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Staff Appreciation Lunch

A Walk of Flavours

What a spectacular and colourful array of international culinary delights, drinks, chocolates and prizes! Thank you so much for making this lunch so special for the staff.

The support and help for the day were overwhelming, so thank you to everyone who contributed and helped out. Special thanks to Biggy Wolff, who, as in previous years, transformed the ’Café des Amis’ with her artistic skills into a decorative dining hall with a wonderful ambiance ; to Cath Roberts, who organised all the « drop and go » mornings ; to Tamra Hooker, who made everyone laugh while they had their photos taken with the « camel prop »! and, of course, to Myriam Larfaoui, who always gives so much time, effort and enthusiasm towards every school event.

To fit with the day, April Fool’s Day and Poissons d’avril, there were bowls of goldfish on the tables, colourful fish designs by the primary school for teachers to write their jokes on (thank you, Mrs Bearman), a competition for the most comical wig or hat, and, a competition for the name of next year’s lunch.

Congratulations to all of the winners ! Most comical wig or hat :
1st Prize : Caz Petrequin
2nd Prize : Jérôme Hébant
3rd Prize : Jonathan Hallet;

Best joke :
1st Prize : Robert Cook
2nd and 3rd Prize : Mel Nightingale 

The name for the Staff Appreciation Lunch 2016 – « Aromatastic »: 1st Prize : Kate Valentine, runners up : Neelam Makkar and Jeremy Daynes.

We would also like to thank Sophie Dean, who took photos of all your dishes These, together with photos taken by Vicky Lombardo of last year’s lunch, will be used to create a Mougins School International Cookery Book. If you are able to share your recipes with us, for inclusion in the book, please send them to : Thank you. Meanwhile, some of the photos of the lunch will be posted on the PTA website :

With my daughter, Kali, leaving at the end of this school year, I will no longer be heading up the organisation of this event. It has been a wonderful experience, with a great team to work with, and I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the varied international dishes that you have brought to the lunches. Thank you so much. Tanya Schmiedel will head up next year’s lunch, supported by the experienced existing team. If you would also like to get involved in helping to organise next year’s event « Aromatastic » , please contact Tanya :

Reminder : Any dishes that have not yet been collected have been stored in the PTA room. Please contact Tanya, Myriam or myself if you need to collect your items.

PTA Comittee

Staff Appreciation Lunch
Thank you so much to everyone who has offered to contribute something to, and/or help at this year’s staff appreciation lunch « A Walk of Flavours » which is being held on Wednesday 1st April, and to all the class representatives who have helped to coordinate all the contributions.

It is not too late! If you want to bring a dish, dessert, a delicacy from your home country, chocolates, biscuits or even a prize for one of the competitions planned, please contact your PTA class representative or contact us by email: to let us know.

There will bea« Drop & Go » area at the gates of the school from 8h until 9h on Wednesday 1st April, so that you can pass on your dishes to our volunteers. Please ensure that you attach the name of the dish, country of origin, your family name, and the class(es) of your children. If you would like a label, please collect one from Elisabeth’s office, or ask your child (ren) to collect one.

If you are unable to bring your dish until later in the morning, then please could we ask you to let us know in advance either by email, as shown above, or by calling Shan Rose (06 16 03 31 96). Thank you.
We would also like to thank Ms Hart and the pupils of Form 8 who created wonderful, colourful and imaginative designs for the invitation with the theme of the lunch, « A Walk of Flavours ». The 6 winning designs are shown below, but all the designs will be enjoyed by the teachers as they will form part of the display in the cafeteria during the lunch.
A big thank you, too, to Mrs Bear- man whose pupils have also taken part in designing something for the lunch.....but you will have to wait until the next Mougins Newsletter for more details !

Happy April Fool’s Day !