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Year 8 Science

Year 8 recently carried out a cooling wax investigation as part of their studies of 8I Heating and Cooling topic. Wax was used as the substance to measure changes in temperature as a liquid state form changes to a solid state form. The students did well on what can be a difficult physics based concept to grasp.

Advice for upcoming June 7/8 Summer Science exams: the Year 7 topics to be revised are: 7A, 7B, 7E, 7F, 7J. And for Year 8: 8A, 8B, 8E, 8F; 8I, 8J and 8K. There will also be a week of revision by Mrs Keeling prior to the exams week.

Our Scientists

Our Year 7 scientists studied the controversial process of 'Fracking' as a future source of energy for tomorrow's world as a means of applying their scientific knowledge to everyday life and decision making.
Super balanced research into the pro's and con's of this drilling method was carried out with the overall consensus by both 7A and 7B groups, being that they were not in agreement with it for the overall wellbeing of our planet.

Hadia and Nina being carbon and oxide atoms connecting arms, whilst being attacked by the hydrogen atoms. (Zac, Anton, Henrick)

Promoting Science in Year 5!
A big thank you to Mr Marius Grundmann (father of Isabella Grundmann in 5A) who gave a fascinating talk on Gases, atoms and molecules.
The children and staff enjoyed it tremendously and he really ' Brought Science to Life!'.
Also thank you, from Mr Jim Farrell, Mrs Paula Byles and members of 5A and 5B, to members of the secondary science department Mr Johnny Jones and Mr John Hallet, for giving up their free time to given some exciting Science demonstrations to year 5 in the Science laboratories.

Science News

This term the Year 7 Science groups have been considering different forms of energy used to power our world. They were challenged to come up with ways we could all reduce our usage of the world's limited energy resources such as coal and oil. Some great suggestions brought forward were: when watching TV, how much additional lighting is required in the room with possible use of candles in place of mains lights and in the school lesson times, for all students and teachers to turn off their mobile phones so requiring less recharging at night. Well done Year 7's on some inspiring and thought provoking discussion on this area.

The Year 8's made their own magnets in recent lessons. Pictured here are Boston and Yves in the process of successfully using their magnets to lift up a good number of paper clips. Mr. Jones can look forward to some talented physicists in his future lessons!

Year 7 Science

The Year 7's in Science early this month set about brightening up the damp wet days experienced by creating their own rainbows - the results achieved were truly uplifting for all concerned, especially by the amazing colours achieved by the methodical work of Alexrandra, Journey, Tim and Archie in 7b form. Most impressive work all round.

Year 7 Science

Year 7 Science were studying acids and alkali's this month. They studied substances that we use in everyday life like toothpaste, vinegar, washing powder and coffee that may not be thought of commonly as acidic or alkaline. More dangerous examples were also studied to include battery acid, drain cleaner and oven cleaners where great care is needed in their use. Pictured here are some of the Year 7b with their excellent descriptive posters on the pH scale of acidity and alkalinity. The effort these students put into the completion of this assignment shone through. Very well done from Mrs. Keeling.
Year 8 Science
In Science, Year 8 studied Respiration this past month which included the areas of fitness testing using breathing and pulse rates. Here the 8A group are doing impressive energetic star-jumps - a fun way to spend a science lesson, or was it a disguised surprise extra PE lesson for the students? They were certainly enjoying themselves whatever conclusion is reached.†