unfortunately, there are still members of our community who ignore their purpose they clearly don't share the same values as the majority of us. Please leave the handicap spaces vacant, unless you have a legitimate reason for using them. Thank you for your consideration for those who have to use them.

Staff On Duty
Every morning, members of staff and senior students kindly man the car park and bus stop to ensure the safety of the children as they come into School. They have no obligation to do so. It is very discouraging, to say the least, for both staff and senior students, if they are verbally abused because they have asked a parent to do/ or not to do something in the slip road and car park. This has now happened on a number of occasions and needs to stop! It is not in the spirit of the school and gives totally the wrong message to the children, who are generally subjected to witnessing poor adult behaviour. Let's get this right, shall we?

Please note the School will be closed for two days on Thursday 20th and Friday 21st November for Staff Training Days. Enjoy the long weekend!

Have a good half-term break.

Headmaster's Notes

Off to An Excellent Start
The school year is off to a good start and our students are already working hard at their studies. New students to the School have settled well, and existing ones are back into the rhythm after the long summer break. We know that parents will do everything they can to encourage their child(ren) to produce their best in all aspects of the school curriculum.

A Tribute
Families who were in the School last year will all remember the sad loss of Pierre Shams Marot, a student from Form 11. During the summer break a memorial bench was made bearing Pierre Shams' name. This beautiful teak bench has been placed in the quiet garden area between the Administration and Science Buildings. Many of you expressed the desire to be part of this permanent remembrance by making a donation. If you would like to do so, please put the sum of your choice in an envelope and bring it, or send it in with your child, to the School Office. We also hope to be able to make a donation to the Children's Cancer Wing in the Hopital l'Archet, in Nice, where Pierre Shams was treated for many months. Thank you in advance of your generosity.

Getting There, but Not There Yet!
The new car park has clearly made a huge difference to the beginning and end of the school day. Of course, it takes time to adapt to change and the fact that work is still going on doesn't help the situation. There is still one major piece of work to do, which will be done during the half term break. This will involved cutting a large trench across the old car park to install underground pipes to take away rain water. Work will start two days before the break to give the necessary time to finish before we return.

However, there are a few things we can all do to make things work better than they currently are.

Drop all Secondary School students in the bus stop in the morning - a kiss and fly system. This will cut down the traffic on the School slip road.

Do not park on the pavement in the road. The safety of the children was our argument for gaining permission to build the car park. It may mean that you or your child has to walk a little further - there is a footpath directly to the new car park for
your use. The Municipal Police will shortly be doing their rounds and offenders may well be fined. We were given one month's grace to get it right.

The parking spaces on both sides of the slip road until your arrive in the larger car park are for staff use only. Even if your stop is a short one, please do not use them.

Thank you to those parents using the roundabout as a roundabout. The car park will have the correct signs and ground markings once we have finished the trench at half term.

There is a very obvious space for the large bus behind the wooden posts before the exit. Please do not park behind this space - whether the bus is in it or not. If the bus is there, it may be going out, including to an after school activity. If the bus is not there, it may be back anytime.

The new cark park has either 2 spaces or 3 spaces between the trees. Please think if others and park accordingly.

At the end of the day, if parents of all 500 students try to arrive exactly when the bell rings, it will not work!! The parking at the end of the day is essentially for parents of Early Year, Reception and Forms 1 and 2, who pick the children up from their classrooms. Secondary School students can be picked up at least 20 minutes after the final bell. Why not try different pick up times to see which works best for you?

Campus Security
May I remind you that the School grounds are not accessible to parents and visitors during the school day. Please wait outside the wooden fence until the final bell has rung at the end of the day. If you need to come into School during the day, please use the small gate in front of the Administration Building and report to the Office. If you are picking up your child, they will make their way to the Office. To be able to move further into the campus during the school day, you will be issued with a badge with a red cord.

School Photographer
Every year, a professional photographer comes to the School to take individual and class photographs. This year, he will be at the School for two days - Monday and Tuesday 20th & 21st October 2014. It will also be possible for him to take brother/sister photographs, almost certainly on the Tuesday.

Dogs on Campus
We are a family school and dogs are part of many families. If you do bring your dog into School at the end of the day, please make sure you have a little plastic bag in your pocket in case he or she responds to a call of nature. We have had a couple of "messages" on the football pitch that were not cleaned up - need I say more?

Vacation Already!
The half term break begins on Friday 24th October at 15h30 - i.e. in four weeks. Teachers will teach right up to the last day so please avoid the temptation to leave beforehand. Thank you!

Headmaster's Notes

Dear Parents and Students,

End of Another Year
Today marks the end of the academic year, and in just over two months your child(ren) will have moved up a class. It is surprising how quickly children move up through the School. In the graduated class tonight, there are three students who started at Mougins School with Nurse Marian in Early Years Mougins School Pedigrees.

A Fond Farewell
At the end of every year, we say goodbye to families and staff who have been part of the Mougins School family. It is the nature of international schools, as they permit people to globe trot with their children and follow similar English speaking education wherever they go. After many years of dedication and passion for her work, Mrs Denise Aughton, our Librarian since the creation of the Millennium Library Building, is leaving us to enjoy retirement with her husband. We wish them happiness in their travels. Mrs Fabienne Hallett will be our new librarian from September. Mr Ian Boyce, Subject Leader for Secondary English, will be moving back to the UK after six years of dedicated teaching and subject leadership. Mr Stephen Sexton will be his replacement. Mr Mike Owen (Key Stage Two Science) and Mrs Elaine Owen (Primary School Form 6 teacher) will be taking a sabbatical year. Mrs Kathryn McGahie will be joining the Primary staff for one year and Mrs Caren Coonan will join the KS3 Science & Maths Departments.

Finally, in September Mrs Helena ????? will join the Modern Languages Department to teach Spanish to replace Mrs Ninonska Morancay

Remembering Pierre Shams Marot
A term has gone by since the tragic loss of Pierre Shams in Form 11. Since that time, a large number of parents, students and teachers have been discussing how we can keep Pierre Shams in our minds and hearts in the years to come and pay tribute to his courage. His class mates have suggested a teak garden bench in the quiet area between the Science and Administration Building, which would be engraved with his name, and the possibility of planting a tree in the same area. Others have also suggested making a donation to the cancer unit for young people in líArchet Hospital, in Nice, where Pierre Shams was so well looked after during his illness.

With your help and generosity, I believe we can do all of these things. If you would like to make a donation, you can do so any time during the summer vacation and throughout September. Office hours during the vacation are 08h30 15h00 (except the last week in July / 1st week in August when we are closed), or you can send your donation to the School address to be found in this newsletter. Donations can be by cheque, made payable to Mougins School.

I will keep you fully informed of the results of your generosity in the first newsletter of next year, at the end of September. Thank you in advance.

Car Park for the New School Year
After very long negotiations and French administrative difficulties - nearly 5 years - we will have our new car park for the new school year (I think!). It may not be quite finished as a result of the above mentioned difficulties. I need your help to overcome some final obstacles, as sometimes urban rules seem to take precedence over the security of our children. If you feel that parking in the busy road in front of the School presents a danger for your children, perhaps you would like to write to me to express your concerns. The letters can be short or long, mild or strong, and in English or French. Thank you.

Happy Hols!
This is a bumper year as far as the summer vacation is concerned. Every six years, the school calendar jumps forward a week. This means that the school year will end on 3rd July in 2015, but to compensate for the late finish, we start the school year later. We will be welcoming the new students to the School on Friday 5th September 2014 and the start of term for all students is Monday 8th September 2014 at 08h45.

On behalf of all my teaching and non-teaching colleagues, I would like to wish you a great summer, doing all the things you like to do in your leisure time with your children. If you are leaving us this year, we wish you every success and happiness in the future please keep us up to date with your news. For the majority, we look forward to welcoming you back, batteries recharged, on the 8th September. Bon ÈtÈ!

Headmaster's Notes

The Final Month of the School Year
When we return to School on Monday, we will be in June and on our final countdown to the last day of term Friday 27th June. As always at this time of year, time will fly and the four weeks will be packed with events and activities please keep a close eye on the calendar, which is available on the website.

Internal, End of Year Examinations Secondary
These important assessments will begin on Wednesday 4th June and finish on Friday 13th June for all students in Forms 7 to 10.

Form 12 Return to School
Students in Form 12, who will shortly finish their AS level examinations, will be returning to School from Tuesday 10th Friday 20th June from 09h00 ñ 12h00 each day. During this time, they will be meeting speakers from outside of School, starting their higher education applications, looking at colleges, universities and careers worldwide. This is not an optional period, but a compulsory element of their studies.

Peripatetic Music Teachers
At Mougins School, we are very privileged to have a fine group of external music teachers giving private instruments lessons to students throughout the School. They offer a wide range of instruments including piano, guitar, drums, voice, flute & violin. These talented people are not employed by the School, but are self employed. Under normal circumstances, if you wish your child to benefit from one or more of these musicians, you will be invoiced a term in advance and payment is due immediately. It is also normal that unless the teacher has prior notice of absence, so they can re-organise their schedule, you will be paying for a session that your child misses. It is not acceptable to wait until the end of term and then claim your child didnt go to half of his/her lessons.

In discussion recently with the peripatetic teachers, I was shocked to learn that a large number of parents owe musical tuition fees, some for over a term. If your child is receiving musical tuition, please ensure you are fully paid up. Simple adage: if you want it, pay for it; if you dont want to pay for, dont have it.

Medical Forms
Just a reminder that we require up to date medical information for all children in the School. These records are kept confidentially by the School

Nurse. These need to be updated every 2/3 years with a full physical examination given by your doctor. Nurse Marian will send out new forms to all concerned by the end of June. Please update and return the form to her in September 2014. Nurse Marian is always available should you have any questions.

Extension Car Park
I am sure you have all noticed the large area of land we have cleared beyond the car park near the exit. This is to be the extension to our present car park, and should be ready for use in September 2014, when we return to School (Monday 8th September). From that time, we will still ask secondary school parents to drop off at the bus stop to avoid congestion in the slip road, but those primary parents who need to park generally Early Years, Reception and Forms 1& 2, will now be able to park and walk safely into School. Parking along the road, which is dangerous for children and parents alike, will not be permitted.

Enjoy all the activities and events during the next four weeks.

Headmaster's Notes

Dear Parents and Students,

The Tragic Loss of a Student
I am so sad to inform you, that after a long fight against cancer, Pierre Shams Marot in Form 11 lost the battle during the Spring Vacation. Throughout his illness, Pierre-Shams was a pillar of determination and courage and an incredible example to us all in the face of adversity. He was set on keeping everything in his life going as fully as possible right up until the spring vacation. Many students, parents and teachers attended Pierre-Shamís funeral to show their love and affection for him and to support his family. He will be greatly missed. Over the coming weeks, we will be discussing how we can pay tribute to Pierre-Shams and ensure his memory is always with us. We will contact you all as soon as possible to let you know how you can participate in this tribute.

Front of School Security
We have made some changes to the front of School security to ensure that visitors to the campus do not just e wander in. A visitor to the campus is defined as any adult who does not work at the School. A parent known to Primary teachers may not be known by Secondary teachers and vice-versa. Therefore every adult on the campus is a stranger to someone.

The new measures are simple:
The sliding gate in front of the Administration Building will be fully open until 09h00, when it

will be closed. It now works automatically and cannot be opened by hand. Just to the right of the sliding gate, as you approach from outside, a small gate has been made and the ground in front has been re-furbished with a non-slip surface.

The small gate will be open during the day and the ramp/path will guide visitors to the front door. All visitors should go to the office to collect a badge, if they have authorization to go onto the campus, or wait in the office for their child, if they need to leave early.

At the end of the day, the sliding gate will be opened when the final bell rings. No one should enter the campus at all before that time.

The gate in front of the Hall will follow the same system ñ it will be locked at 09h00 and opened at the end of the day.

Thank you in advance of following these simple instructions

External Examinations
Today marks the first day of the external examinations for Forms 11 to 13. Over the coming weeks, our students will be sitting a full range of (I)GCSEs, AS and A Levels. We trust they have been, and still are, revising hard and we wish them every success. The results are released in August.

Car Park Extension
You may have noticed that work on the extension of the car park has finally begun! As many of you know, land purchase, administration and paperwork are slow processes in France. The extension will give us 80 more spaces, which should greatly ease the pressure before and after school. I hesitate to give a completion date, but can say with a fair amount of certainty that it will be completed for the new school year.

National Vacation Days
The month of May in France is peppered with national holidays (feries). Yesterday was the first one and next Thursday is the second. Please note that we do not do the bridge on these weekends. Students are expected in School on Friday 9th May. Please do not be tempted to make it a long weekend. However, at the end of the month, there is another break on Thursday 29th May and this time, we do make the bridge, so there is no school on Friday 30th May either.

Headmaster's Notes

Dear Parents and Students,
The Next Academic Year
Thank you to all the parents who returned their coming back/moving on letter by last Friday, 21st March, which was the deadline. I appreciate that the post was very slow in delivery of some of them and so there are a few outstanding returns to be made. If you have not sent in your form yet, thank you in advance for quickly dealing with this small piece of administration. Remember the form must be returned if you are coming back next year, or if you are unfortunately leaving us.

ISI Inspection Report
The final report has now been sent to the School and will be available for you all to read by the end of term, on our website. You do not have to rush in it will remain on the site until it is replaced by the next inspection report a few years down the road. It takes a little while to read in full, but well worth the effort.

I would like to thank all my colleagues, teaching and non-teaching, for their hard work and patience prior to, and during the inspection itself. As many of you will know, evaluation is always a stressful time and I am delighted that their efforts have been recognized and rewarded in this excellent report. Thank you, too, to all the parents who made such positive comments about the life of their children at Mougins School.

Spring Concert
Our Spring Concert this year is on Monday and Tuesday 7th & 8th April in the last week of term in tickets are available from Monday for 5Ä from the School Office (performers should already have bought their allocated tickets this week). Performing Arts performances are always well attended at School, so I suggest you do not take a chance and just turn up on the night in buy your tickets next week!

Please Be Careful
We have been confronted several times recently by parents disciplining children other than their own on the School premises, after school hours. Parents have even entered into disputes with each other. Of course, this is unacceptable. Children are supposed to be picked up after school unless they are in a supervised activity. If you choose, however, to let your child play on after school, do not get involved in that play. Remember when children fall out, they generally make up fairly quickly afterwards in adults rarely do!

End of Spring Term
School finishes this term on Friday 11th April at 12h00 for a two week break. We resume on Monday 28th April at normal starting times. I know many students will be revising hard for their external examinations,

which begin shortly after the vacation. If your child is not in those classes, enjoy the rest!

Headmaster's Notes

Dear Parents and Students,

A Short Half Term
I hope you all had a good half term break. After this first week, we have only five weeks before the next holiday and then we are already in the Summer Term. For students in the examination classes, this is a time of focus and hard work as they lead up to the examination period at the beginning of May.

Starting Times
There are an increasing number of pupils late for School in the mornings. Some students in the Secondary School systematically miss assemblies on Monday and Tuesday mornings. May I remind parents that Secondary School students (Forms 7 - 13) should be in School by 08h45 and Primary School children by 09h00. Of course, we are all aware that the traffic problems in our area are a cause for concern. We each, therefore, have to adapt our departure time from home in order to arrive at School on time.

A Few Important Events
There are a number of important meetings/events in the calendar this month and early April. Please note the following:

Wed 19th March - UNSS County Championships for Orienteering - Parc de Vaugrenier, Villeneuve Loubet.
Thursday and Friday 20th & 21st March at 19h00 in the School Hall - Talent Show
Monday 24th March - Sports Day for Forms 3 to 6 - all day at School
Tuesday 25th March at 18h00 - Form 9 Options for (I)GCSE evening in the Examination Room - Rosanna Learning Centre
Tuesday 1st April at 18h00 in the School Hall - GCSE Drama Evening
Monday & Tuesday 7th & 8th April at 19h00 in the School Hall - Spring Concert
Wednesday 9th April - UNSS Regional Championships for Orienteering in St Vallier
Friday 11th April at 12h00 - End of Term

Café des Amis
Our chef will be proposing a Vegetarian main dish alternative every Thursday lunchtime. This will be printed in green and thus easily identifiable on the weekly menu.

At breaktimes only on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursday and Fridays, children will be able to buy snacks from the dining room. These will be limited to fruit, cereal bars and cake. Chocolate bars will no longer be available.

Kindest regards,

Brian G. Hickmore

Headmaster's Notes

Dear Parents and Students,

Questionnaire - Thank You - Inspection Ahead
We would like to thank all the parents who have taken the time and trouble to fill in the online questionnaire in preparation for our ISI (Independent Schools' Inspectorate) inspection in just over a week's time. If you have not yet had the chance, you can still do so until Sunday 9th February. However, if you are unable to complete the questionnaire online, for whatever reason, you can pick up a paper copy from the office and return it, in a sealed envelope, addressed to the Reporting Inspector. From Tuesday 11th - Friday 14th February, there will be five inspectors in School to update our tri-annual accreditation, or quality assurance.

Farewell to Tony Bagwell
We were very sad to learn that our wonderful saxophone and woodwind teacher, Tony Bagwell, passed away last week. We will greatly miss Tony, who has worked with dedication and enthusiasm at Mougins School for 14 years. He was a wonderfully kind and gentle man and we are sure that all the children he taught were inspired by his passion for music and his many musical skills. Tony was a well known musician in the local community, as an arranger of music, performer, teacher and conductor - a rare kind of musician in this day and age.
Our thoughts and condolences are with his wife, Bernice, at this time.

His wife requested there should be no flowers at his funeral, but if you wish to make a donation, could you kindly do so directly to the British Heart Foundation.

Sister Act - not too late
The School's winter production of Sister Act is in full swing. There are two further performances, one tonight and the final one tomorrow, Saturday 1st February. Both performances are at 19h30 in the Performing Art Hall. Tickets are available at the door, within limits of seating. Well done to students, staff and parents, who have put in a huge amount of work to produce this exciting and fun production. A huge bravo and thank you to Margot Renssen, the show's director.

Mock (I)GCSE Examination Results
The results from the mock examination session will soon be sent to From 11 parents and a parents evening, to discuss individual results, will be held on Monday 17th March at 18h00 in the Examination Room. Although it may seem early, there will also be a short presentation on options for AS Level for September 2014. More details of the evening will be distributed to parents by letter.

Half Term Break
Our half term break starts on Friday 21st February at 15h30. We have 10 days to relax, ski or whatever else you have planned and students return on Tuesday 4th March 2014 at normal times .
(08h45- Secondary and 09h00 - Primary). Have a good vacation!

Kindest regards,
Brian G. Hickmore

Headmaster's Notes

Dear Parents and Students,

A Musical Triumph
Congratulations to all the participants in this weeks Winter Concert. Both evenings were full of top quality performances from bands, choirs and individual contributions. Thank you to everyone who worked to make it very special, including the PTA bar staff, stage managers, sound and light technicians, peripatetic music teachers, performers and of, course, a special bravo to Nicki Elcome, who directed the Concert.

Forthcoming Performing Arts Events
At the end of January (30th,31st & 1st Feb), you will be able to come and enjoy Sister Act (pantomime version). Watch out for posters telling you when tickets will be available. The PTA will be organising the Talent Show on Thursday 20th & Friday 21st March 2014 so you have plenty of time to think of what you would like to do and start rehearsing

Regional Cross Country Championships
On Wednesday 11th December, the qualifying teams, from the County Championships last month, competed at regional level at the Base Nature in Frejus. The top 25 teams from each category from the Alpes Maritimes ran against the same number of teams from the Var. We had four teams in the competition:
Benjamins Garaons - 10th ñ Luca, Dylan, Mackenzie, Mikael & Michele
Minimes Garaons ñ 9th ñ Alexander, Hector, Skander, Joshua & Aske
Juniors Garaons ñ 9th ñ Dushan, Nikita, Jason, Sam & Ryan
Juniors Filles ñ 5th ñ Laerke Darja, Jessica & Kana

Well done to all our cross country runners ñ the level of competition was extremely high. A special bravo to Alexander MacFadyen, who came 3rd /237 runners in the Minimes category (see photo of medal ceremony). To have all of our teams in the top 10 of each category is outstanding!

Have a Fantastic Break
On behalf of all at Mougins School, I wish you a Happy Winter Break, however you celebrate it. If youre travelling far or staying in the area, have an exciting or restful time. As for 2014, I wish you all a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year. School begins after the break on Monday 6th January 2014 at the normal times. Remember, at the beginning of term, teachers often start a new topic. If your children are absent at that point, you could be placing them at a disadvantage.

Kindest regards,
Brian G. Hickmore

Headmaster’s Notes

A Busy Three Weeks
The three remaining weeks of the Autumn Term are always very busy, with many different events happening across the whole school. Please keep an eye on the calendar in order not to miss out. However, it is important to point out that academic lessons will continue well into the last week of term, so please avoid the temptation to leave early.

More Help in the Office
We are pleased to welcome Manuela Garutti-Foley to the Administrative Staff of the School. It could be that either Elisabeth or Manuela answers the telephone or greets you when you call or pop in on Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays and Elisabeth or Sue on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Unless you have a specific need to speak to a particular person, they are all able to pass on messages to the teaching staff and generally answer your enquiries.

Sporting Successes
Congratulations to the four Relay Marathon teams who took part in the Nice-Cannes Marathon – you can read a full report elsewhere in this newsletter.
The Alpes Maritimes UNSS Cross Country Championships also took place last week and the students from Mougins School performed extremely well. Here is a summary of the team results:

Girls: Benjamines 29th/85 Minimes 34th/53 Juniors 3rd/29
The Junior girls’ team, invited to the podium to receive their bronze medals, included Laerke Rasmussen (9th), Jessica Davis (12th), Anastasia Vladimirova (14th), Darja Berga (16th), Marianne Ray (18th), Kana Fujiwara (20th) & Alycia Class (25th).
Boys: Benjamins 16th/130 Minimes 7th/52 Juniors 4th/52
Two notable performances in the boys’ results – Dushan Popov 11th/52 in the Junior Boys and an outstanding result from Alexander MacFadyen 2nd/403 in the Minimes Boys.

Well done to all our runners — regional Championships on Wednesday 11th December in Frejus.

Performing Arts Centre and Events
The new floor in the Hall is now finished and other improvements to enhance performances and lessons have been completed. You will have the opportunity to appreciate the “mini transformation” at some of the events taking place over the coming weeks:
Foundation (E.Y & Reception) Winter Assembly

Winter Concert
Monday 16th December at 19h00 Winter Concert
Tuesday 17th December at 19h00
Forms 1, 2 & 3 Winter Assembly Thursday 19th December at 09h00
Forms 4, 5 & 6 Winter Assembly Friday 20th December at 09h00

A Couple of Do’s and Don’ts
1. We would be grateful if any dogs that are brought on to the campus are kept on leads. If your dog unfortunately makes a mess on the School Campus, you are responsible for cleaning up - thoroughly!
2. Can we remind parents that class lists and e-mail addresses are for internal communication only and under no circumstances should be used for commercial purposes?

End of Term
The final day of School this term is Friday 20th December and both Primary and Secondary pupils finish at 12h00. Your child(ren) will receive their end of term report on that morning. Reports will not be released before that date and those not collected will be available after the winter vacation in January. Enjoy the last weeks of term.

Kindest regards,

Brian G. Hickmore Headmaster

Headmaster's Notes

Already Half Term!
Today is the start of our half-term vacation. I would like to remind parents that we do not follow the calendar for French schools at Mougins School, although we are fairly close. The major differences come in the October and February half term breaks. In fact, we work more, but shorter days than the French System resulting in only one week ís vacation for these two holidays. Please take care to check your school calendar when planning family holidays etc. You will find a copy of the 2013/2014 calendar in your Family Guide and on our website.

The provisional calendar for the next academic year 2013/2014 is available, but as the ìEducation Nationale has not yet published its calendar, we may have to make some minor adjustments at a later stage. A copy of the provisional calendar for next year can be picked up from the School Office.

Access to the School from behind the campus
We have received a number of complaints from the residents of the domain behind the School, including the Kennels and Riding Stables that parents are driving through this private property to deliver their children to School. Obviously as it is private, it is not a usable access to School and I would ask those parents currently passing through there to deliver their children to School by the normal entrance (or bus stop drop off) Thank you for your consideration.

New Car Park
I am delighted to inform you that we have finally signed for the adjacent land to the present car park. Work will soon begin to create an extension of our parking facilities, which will hopefully be ready for the Spring Term in January. The extension will give us considerably more spaces (approximately 70), which will mean that no parents will have (or be permitted) to park in the road before and after school.

Old Car Park
The organisation of the car park will not change with the additional parking and the spaces with the red paint along the curb will remain for the exclusive use of the school ís personnel. The yellow marked spaces are for buses (and marked bus). If you see that these spaces are empty, please do not be tempted to park in them ñ it probably means there is a bus full of children about to return to School. Thank you.

The Return
As we only have a one week ís break, we looking forward to seeing you all back on Monday 4th November at the normal start times. Enjoy the week!

Lost Property
We have already accumulated an enormous amount of lost property. Students need to check that they take all of their possessions home each night. Objects left outside are put in the nearest building by the maintenance/cleaning staff especially in Winter time. Lost items are kept in the wooden box under the stairs in the Administration Building or in the blue box in front of the Primary Building. The contents of the box are displayed on the covered area, in front of the office, on Friday evenings after school.

Headmaster's Notes

An Excellent Start to Go with the Excellent Results
“La rentrée” is now four weeks behind us and the students are well into their studies for this academic year. We hope they will all work hard and strive to achieve their full potential. Indeed the graduating class of 2013 (Form 13 last year) did just that and achieved a superb set of A Level results, giving them all access to their first choice of college or university world-wide.
For the fifth consecutive year, they achieved a 100% pass rate at A Level. Full details of the GCSE, AS and A Level results are printed else-where in this newsletter. Please study them carefully and feel free to shout them out loud – the School and their parents are very proud of their achievements!

Important Information
This edition of the Newsletter is a “bumper edi- tion”. Not only does it have the above mentioned results, it also contains the University Destinations of last year’s Form 13 – an impressive list, the Homework Timetable for the Secondary School, dates for Primary and Secondary Parents’ Evenings this term and the Extra-Curricular Activity Programme for this Term. Please keep this newsletter as a point of reference.

Sponsors Needed – Can You Help
As you know, we strongly promote a healthy active lifestyle at the School, including a healthy diet, good sleep pattern and exercise. Beyond our close relationship with Fitlane Fitness Centres, staff, parents and students are becoming more and more involved in sporting events and competitions in the area. For many years, senior students and staff have been involved in the Sophia Games, competing against over 300 companies in the Sophia Technology Park. Marathons, semi-marathons and relay marathons have all attracted members of our community. Entering teams in these events is becoming more and more expensive and so we are hoping to find some help from a sponsor(s) who would be prepared to cover such entry fees and possibly clothing and other equipment. If you are able to help in any way, please let me know – thank you in advance.

Car Park Issues
It is going fairly well before and after school, but there are improvements to be made. Firstly, things are moving forward with the car park extension (approx 70 more spaces). We should be signing the final purchase act over the coming weeks and work will commence as soon as possible after. I will share the final plans with you in the next
Please remember that secondary school students are to be dropped off in the morning in the bus stop in front of the School.

Primary School parents must not park in the bus stop, as it makes dropping off dangerous.
The spaces on the left and right as you enter the School slip road are reserved for staff. Please do not park in them as you stand a good chance of finding yourself blocked in. Parents should park (Key Stage 1) in the large car park at the end of the slip road.

Secondary Sports Day
We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible for the Secondary Sports Day, to be held all day at the Stade Eric Estival, Mandelieu on Friday 4th October (next week). The Primary School day is as normal at School. All Secondary School students are expected at the stadium.
Kindest regards, Brian G. Hickmore Headmaster

Headmaster's Notes

Dear Parents and Students,

End of Term and Reports
We are there – today is the last day of term and Secondary School students have their school report with this newsletter – Primary children have already had their reports.

National Championships for Orienteering Results
Congratulations to all four teams who competed in the French National Championships this year. The Collège Filles and Garçons performed well in Reims. The boys finished an excellent 14th/32 and the girls 32nd/39. In the Compiegne, the week before, our older students also performed extremely well. On the second day, the girls were 9th, the boys 6th, both out of 28. Added to the first day, where there were some technical hitches, the overall positions were Lycée Filles 19th/28 and the Lycée Garçons 14th/28. Congratulation too, to the two young officials, who did an excellent job at their respective competitions.

The Science Building
I am pleased to announce that the building is on schedule and will be ready for the beginning of the new school year. I remind you that it contains four laboratories – Science (for Key Stage 3), Physics, Chemistry and Biology. It also houses a preparation room to serve all the labs, plus a second Computer Room and a further classroom. The portacabins, used for a year by primary classes and this year for secondary science, behind the Rosanna Learning Centre, will be dismantled and removed in the first week of the holidays.

Summer Fair
A very big thank you to Dorothy Forbes and the PTA teams who made the Summer Fair such a big success. The “Mougins School’s Got Talent” was great fun, the food stalls amazing, and the barbecue a huge success. Thank you all.

Kind Donations
I would like to extend a special thank you to a number of parents who have made generous donations to the Garden Fund, the second Computer Suite fund, PTA funds and School Funds during the year. These very generous donations make it possible to provide those extra things that are outside of our budget and therefore benefit the children sooner rather than later. As a result, the Garden is well on its way, we already have half the money we require to equip the Computer Suite plus we will be installing two solid ping pong tables and an outdoor chess set in front of the new Science Building. So once again, thank you for your fantastic generosity.

Great Vacation and Great Summer
As always, a number of families are leaving us at this time including, of course, those who are graduating today in From 13. We wish them all the best for the future as we do all those moving on to new destinations. To the majority who are returning, the new school year begins on Tuesday 3rd September, although we will be welcoming new students the afternoon before. On behalf of all at Mougins School, thank you for your support and I wish you all an excellent vacation and summer.

Kindest regards,

Brian G. Hickmore

Headmaster's Notes

Dear Parents and Students,

The Science Building

The Building is still on schedule! The tiled floors are finished and the various companies involved are putting the final touches to the paintings and fittings. The furniture is due to be fitted during the first two weeks of June and the temporary science classrooms, behind the Rosanna Learning Centre, will disappear in the first week of the summer vacation. I will publish a few photographs in the final newsletter on the last day of term. The building will be fully operational for the new school year.

Medical Forms
On entry into Mougins School, most parents provide a full medical history of their children using the medical form provided by the school. Some parents still need to do this for the welfare of their own children. Also every 2/3 years, a full physical examination given by your doctor is necessary to keep these records updated. This will ensure that any problems with vaccinations, hearing or eyesight are detected at an early stage. I will have sent out new forms to all concerned by the end of June. Please update and return the form for September 2013. Feel free to come and see Nurse Marian if you have any questions.

An Evening of Entertainment
A number of Margot’s pupils will be giving an outdoor performance on Monday – 3rd June at 19h30 in the amphitheatre in front of the Rosanna Learning Centre. The evening will consist of songs and short sketches, reflecting the work the students have been doing in their voice lessons and drama workshops.

Book Return Day and Cafeteria Badges
Tuesday 25th June is book return day for Secondary School students. Books brought back before that date, by students who have finished their external examination, must be given to the subject teachers personally so they can be marked in. The cost of missing books is deducted from the students’ Book Deposit. Students will be able to return their lunch cards on the same day.

Kindest regards,

Brian G. Hickmore

Headmaster's Notes

Dear Parents and Students,

Final Term
The final term of the school year is underway and, if previous years are anything to go by, we will soon find ourselves talking about the summer holidays as the weeks slip by so quickly.

Car Park Fire Access
The extra spaces in the car park are relieving the pressure to a certain extent, but may I remind you not to park in the fire access, next to the big bus, in the corner of the car park.

Car Boot Sale
This event, organised by the PTA, is taking place this weekend on Sunday 5th May in the School Car Park. For those who have reserved stands, access is from 07h00 and the Sale itself starts at 09h00. Refreshments are available throughout the day in front of the Administration Building.

LAMDA Evening

Congratulations to all the students who performed their LAMDA examination pieces last Friday evening
in the School Hall. Once again, the standard of acting and singing was very high, providing an excellent evening’s entertainment. Thank you to Hilary Lecoy and Margot Renssen, who prepared all the students for these prestigious LAMDA examinations.

Off to the North of France
National Championships As mentioned in the last newsletter, a number of students have qualified for the French National Championships in Orienteering. This month, the two Lycée teams will be competing. The girls’ team consists of Alycia Class, Marianne Ray, Sophie Telfer and Esmeralda Ypsilanti. The boys’ team is Sam Beard, Humphrey Hamilton, Fraser Swindell and Tim Winter. Our “young official”, travelling with the teams is Robert Mueller. We wish both teams a very successful competition.

Science Building

Things are still moving according to schedule. The under floor heating is installed, the doors and windows are in and the interior walls nearly finished. The next step is the final floor finish (tiles in the labs and a lino finish in the main corridor) and painting.

Internal and External Examination
The external examinations began yesterday and go on until 20th June. We wish good luck to all those involved. The Primary SATs (internal assessments) will be in the week beginning 27th May and the Secondary end of year examinations will take place between the 5th and 14th June.

Days off this Month
Just a reminder that next week, there is no school on Wednesday 8th, Thursday 9th and Friday 10th May. However, any (I)GCSEs, AS and A levels scheduled on those date will take place in School, as normal. The School is also closed on Monday 20th May.

Kindest regards,

Brian G. Hickmore

Headmaster's Notes

Spring Concert
Congratulations to all who participated in the annual Spring Concert last week. Once again the standard throughout was excellent, as those of you who at- tended were able to appreciate. A special well done and thank you to Nicki Elcome for all her hard work and enthusiasm in planning and directing the concert.

Staff Appreciation Lunch
On behalf of my colleagues, I would like to send a huge thank you to the PTA for organising the Staff Apprecia- tion Lunch on Wednesday of this week. Many of you sent in dishes and other contributions to the lunch, making the “Café des Amis” into the finest restaurant on the Côte d’Azur! Thank you so much.

A Slight Change in Reports
This newsletter is accompanied by your child/ren’s end of term report. There is a slight change in structure from previous years. This mid-year report up to Form 10 is slightly smaller, containing information that fits onto one sheet. The reports for Forms 11, 12 and 13, who are all preparing for external examinations, are full reports, as usual. At the end of the summer term, the system will be reversed – students up to Form 10 will receive full reports and those in Forms 11, 12 & 13, the shorter version.

A Few Extra Spaces
After the vacation, you will notice that the fence has been removed at the end of the car park, liberating 10extra parking spaces. We still have to maintain a passage way for the fire services to access behind the campus. This passage is now next to the big bus in the corner of the car park and must not be blocked by cars. If we constantly find cars blocking the emergency passage, we will be obliged, by law, to put back the current fence and lose the extra spaces.

Back to Both Entrances
Now that the crane has disappeared from our skyline and all the “heavy work” has been completed on the New Science Building, we will return to using both entrances to the campus in the morning and after school. Entrance to the campus during the day will only be through the sliding gate, next to the Administration Building. The gate in front of the Hall will be locked at 09h10 every morning and opened when the bell rings for the end of each day.

Science Building Update
The Science Building is moving on at a fast rate and is on schedule to be ready for the end of May. The outside wooden cladding is currently being fixed, all the doors and window frames are installed and most of the inside walls finished. The under floor heating will be installed during the vacation.

Outstanding Results in Orienteering
Once again, our teams in the Regional Championships for Orienteering, had an exceptional competition. The event, held in St Vallier, resulted in gold medals for our Benjamin(e)s team and qualification for the French National Finals for the Collèges Garçons and Filles, and Lycée Garçons and Filles. These teams will be competing in the North of France at the end of May (Lycée) and beginning of June (Collège). Full details of their results will be published in later newsletters.

Days off in May
As always in France, there are a number of national holidays in May, so please note carefully when we are closed. Wednesday 1st May is the first of these, followed by the 8th, 9th & 10th May (VE Day and Ascension). The last of these “jours féries” is Monday 20th May (Pentecost). From then on, it is straight through until the end of June. Please do not extend these days off, after all you have nine weeks of vacation at the end of the school year!

External Examinations
On our return from this vacation, our older students will begin the very intensive period of external examinations. The (I)GCSE start at the beginning of May and the AS & A Levels follow shortly afterwards. The last examination is on 20th June, so you can see that the summer term is largely concerned with examinations for these senior students. We wish them every success in their exams.

Spring Break
This is an odd year, where the Easter weekend is separated from the main spring vacation. So here we go for a two-week break – to relax or work hard on revision – or however you wish to spend it. We wish you all a good break and look forward to seeing you on Monday 22nd April at our normal starting times.

Kindest Regards

Brian G. Hickmore

Headmaster’s Notes

Dear Parents and Students,
Pièces Jaunes
Thank you to everyone who contributed to this an- nual collection for charity. You will remember that last year we collected 65kg and that the all time re- cord was 86kg. I am delighted to say that we have moved the record up by weighing in last month at 88.5 kg! If you keep a pot at home and put the coins in throughout the year, we may be able to top the 100kg next year. Once again, thank you all for your contributions.

Primary Sports Day (Forms 3 to 6)
This traditional Sports Day of track and field events for all children in Forms 3, 4, 5 & 6 will take place on Monday 18th March at the Complex Sportif de Roger Duhalde (formerly Les Oiseaux) in Mougins. The events will begin at 09h00 and finish at 15h00. Par- ents are very welcome to come along to watch and have received all the necessary details in a separate letter. Please note – parking is very limited so a good idea to car pool. A road map to guide you to the venue is available in the entrance hall of the Primary Building.

Science Building Update
As you will see from the photograph, the building continues to grow and is still on schedule. The huge crane that dominated the sky line has been removed and the zinc roof is finished. Work is now concen- trated inside where electricians and joiners are work- ing hard.

Form 9 Parents’ Evening
There will be an important meeting for parents and students in Form 9a & 9b on Monday 25th March at 18h00 in the Examination Room (Rosanna Building). The purpose of the meeting is to present the subject options for the next academic year when Form 9 students move into Form 10 and begin their (I)GCSEs. Please make every effort to attend this essential meeting.

Performing Arts
Spring Concert
This year’s Spring Concert will be held in the School Hall on Tuesday 26th and Wednesday 27th March at 19h00. Once again, tickets will firstly be available to performers’ families before going on sale to the public from Wednesday 20th March.

GCSE Drama Evening
Students in Form 11 who are com- pleting their GCSE Drama this year are required to perform in public as part of their assessment. The stu- dents will be putting on two per- formances in the last week of term – Wednesday and Thursday 3rd & 4th April at 19h00. Entrance is free and light refreshments will be provided. All parents and students are wel- come.

LAMDA Examinations
The LAMDA performing arts exami-
nations for a number of our students will take place in School on Tuesday & Wednesday 2nd & 3rd April. We wish them every success in which- ever aspect of performing arts they have prepared.

Sporting Activities
Regional Championships for Orienteering
Following highly successful per- formances in the Alpes Maritimes Championship for orienteering, a large number of our students (over 60) have qualified for the next round – the Regional Champion- ships to be held this year in St Val- lier on Wednesday 20th March. Winning teams in the Collège Garçons, Collège Filles, Lycée Garçons and Lycée Filles will qualify for the French National Champion- ships in May. We wish all the com- petitors a good competition.

Competing Now
We would like to wish Mrs Michele Johnson, one of our PE teaching staff, the very best of luck in the French National Championships for Swimming, currently taking place over this weekend. We will have to wait until Tuesday for the result.

Kindest regards,

Brian G. Hickmore

Headmaster’s Notes

Dear Parents and Students,

Wicked and Cats
Congratulation to all who were involved with the production of “WICKED” in the first week of term. Thank you to the cast, backstage crew, including make-up, smoke machine and dragon operators, sound and light technicians, scenery and costume makers and front of house and bar managers. Wicked, a story built around the famous Wizard of Oz, was once again superbly directed by Margot Renssen. Indeed, our outdoor summer production will be the Wizard of Oz, performed in the last week of the school year.
You will undoubtedly remember the wonderful production of “CATS” last summer. It has taken a little time, but we are pleased to let you know that the DVD of the production is now available. Copies can be bought for just 5€ from Mr Hickmore.

Pièces Jaunes
Every year, Mougins School joins this fund raising campaign to raise money for children in hospitals in France. Mrs Alice Miller, who organises our collection, has distributed all the boxes to every class so that we can add our “pieces jaunes” (coins under 1€). Some classes are already on their third or fourth box! Please have a look at home and send in your pieces jaunes as soon as possible. Last year, we collected 65kg, but our all time record is 86kg! Help us to beat the record. We will be weighing in on 15th February, so you still have time to send in your coins. Thank you in advance of your help.

Private Property
I have received a concerned call from our neighbours behind and next to the School. It appears that quite a few families are cutting through the Argeville Domain to avoid the traffic at the roundabout at the top of the school road. The Chemin du Defends leading to the riding stables behind the School is a private road and should not be used to deliver or collect children from School. Of course, if you are doing that on foot, no problem. If you are using the road by car, we would ask you to stop doing so. I am sure if this continues, the domain owners will close the barrier and you may find yourself locked in!

Science Building Update
As you can see from the enclosed photograph, the Science Building is moving on very quickly and the roof is nearly finished. The weather, apart from some heavy belts of rain, has been kind and we are currently still on schedule.

Mock Examination Results
After a two-week intensive examination session, the mocks are now over. The results will be sent home to the parents of Form 11 next week and on Monday 11th February at 18h00 there will be a meeting for all parents of From 11 (plus the students). There will be a short presentation and then parents and students will
have the opportunity to discuss the results with subject teachers. We will also be starting to explain the option system for A levels at this meeting.

Time Off for Extended Vacations – Warning
Despite our very clear policy on vacations, there are still far too many pupils absent at the beginning and end of each term. I would like to remind you that we do have 15 weeks vacation and the calendar for every school year is available in advance so that you can book flights early. Indeed, you can pick up your copy of the 2013/2014 calendar from the office any time or ask for it to be e-mailed to you. As you will have noted in your Family Guide, School policy is that staff will not set work for children extending their holidays.
Please note that this year, the Easter weekend is not within the school vacation. This means that we have a day off for Easter Monday, but the two-week vacation does not start until the following Friday. Please do not be tempted to extend your vacation, by being absent, to the four days in between. Teachers throughout the School will teach a normal programme until the end of the week. No replacement lessons will be organised and the School will make an official note of such absences in student files.

Half Term
We break for our mid-term break in two weeks’ time. School finishes on Friday 15th February at 15h30 and resumes for pupils on Tuesday 26th February (Monday is a training day for staff) at the normal start times. Whether in the mountains, in warmer places or simply at home, enjoy the break and we look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday 26th - “injury free” if you’re off to the slopes!

Kindest regards,

Brian G. Hickmore

Headmaster's Notes

We have three professional training days in the school year. Two of them are tomorrow and Friday of this week, 29th & 30th November – the third is tagged on to the February half term break. This means for the children this is a short week as they finish on Wednesday lunchtime (already in the calendar printed in the Family Guide). Enjoy the long weekend.

Car Park
Of course, we are fully aware that the car park currently presents enormous difficulties at either end of the day. Thankfully, most parents have followed the instructions given out in the Family Guide and previous newsletters, but not all. It will be much easier if ALL parents of students in Forms 7 – 13 drop off in the Bus Stop and NO primary school parents attempt to park there.
Priority for parking is for parents of children in Early Years, Reception, Forms 1 and 2. These children have to be delivered to their classrooms and therefore their parents need to park. Parents of students from Forms 3 to 6 do not need to park – they can drop off in front of the Hall Building.
If secondary school students arrive around 08h30, there will be less of a problem. At the end of the day, if the same students are picked up about 20 minutes after the end of the day, you will find less of a crush.

The good news (fingers crossed) is that we are currently negotiating to extend the car park by acquiring additional space from our neighbour. Land purchase can, as many of you know, take time, but we are optimistic of success.
Please be polite to each other and the staff members who give up their time to try and help the traffic move more smoothly. It is totally unacceptable to demonstrate rude and aggressive behaviour at all, but particularly in front the children.

Night Clubbing in Juan Les Pins
We were very upset to hear that one of our former pupils was physically aggressed outside a night club in Juans Les Pins recently, finishing his evening in intensive care. If you are allowing your child(ren) to go club- bing at the weekend, please be aware that they have to be 18 to go in, and that “alcohol flows” throughout the evening. A tippick them up at the end of the evening yourself if you are allowing them to go.

Building Update
The Science Building is moving on and now has its ground floor. The good weather until last weekend has enabled the builders to make good progress. Hopefully, we will not suffer too much rain over the coming weeks, as the beams for the roof are due to be placed in January.

A Very Busy Month – as usual
December is always a very busy month in schools. Please keep a close eye on the calendar so as not to miss special events, including our annual Winter Concert and the Primary Winter Assemblies etc. The last newsletter of the year will be in your child(ren)’s end of term report on the last day of term.

Kindest regards,

Brian G. Hickmore

Headmaster's Notes

Half Term Vacation
Our half term break begins today for a week. Re-member, we only have one week – unlike the French system and so we return to School on Mon- day 5th November at normal start times.

A Bad Start to the Day
Everyday at School starts with registration or assembly for both Primary and Secondary School pupils. It is the time when we share essential information, or students give presentations, based on differing themes. All students need to be present for registration and therefore, must be in School for 08h45 (Secondary) and 09h00 (Primary). We all know that we live in an area of dense traffic, so it may be necessary to leave a little earlier to be on time. It is very often the same students who are regularly late, so occasional traffic problems such as accidents are not really the issue here. Please make every effort to get your child(ren) to School on time. Thank you.

The New Science Building
Now that the geological issues have been solved (we have one side of the building on rock and the other half on clay), the foundations are currently being “poured” and we will soon see the floor area of the ground floor. (see photo) The level crossing sys- tem is working very well between the Library Building and the rest of the campus and our students are doing exactly what is expected of them.

Campus Security
I am assured by the building companies that the final touches to the area behind the Primary Building will be completed during the half-term break permitting Early Years to finally move across to their new classroom. Also with regards to general security, may I again remind parents that they should not be on the campus during the school day unless they have been to the school office and ob- tained a visitor’s badge.

Wednesday Break and Lunchtime - Food.
For some time, our chef Gérald has been preparing fresh sandwiches, salads, pizzas etc. at lunchtime in the cafeteria. These are generally pre- ordered and collected at lunchtime so that students can eat before going on to activities in School, or in other locations. More recently we have been serving food at break times – “un goûter”. This service has become very popular amongst students to the point that we are obliged to limit the choice of snacks in order to serve everyone before the start of the next lesson. After half term, only “pain au chocolat” and “cookies” will be on sale at break time. All other snacks will be available at the end of the morning – i.e 13h10.

We wish you all a restful or active half-term break and look forward to seeing you just over a week from today – remember, remember the 5th November, gun powder, treason and plot (couldn’t resist a bit of British history J)

Kindest regards,

Brian G. Hickmore

Headmaster's Notes

Dear Parents and Students,
A Great Start to the School Year - Welcome once again to all the new families who have joined us this year. Students, both new and existing, have settled well into their study programmes and are working well. The Primary School pupils from Reception to Form 6 are comfortably installed in their new classrooms and fully settled into their studies. Early Years will soon be moving to their new classroom, once the final touches are completed to their playground.

The preparation work for the new Science Building is advancing well and I must congratulate all the children in the school for the way they have adapted so quickly to the “level crossing” procedure to cross into the Administration, Library and Cafeteria Building from the rest of the campus. The companies working on the site have also been very conscientious with regard to the children’s security., so all is set for the next 9/10 months!
Families who were in the School last year may have noticed, in their Family Guide, that there are a number of new members of the teaching staff. We would like to welcome them and hope they enjoy their new environment over the coming years. Mrs Kate Valentine is teaching Form 2, Mrs Amanda Parker, Form 3 and Mrs Christine Bearman, Form 4. Mrs Bearman is also the new Primary School Co-ordinator and 4th member of the Senior Management Team. In the Secondary School, we welcome Ms Annie Achilli to the Science Department to teach Biology and Mrs Michele Johnson to permanently teach in the PE department. For all details of the teaching staff, please see the beginning of your Family Guide.

Bumper Edition
The first newsletter of the year is always a bumper edition and is a reference document to keep close at hand. It contains last year’s Examination Results, the Secondary School homework timetable, the destinations of last year’s graduating class, dates for secondary parents’ evenings and the activities timetable to mention just a few. Please take the trouble to read the newsletter, which comes out on the last Friday of every month, and keep your copy safe for reference.

Drop off / Pick Up
As last year, we are still a number of parking spaces down due to the building work. This of course, adds to the difficulty at the start and end of each day. However, things do run fairly smoothly if you follow the ad-vice given in the Family Guide: In the mornings, secondary students must be dropped off at the bus stop between 08h30 and 08h45. If they arrive after 08h45, they are late. There will be staff on duty to see the students across the slip road. Primary School children from Forms 3 – 6 should be dropped off in the slip road in front of the Hall gate before 09h00. Parents of children in Early Years, Reception and Form 1 & 2, should park and deliver their children to the classroom. No cars may park in the bus stop.

At the end of the day, I suggest that secondary school parents do not pick up until at least 15/20 minutes after the end bell. This will give primary parents the chance to get away. On Mondays, the secondary school ends 20 minutes after the primary, so plenty of time for younger children to leave the cam-pus.

Secondary Sports Day
Every year, all secondary school students participate in a Sports Day that focuses on athletics (track and field). Sports Day this year will be held on Friday 5th October (next Friday) at the Eric Estival Stadium, Mandelieu. This is an all-day event and therefore there will be no school for all students from Forms 7 to 13. Details of the events will be/have been given to all secondary school students. If you are free on Friday 5th October, please come and support the athletes – it’s a great occasion.

Campus Security
During the working day, for security reasons, there should be no adults on the campus at all, other than those employed by the school. The office is accessible via the sliding gate during the day (although closed to everyone for an hour in the morning and evening). If you have to meet a teacher, or pick up a sick child, please come to the School Office.

For parents who may need a babysitter, the school office has a list of senior students who offer their services.

Half Term Vacation
It may seem odd to be already writing about vacations, but our next newsletter also comes out on the day we break for the Autumn Half Term, Friday 26th October at 15h30. Please note the holiday dates carefully – they are printed on the inside cover of the Family Guide. Mougins School has a one week half term break (take care as French schools have just extended their autumn break to two weeks). We return, therefore, on Monday 5th November.

Please avoid the temptation of exending your vacations – your child (ren)’s education will suffer! Teachers will not set work for students extending their vacations (see Family Guide). Thank you on your kid’s behalf .

Kindest regards,

Brian G. Hickmore