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From Sue Dunnachie

This year we would like to make a concerted effort to eliminate single use plastic in School. This is a challenge which should be achievable. We would like to encourage parents to purchase individual washable, reusable water bottles for their children. When celebrating a birthday in School, please provide paper plates if these are necessary as well as wooden/compostable cutlery.

If you are providing drinks please purchase large glass bottled drinks or cans and paper cups and not individual cartons. We are looking at the possibility of installing a compost bin in the garden area which could then hold food compost resulting from children’s snacks, banana skins etc. This compost can then be used to fertilize the fruit and vegetables in the garden.

Please help us to create more awareness of the negative impact of plastic on our planet, in order that our children can learn to take more care of their environment.

On Friday 13th October the Primary School celebrated the Harvest Festival with a delightful Assembly which was well attended by parents. The students had obviously worked very hard on producing a thoughtful and enjoyable vision of what the harvest means to different people. We also appreciated a small selection of the songs which the Years 4, 5 and 6 Choir went on to sing at the senior citizen’s home,

the Victoria Emera in Mouans Sartoux. The residents were absolutely delighted to be entertained by our students and it was touching to see how much our presence meant to them. Heartfelt thanks to all our parents for their generous food donations, a bumper year. This was taken immediately to the Petites Soeurs des Pauvres in Nice where they run a charitable home for senior citizens with no financial means of support, as well as helping the homeless. Special thanks to Ms Dixon and Mrs Martin for producing a lovely musical interlude for the Victoria residents.

On Friday 13th October two football teams (girls and boys) from Forms 10-13 were selected to play against three international schools at the Stade Charles Ehrmann in Nice. The three schools were the International School of Nice, the International School of Monaco and the School of Monza (Italy). Our teams had a resounding success and both teams won their tournaments and returned with another Trophy to add to our collection of Sports Trophies. Well done to all those who participated and thank you to Mr Hébant for his organisation of this tournament.

As a special time of year approaches, we like to think of those less fortunate than ourselves, particularly children who will have little to celebrate or are in hospital. This year we would like to ask families if they could donate new or used, (in excellent condition please), toys which will be donated to Lenval Hospital for Children in Nice, the Restos des Coeurs and local families in need. Please bring any donations to the Office and thank you in advance for your generosity.

From Sue Dunnachie

You will find a School Calendar on the School website in which we endeavour to provide as much information as possible regarding key events in the School. Please take the time to consult this on a regular basis in order to stay informed. Secondary School Parents’ evenings are now confirmed and posted.

Apart from School stationery, equipment and Tee Shirts, I should like to remind you that you can also purchase a Mougins School umbrella, yes it does rain in the South of France, for 25€. This is an automatic golfing umbrella in black and silver, large enough to shelter the family. For those students who wish to put their work on a USB Key, this can be purchased from the office for 10€. Please note that, if you wish to print out anything using School printers, your work will need to be on one of these keys used uniquely for that purpose.

Following the catastrophic events in the Caribbean, inhabitants of those islands which have been severely affected are sorely in need of clothing and toiletry items. If you wish to donate any items, clean, suitable and in good condition, please bring them to my office and they will be dispatched for delivery to the Association Foyer, Social, Educatif working in conjunction with the Collège de l’Eganaude in Biot.

Please note that there will be a Meeting of the PTA on Thursday 12th October at 09h00 in the Café des Amis (School restaurant). The meeting will be chaired by the Headmaster and we hope to have nominees for the positions of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Should you be interested in filling any of these positions please pass your candidature to the Office. There is already a well organised team of sub-committees dealing with the majority of events organised by the PTA for both students and parents, and this will certainly ease the arrival of any new faces. The PTA has an important role in the preparation of social and fundraising events as well as supporting staff and students with various projects. This institution is invaluable as it will enhance both your children’s experience at school, as well as providing parents with a means of discovering the region and forging new friendships. It should not be an onerous task but an enjoyable way of integrating in the community. We look forward to seeing you on the 12th.

On Friday 13th October a group of Primary School Choir students will be entertaining senior residents of the Victoria Emera residential home in Mouans Sartoux as part of our Harvest Festival celebrations. This is the second time we have been to the home and for twenty years previously we visited the Foyer de Font de l’Orme in Mougins.

These visits are always enjoyed by both the residents and students and the bi-lingual community of the Victoria Emera are particularly appreciative of the songs that Ms Rosie Dixon prepares in English and French.

A REMINDER that on 29th October we revert to Daylight Saving Time and you will need to put your clocks back by one hour, a welcome extra hour in bed.

From Sue Dunnachie

The invitation to the Mougins School Graduation Ceremony, which you will find in this Newsletter, is addressed to all our parents. The Ceremony is a celebration for our senior students leaving School and going forward to further education, as well as an opportunity to say farewell to parting friends.

For those of you who saw the Spring Concert and would like a lasting memory, or those who missed it, it is now available on USB Key. Please see Anabela in the School Office if you would care to purchase one, the price is 10€

From Sue Dunnachie

Our sincere congratulations to Chiara Goldig in Form 8b and Erle Lunde in Form 7b who participated in the International Schools’ Speech Contest which took place at CIV on 1st February. Ten students from the four ASEICA Schools, ISN, ISM and Mougins School competed, our reserve student was Alexandra Savelyeva. Five students were eliminated after the first round and Chiara then went through to the final round, which gave us an opportunity to hear her brilliant speech about the animal she would wish to be, an inspired desire to be a chameleon. She was awarded a well-deserved joint fourth place. Well done Chiara and thanks to the English Department for their support.

Madame Paris in the French Department is inspiring her students to be aware of our environment and the need to recyle/upcycle and has now presented them with a new challenge, that of entering the Guinness Book of Records by creating the longest serpent made of coffee capsules. Hopefully the vast amounts of coffee we have all been drinking will have a positive result!! The beautiful bird houses and birds, made by her students out of recycled materials went on display at the Ecoparc in Mougins during the International Competition/Exhibition organised by the Atelier d’Art Floral de Mougins on Saturday 25th March and Florence will be present at the Fête Eden in Mougins on Saturday 20th May.

A very big thank you to those of you who so kindly donated warm clothing and sleeping bags for the refugees in Italy and to Hanna Schaer for taking charge of the collection of these items. The response from our community is always so heart-warming.

On Friday 24th March students and staff of Mougins School once again participated in Red Nose Day organised bi-annually by Comic Relief. The campus was awash with wonderful red outfits and, of course, the Noses of choice this year. The money raised by the sale of the Noses (1,200€) goes directly to England to alleviate the suffering of the less fortunate in both Britain and Africa. Money raised from a cake sale organised by the Student Council will go to the Kenyankids Association which was created by Julie Hellon Cupples to bring aid to vulnerable girls in Kenya by providing a safe home, schooling, clothing and food, together with money raised by the raffle of a superb cake and the efforts of a mega aerobics class organised by Michelle Johnson. The sum raised, together with 248,10€ already collected at a previous cake sale organised by the Student Council, is 1.500€, a much appreciated gift to Kenion Kids. The School has also donated enough of our original green tee shirts to clothe all the girls who receive aid.

From Sue Dunnachie

The Directeur Général of the Lenval Foundation has addressed a letter to our parents thanking them for their gifts of new toys which were delivered for the festive season. He was most touched by your generosity and thanks you sincerely for this gesture.

I would also like to thank parents who responded to my request for specific articles of clothing to help some local families in need. It is always heart-warming to see how rapidly and generously our parents donate to the various organisations we continue to support.

You will see, below, that Sunny Bank Association is looking for a Treasurer. This is an Association, affiliated with the Victoria Emera senior citizen home in Mouans Sartoux which, essentially, provides financial aid to anglophiles in need of assistance and not able to use the French social services. Should you know of any such individuals, do not hesitate to contact the Association: or 04 93 47 94 20.

On Wednesday 1st February at 18h00 three of our students will be representing Mougins School in the International Speech Competition which will be held at CIV. Other schools competing are the International School of Monaco, the International School of Nice and EBICA. The subject of the speech this year is ‘A Hero for Today’s Generation’ and, presenting their subject will be Erle Lunde in 7b, Chiara Goldig in 8b and Alexandra Savelyeva in 9b. We wish all three of them the very best of luck and parents and students from the School are more than welcome to go along and offer their support.

Should you have any warm clothing you would care to donate to those refugees who are now trying to survive in winter conditions, please bring ONLY the following to the Office before Friday 17th February and it will be delivered to the camp in Italy: jeans/track suit bottoms jumpers / sweat shirts, T –shirts, warm jackets, gloves, hats, underwear/socks, sports shoes for men and women - NO CHILDREN’S CLOTHES - sleeping bags and sheets before Friday 17th. Any articles which are not required in Italy will go to another charitable cause. Thanking you in advance.

Would you like to be Sunny Bank’s new Treasurer?

Sunny Bank exists to provide help and support for elderly English speaking residents on the Cote D'Azur. It has a history of over 100 years providing this kind of assistance.

Sunny Bank supports people in their own homes, as well as the residents of Victoria, a nursing home, and Albert, apartments for independent living, all on the same site as our headquarters at the Grange in Mouans-Sartoux. Sunny Bank has an Executive Committee, and is currently in need of a Treasurer to join the Team.

The Treasurer will need to provide management accounts for the Committee, as well as liaising with the French accountant to complete annual accounts. If you have working French and English language skills, and you would like to take this opportunity to join us, then contact Brian Woolf - President

From Sue Dunnachie

I would like to thank all parents and students who generously donated a gift for a child in the Lenval Hospital during the festive season. We have been collaborating with the wonderful octogenarian, Madame Gentil, who has organised this for several years, and it was a joy to see how the Primary students welcomed her on Wednesday and how touched she was by your kindness.

Madame Gentil also assists families in need and she has asked if our parents would be able to donate any of the following:
Clothing for a boy of eight
Clothing for a woman size 40 – 44 or 44-46 and shoes size 38
Child’s car seat

Should you have any of these articles please bring them to the office in January. were delighted to receive several bags of unsold green Mougins School T-shirts and sweatshirts and we are thrilled that this small gesture will bring such joy to children who, in many cases, have never received a new article of clothing.
May I take this opportunity to wish all of you a peaceful and serene end to what has been a somewhat turbulent year with regard to world events, and may you face 2017 with renewed energy and optimism.

From Sue Dunnachie

Perfect Recycling
In view of the fact that we now have new School tee-shirts, we will be donating our remaining green tee-shirts and winter weight tops to an Association called Kenyankids ( As you will see from the photo, one of our tee-shirts has already brought a big smile to the face of its wearer.

11th November
Many thanks to those students who will be present at the War Memorial in Mougins Village on Friday 11th November at 11h15 in order to sing the American, Canadian and British national anthems. It is a privilege to participate in this Ceremony and our thanks to both the students and the Music Department for their musical prowess.

Another musical celebration occurred during the Harvest Festival when the Primary School Choir, accompanied by Ms Dixon and Mrs Martin, visited the Victoria Emera Senior Citizen residence which collaborates with the Sunnybank Association.

This group of enthusiastic musicians entertained the residents with a delightful selection of songs as well as a solo violin piece by Ella Hoang-Elcome and two piano pieces by Nadia Broadhead and Vasilisa Nazintseva . Their intervention brought a great deal of pleasure to the residents and the students enjoyed it in equal measure.

A Season for Giving
Time seems to pass more swiftly every year and we are now approaching the season of goodwill. For several years the Primary School has offered gifts to children who have to spend the festive season in the Lenval Hospital in Nice and this gesture has always been much appreciated. We would like to continue the custom this year and ask Primary School children to suggest to their parents that they have one less gift and offer something appropriate to a child in hospital. The collection will commence on Monday 5th December and any donations brought to School will be kept in classrooms until they are delivered on Wednesday 14th December. All gifts should be new and in their original wrapping.

I would like to thank all those of you who make a donation, your generosity will bring a smile to the face of a sick child.

From Sue Dunnachie

On the 23rd June Forms 1 and 2 were introduced to ‘Upcycling’ in a most original and amusing manner when Lawrence, a French echo-designer who works under the name ‘Lolabye’, organised workshops to show our students how materials, (in this case coffee capsules), can be used to create accessories. The workshops not only stimulate children’s creativity, but also incite them to look at objects which are part of their daily life and often discarded, with an inventive mind. Lawrence transmit- ted her passion with enthusiasm, encouraging students to create and recreate unique objects.

Another school year draws to an end and I would like to thank all parents who have contributed towards the wellbeing of our students, or our charitable and fund-raiding activities. To those of you to whom we bid farewell, I wish you happiness and success in the future, and to those who continue their journey at Mougins School, have a great summer and we look forward to welcoming you back with renewed energy.

From Sue Dunnachie

Thank you to everyone who donated their ‘Pièces Jaunes’ for the annual collection. The superb result was 88.439 kilos of coins, over twenty kilos more than last year. Every class is to be congratulated but there were two overall winners in Primary and Secondary. Mr Tebbett’s Form 6a collected 18.131 kilos and Mr Jones’ Form 11a collected 8.543 kilos. A wonderful effort which helps to bring care to children in hospital.

On Thursday 17th March our Librarian, Mrs Hallett, is organising a Book Fair. This gives our students, up to Form 8, the opportunity to purchase a variety of books and parents are welcome to peruse the selection at the end of the day, on display on the terrace outside the Office. We will also be hosting the author, Richard Platt. He is a British author who has published nearly 100 books. Most are illustrated information books but he has also written children’s stories and books for adults. In addition he has written TV scripts and appeared on TV and radio. Mr Platt will be talking to the students about his work and his books.

On Friday 12th February Mougins School flew the colours of the French flag for ‘la Journée Française’. Students and staff dressed as famous French personalities, red white and blue predominating. There was an exhibition in the library relating the history of France through the ages, together with displays of posters. A sale of croissants and pains au chocolat was organised during recreation and the benefits will go to a charitable cause. A typical French meal was served in the Café des Amis, quizzes were organised in Secondary classes and, on a sporting note, games of pétanque were played between Form 10 students and staff. Vive la France!

The Primary Student Council is an active and motivated group of students who organise events in order to raise money which will help to enhance students’ lives in the School. In the Autumn Term there was a table tennis tournament, in January there was a Pyjama Day at School and, on 8th February, they were tossing pancakes. 566 pancakes were sold, topped with lemon and sugar, with the support of an energetic group of members of the PTA. Money raised by the Council and the students has been used to purchase class games and organise class parties and the possibility of improving outdoor recreational areas is being studied. Thanks to these entrepreneurial students for their energy and imagination.

From Sue Dunnachie

A final ‘thank you’ to all those parents who generously donated new toys for the Children in the Lenval Hospital in Nice at Christmas. The Hospital Director sent his personal thanks to you all for bringing joy to those who could not be at home to celebrate the festive season.

On Friday 12th February Mougins School campus will be festooned with the colours of the French flag as we celebrate a ‘Journée Française’. Throughout the day activities with a French theme will be organised, students will dress as famous French personalities, the day will commence with the sale of croissants and pain au chocolat (profits going to a charity), Form 10 students and some of the staff will participate in games of ‘pétanque’, a typical French meal will be served in the Café des Amis and there will be quizzes organised in Secondary School classes.

From Sue Dunnachie

In September 2015 Refugee Aid Côte d’Azur was created on Facebook in order to provide humanitarian aid to Syrian refugees in Iraq. In collaboration with the Trois Collines School at Mougins le Haut, parents were asked for donations of clothes and other items which would help the refugees to face the deplorable conditions which they anticipate this winter. No-one could have imagined the response. For two days volunteers from both schools sorted the donations and put them in boxes and on to the 21 palettes provided by sponsors. These were then transferred to Antibes Yacht Chandler who transferred them to Paris and then on to their final destination in Iraq by lorry. On Friday 13th November a sale of hot chocolate and cakes at Mougins School raised 500€ which was donated to Refugee Aid. Those items which were not suitable for Iraq were transferred to the Chain of Hope. This Association supports children from Africa who come to France in order to receive medical treatment. They are welcomed by host families.

A heart-felt thank you to all those families who donated so generously, and to the enthusiastic team of volunteers who worked with such energy. It is really gratifying to know that our community always responds with such kindness to those who are less fortunate.
Following the theme of our charitable work at the School, I would like to draw your attention to a letter received from Madame Gentil, a wonderful elderly lady with whom we have collaborated for several years. When the festive season approaches we are aware that there are many children who will, sadly, pass the time in hospital and it is with this in mind that we ask Primary families if they are able to donate a small child’s toy, suitable for a hospital ward. These gifts are distributed to the Lenval Children’s Hospital in Nice. Here is the letter:

Dear Parents and Friends of Mougins School,
I would like to thank you with all my heart for your generosity.
I know how willing you have been whenever I asked you for help for those who find themselves in poverty and in despair. Your generosity moves me deeply, as you are often solicited, and the reputation of Mougins School is in your image. Thank you for the trust you have shown me, and for everything you do.
Yours sincerely,

Mme Gentil

MUSIC 3000, a music store in Mandelieu, has kindly offered to give our students a reduction of 10% on all their accessories and their musical library. Should you wish to take advantage of this offer, their address is: Z.I. Les Tourrades, Allée Dieudonné Costes, 06210 Mandelieu, 04 93 49 00 00
Although we may live in troubled times, there is much for which we should be grateful, and the festive season is a time to celebrate all that is positive in our lives. May I wish you a multitude of moments creating magic memories with loved ones, and a New Year filled with energy and success in all that you undertake.

From Sue Dunnachie

Our sincere thanks to parents who have so generously donated to the victims of the recent apocalyptic storm which had such catastrophic consequences locally. Not only did the organisation of fund-raising events by the PTA permit us to donate financially to the local community, but parents have also donated clothes and food during the Harvest Festival. These items have been collected by several parents who have delivered them to the Red Cross in Ventimiglia in support of the refugees who exist in intolerable conditions.

During the Harvest Festival celebration, a group of our musical Primary students visited the senior citizen’s home at the Font de l’Orme in order to offer a musical interlude to the residents. The pleasure of this gift of music was shared by both the residents and students. Our thanks to Mrs Martin and Mr Horsfall for their support.

From Sue Dunnachie

Harvest Festival - Humanitarian Aid
Friday 9th October

Each year the Primary School celebrates the Harvest Festival with an Assembly to which parents are invited and which will be held in the Performing Arts Hall at 09h00 on Friday 9th October.

For over twenty years we have taken a group of students in the Choir

(Forms 4, 5 and 6) to the Senior Citizen’s Home (le Foyer de Font de l’Orme) where they entertain the residents with their singing. This is an important moment for both our students and the elderly and permits a delightful exchange between the ages. The songs will be performed during the Assembly.

We have, in the past, supported Les Petits Soeurs des Pauvres in Nice. This is a home for elderly people who have no financial support. However, exceptionally this year, we will be donating foodstuff to those immigrants who are existing in deplorable conditions at Ventimiglia on the French/Italian border. The food will be taken to them directly after the Assembly and will really make an appreciable difference to their lives. Clothing is also needed, essentially men’s clothes and shoes. If you wish to donate clothes you can drop them in the Office any time before 9th October. The following foodstuffs are required: Coffee/tea, olive oil, milk, conserves – tuna, sardines, chick peas - pasta, rice, flour, fruit juice.

These items can be brought to the Hall of the Primary Building during the week commencing 5th October and will be displayed in the Assembly.

Thanking you in advance for your support and generosity.

From Sue Dunnachie

The Summer musical this year is an ambitious presentation of Les Miserables on Friday 26th and Saturday 27th June at 20h00. Tickets will be on sale in the Office from Monday 8th June: 5€ for students 10€ for adults.

Enclosed with this Newsletter is an invitation to the Graduation Ceremony and End of Year Farewell which takes place on Friday 3rd July 2015 at 18h30. This is a special occasion when our graduating students receive their diplomas and we celebrate their accomplishments. Although it is a Ceremony for our older students, all parents are invited to attend, as this is also an occasion to say a fond farewell to friends who are moving on. The Ceremony usually takes about two hours and is followed by a cocktail.

From Sue Dunnachie

Unfortunately, I have to announce that the proposed fund-raising dinner at the Royal Mougins Golf Resort did not take place due to lack of response. I would like to thank all those who offered tombola gifts or sponsorship of the event and Nicki Elcome and the students who would have entertained us on the evening. We have, however, been able to donate 1,400€ to educatingcambodia, money raised during Red Nose Day so grateful thanks to all those who contributed through the sale of cakes and participation in the aerobics challenge.

From Sue Dunnachie

Once again Red Nose Day was celebrated in School on Friday 13th March. A sea of red invaded the campus with students sporting very Red Noses, some crazy costumes and lavish hair styles. The day commenced with a Primary Red Nose Assembly, followed by a cake sale and a Boxing match between Turgut Toprak in Form 7b and Mr Cooke and at 12h50 Michellle Johnson managed to produce even more red faces with her Red Nose Day Workout. 1,200€ was raised by the sale of the Red Noses and goes directly towards helping to get 300,000 children in Africa into education and Learning.
Another 1,100€ was raised for educatingcambodia. On behalf of both causes, thank you to all those who helped with the organisation and participated, particularly Mr Cooke who is the driving force behind this fund-raising challenge.

In collaboration with the Royal Mougins Golf Resort, Mougins School is organising a fundraising dinner for educatingcambodia, the proceeds of which will go towards the construction of a High School in Preh Vang. The event takes place on Friday 24th April at 19h30 at the Royal Mougins.

The cost per person is 65€ and this will entitle you to a champagne welcome, a three course dinner (vegetarian option available), with half a bottle of wine and coffee, musical interludes presented by senior students of Mougins School and dancing to a professional DJ, together with the opportunity to win attractive gifts by participating in the tombola and a surprise auction gift.

Mougins School has supported numerous charities over the years and has changed the lives of many, so we hope you will be able to join us in this fund-raising effort for a celebratory evening which can further improve conditions for children worthy of a better future. To book a place, or for more information, please contact me on To avoid disappointment – this is open to the public and members of the Golf Resort - please ensure that you book early. If you wish to make up a table, this can be for eight or ten people. Thank you for your generous support of this worthy cause.

The School Library now has a blog which will enable you to stay in touch with events organised by the Librarian, new books and any other information pertaining to this oasis of calm. In order to access the
blog please go

From Sue Dunnache

Heartfelt thanks to the team of PTA ladies whose initiative to sell hot chocolate during recreation was much appreciated by our students and, I believe, a number of staff. A total of 410€ was raised and this will go to PTA funds which are used to enhance the lives of our students.

It is never too early to think about Spring cleaning, particularly when it is for a good cause. Mougins School is supporting the Association, the Chain of Hope, which provides urgent medical care for children in Africa. These children are brought to France and stay with a host family during their medical care. They arrive with nothing and are in urgent need of clothing, shoes and, eventually suitcases and smaller bags. They can take up to 40 kilos of baggage on their return to Africa which permits them to help their families. The School is organising a collection of the above articles and you can bring these to the Office, clean and in bags (clothes and shoes).  Thanking you in advance for your generosity.
Once again the School has participated in the collection of Pièces Jaunes, (yellow coins), and we have collected 63 kilos which will go towards the care of children in hospital. Form 5a in Primary and Form   in Secondary won the weight challenge with the most coins, so special congratulations to them and a big thank you to all those who contributed.

On Friday 13th March Mougins School goes red for Red Nose Day. This is a bi-annual national fund-raising event in England, part of Comic Relief. The goal is to place 300,000 children in Africa in education. In support of this campaign, the School will be selling Red Noses and the profit from sales will go directly to the cause. However, within the School Michelle Johnson will be organising an aerobic fund-raising effort and there will also be a cake sale and the money raised from these events will go to the School charity which is

Fund-raising dinner at Royal Mougins Golf Resort in partnership with
 Mougins School
24th April 2015 at 19h30

The Royal Mougins Golf Resort has generously offered to host a fund-raising dinner in collaboration with Mougins School. It is hoped that, as a result of this event and other fund-raisers throughout the year, Mougins School will raise the necessary funds to construct a High School in the village of Prey Vang in Cambodia

This is part of a long-term project led with enthusiasm and devotion by one man; it has already resulted in giving over one thousand children the right to education and health care. Every centime raised goes directly to improving lives.
The generosity of people across the world now gives the village and its children access to three school buildings, a clinic and a guest house for visitors. However there is no access to further education and this is the present goal.

Your support of the event could help with the success of this project. Tickets cost 65€ per person for a cocktail, three course dinner and half a bottle of wine, musical entertainment by students of Mougins School and dancing to a DJ and a tombola with highly desirable gifts to be won.
For ticket reservations please contact:
Tuesdays and Thursdays Sue at Mougins School: 04 93 90 15 47

From Sue Dunnachie

The Directeur Géneral of the Lenval Hospital has sent a letter to the School in order to thank our parents and students for the numerous gifts we were able to offer to those children who passed the festive season in hospital. In his words ‘Ces initiatives sont à saluer, car elles nous permettent d’apporter un grand rayon de soleil à ces enfants dans un moment difficile de leur existence’.

Although we have enjoyed some gloriously sunny days this month, rain is also to be anticipated at this time of the year. Mougins School is delighted to offer its parents the opportunity to purchase a ‘family-sized’ automatic umbrella in black and silver for the moderate price of 25€. These are quality products that have been tried and tested. If you wish to shelter from the storm please do not hesitate to purchase an umbrella from the School Office (supplies are limited).

From Sue Dunnachie

Our thanks to the PTA team for their organisation of the Christmas Market, so appreciated by the students and, eventually, by the happy recipients of all the Christmas gifts. Hot chocolate flowed, as did the mulled wine later in the day and the musical interlude was delightful. Well done to all who participated.

More thanks to parents and students for their generous support of our various charities. We ask a lot of you and your positive response to all the demands is heart-warming. A wonderful selection of new gifts has been sent to the Lenval Hospital for Children to brighten up their festive season and an impressive amount of clothing has gone to La Chaine de l'Espoir which takes care of children from Africa who come to France for urgent medical treatment and stay with host families.

For the third consecutive year a student from Mougins School has come first in the International Schools' Speech Competition held at the International School of Nice on Wednesday 10th December. Five schools competed with two students from each school. The subject of the first speech was ëHow to make the world a better place by the end of the 21st century'. The students' speeches showed a profound awareness of the challenges facing all of us if we wish to construct a healthier and safer world for their future. After this elimination stage, four students remained, two of whom were from Mougins School. These participants presented a speech on ëTechnology', once again showing a surprising awareness, not only of the advantages, but also the pitfalls of the technical world in which we live. Our congratulations to both Alexia Netcu (Form 9b) and Zara Blakey (Form 7b) for reaching the final stage and Isabelle Wood (Form 8b) our reserve competitor, and particularly to Zara who came first in the Competition.

Please note that the next open PTA Meeting will be on Thursday 15th January at 09h00 in the Café des Amis.All parents are welcome to attend and some change in the principal positions will be confirmed.

It is time to turn off the telephone, shut down the computer, close the agenda and savour the festive moments to be spent with family and friends.

Heat up the oven, chill the champagne, sprinkle the table with glitter, light the candles and, wherever you are, indulge yourself.

May the advent of a New Year bring you joy and, above all, the time to share the making of memories with those you love.

Happy Holidays

From Sue Dunnachie

The School is delighted to be able to offer our parents an opportunity to purchase original festive decorations created by the Atelier d'Art Floral de Mougins, members of whom have been providing and nurturing our internal planting and floral arrangements for many years. The Association will be present on Friday 5th December at 15h30 outside the School Office when the PTA offers mulled wine and festive gourmandises to parents, as well as a chance to exercise your vocal chords with a seasonal sing along. Examples of the decorations will be available, together with the possibility to order and then collect your purchases on 12th December or by arrangement with the Association. A presentation book is in the Office should you wish to have a preview of the floral arrangements.

For several years parents and students of Mougins School have tried to brighten the lives of children in hospital during the festive season and we would like to continue this gesture. If you wish to participate, you can do so by purchasing a new toy or children's gift and bring it to your child's/children's class,unwrapped, between 1st and 12th December. All gifts must be new as they need to be sterile and they will be delivered to the Lenval Hospital for Children in Nice. I thank you in advance for your kind generosity. Living in this beautiful part of the world, it is hard to believe that there are many senior citizens and families who are in precarious situations or poverty. In order to ensure that they have the necessary minimum to survive the winter months you may wish to donate a food item (dried/tinned goods, pasta, rice, pulses, biscuits, cereals etc). Just one item per family would help those in need. If you wish to donate, please put your items in my office before 12th December.

We are continuing to support victims of the typhoon in the Philippines in 2014, many of whom are still living in tents. If you have clothes, (lightweight), you wish to donate, please put them in a plastic bag marked PHILIPPINES. Should you have children's winter clothes we are also collecting these for children from Africa who come to France for surgical interventions that cannot be performed in their home country. These children stay with host families who may not have the means to clothe them and they will be needing winter weight clothing at this time of year. Should you be able to help with a donation please bring in your items in a plastic bag clearly marked AFRICA. †Please bring in your clothing donations to my office during the week of 7th ñ 12th December (last day).

Should you wish to make a financial donation to a cause that is being supported by the School, there is a box in the School Office in which you may put an envelope, clearly marked please with either EDUCATINGCAMBODIA or CANCER RESEARCH. Sincere thanks, once again, to all those parents who support our causes so generously. For your information, the 3,000Ä raised during our inaugural theatre evening for Cambodia has been used to purchase school books and uniforms for the children attending school, as well as paying the teacher's salaries for the month of December. The 800Ä raised by the Primary School on Pyjama Day has gone into a fund †to raise money for a High School. The recipients thank you all for caring.

From Sue Dunnachie

I am delighted to be able to announce that the sum of 2,925E was raised for Educating Cambodia from ticket sales and bar takings during our evening of theatre and the presentation of ëThe Picture of Dorian Gray' on 25th September. A heartfelt thanks to all those who supported this very successful presentation in support of such a good cause.

For more than twenty years, members of the Primary School Choir have been delighting residents of the Senior Citizen Home, the Font de l'Orme, with a musical celebration of the Harvest Festival. This year was no exception so a big thank you to all who participated as well as Mrs Martin and Ms Dixon. Our gratitude also to the generous parents who donated foodstuff which was delivered to Les Petites Soeurs des Pauvres in Nice, where they run a home for the elderly who have no means of support.

Students who were in Form 11 last year and close friends of Pierre Shams, who sadly passed away, collected 150E working on a Business Studies project and have donated this to the collection for the bench which has been placed in the Garden of Tranquility in his memory. We thank them for their generosity.

From Sue Dunnachie

A sincere thank you to all students, staff and parents who came to our theatrical evening in support of Educating Cambodia. We were particularly lucky to have such talented actors performing at School and the presence of John Mann the founder of this Association. Our students were able to talk to John about his work when he visited us during the week and Primary students prepared some special artwork for John to take back to the Cambodian children. Information regarding the money raised will be in the next Newsletter.

On 10th October our Primary School students will be celebrating the Harvest Festival. Part of this celebration consists of members of the Choir visiting the Senior Citizens' Home at the Font de l'Orme in order to entertain the residents with several songs. We have done this for over twenty years and are always welcomed with enthusiasm. Both students and seniors enjoy this event and our participation is much appreciated. We also ask parents for a donation of dried and canned food which we then distribute to Les Petites Soeurs des Pauvres in Nice, a charitable institution caring for elderly people with no means of support.
On Saturday 11th October the PTA is organising a Car Boot Sale in the School car park. This will take place from 09h00 until 16h00. The sale is open to parents and the public and places will be allocated on a ëfirst come, first served' basis.† Places cost 20Ä for parents and 25Ä for other participants and this will give you one and a half spaces in which to put your car and any display material you care to put out (tables etc.) Naturally, you may not wish to bring a car but just come along for the day and see what bargains you can find. If this is the case, there will be limited parking at School or you can use the public parking by the Font de l'Orme Gymnasium, (leaving School going towards Mougins, at the first roundabout take the second exit and the Gymnasium is at the end of the road on your right - a short walk from School).† For reservations please e-mail Miriam at or telephone 06 07 37 27 43.

Mougins School will be celebrating the Semaine du Gout' (Week of Taste) from 20th to 24th October. During the week students who eat in the Cafe des Amis will enjoy food from Spain, Morocco and China and students in Forms 3 and 5 will be participating in workshops where they will discover the taste of spices, herbs, sweet, sour, acid and salt. During the same week, on the Thursday, the chef will be preparing a Halloween lunch so some gourmet moments to look forward to.

At Mougins School we always try to assist those less fortunate than ourselves and I have had a request to help a family in difficulties who have a newborn baby. If you have any baby clothes for 0-6 months, in excellent condition, which you are able to donate, please bring them to the Office and they will be passed on. Thank you in advance.

Lost Property is an eternal problem at School. There is a large wooden container in the corridor of the Administration building and most lost items find their way into the container. Unfortunately items can include handbags, school books, †expensive clothing and shoes. If your child leaves school at the end of the day without the same articles of clothing with which they arrived, please check the container. On the last Friday of each month the contents will be on display outside the Administration building and any unclaimed clothing or shoes will go in the recycle bin in the School car park.

From Sue Dunnachie

FIGHT CANCER by supporting the Cancer Research Race for Life being organised in France for the first time, on Sunday 27th July at the Etang de Fontmerle in Mougins. 300 Race for Life events are organised in the UK each year, these are for women only and raise millions of pounds annually. If you wish to support this initiative please go into the following website for full information on the organisation of the Race:
At the end of another school year, when we see thirty seven Graduates moving forward into our somewhat troubled world I hope they will take with them fond memories of all that Mougins School has provided, not only in academic terms and the development of their various talents, but in terms of friendships. The School has helped to nourish these relationships, now it is up to our Graduates to sustain them. May they share disappointment and success, joy and sorrow, love and loss and, above all, may these friendships nourish their lives and make them richer.

I wish you all an excellent summer, time to relax and enjoy family and friends and either return or move on revived and with renewed vigour.

From Sue Dunnachie

I would like to thank students and staff and, of course, parents, for their support of our Bowl of Rice initiative in the CafÈ des Amis. As a result of this, together with a very generous gesture from the Student Council, we are able to send 1,300€ to educatingcambodia. The Student Council had raised money with a cake sale and car washing for parents and this was going towards the organisation of their Prom Dinner. Unfortunately there was an insufficient number of students wishing to participate in the Prom, so the students have generously donated money raised towards the purchase of text books, exercise books and pens. If you would like to see the lovely letter received from John Mann who is behind this wonderful project, please go on to our website ( and click on Current News. We will be welcoming John to the School in September when professional actors will be performing The Picture of Dorian Grey in a further fund-raising venture.

You have received an invitation to the Graduation Ceremony and End of Year Farewell in this Newsletter. Although this Ceremony concerns our older students, all parents are welcome.
In order to keep in touch with School events you can consult the School Calendar on our website.

From Sue Dunnachie

On behalf of all the staff, I would like to thank both our parents and the superb team who put in so much work to treat us to such a gastronomic feast at the Melting Pot. What an incredible display of international culinary delights, mouthfuls of sheer pleasure. Thank you so much for this display of appreciation.

Please remember that on Thursday 15th May the menu in the CafÈ des Amis will be a unique Bowl of Rice with a yoghurt and a piece of fruit. Money saved on the cost of the meal will go to educatingcambodia and we are hoping to provide books and pens for 400 children. Please encourage your child/ren to eat in the Cafe des Amis on the 15th. If they do not normally eat at School, they can make a payment of 7Ä to Corinne Hajek (Accountant), if possible by Tuesday 13th May. Once again, sincere thanks to all parents and students who support this project.

Please note that the Graduation and Prize-giving Ceremony will take place on Friday 27th June at 18h30 followed by a cocktail. Although this event concerns senior students, all students and parents are welcome. Invitations will be in the next issue of the Newsletter.

The Riviera international Singers will present their summer concerts on Friday†6th and Saturday 7th June at 20h00 at Mougins School. The concert will provide a wonderful variety of music ranging from Verdi†and Bernstein to the Beatles.. Entrance 10 EUR adults, 5 EUR for children. Come and join us for an evenings entertainment. More information available on our website:

From Sue Dunnachie

The Primary School celebrated Shrove Tuesday, 4th March with a pancake sale, proceeds of which go to the Primary Student Council. There was a lot of tossing and finger licking as the students prepared their pancakes with the expertise of Michelin starred chefs. The sum of 111 was raised and will go towards the provision of those little extras that make school life fun.

Once again the School chef will be preparing our Bowl of Rice Dayí on 15th May. Last year this was done to raise money for Pandrata Circle; an Association in India. This year we will be raising money for education in Cambodia, a project on which we will be working throughout the year.† The chef will prepare a lunch consisting of a bowl of rice with a choice of two sauces, a yoghurt and a piece of fruit, Reception and Early Years students will also have a protein element. The money saved by reducing the food produced on that day will go directly to educatingcambodia where 1,080 children are now taught in three schools. A clinic has already been built and work has started on a guest house.† Much of this is thanks to fund raising headed by Hilary King (Red Pear Theatre). All our students are welcome to participate in this lunch and we hope that parents will encourage them to do so in order to raise the maximum for such a worthy cause. We aim to try and raise enough to purchase exercise books and pens for 400 children. Any students who do not pay for their school lunches on a regular basis are very welcome to join the lunch and the price for the meal would be 7€ payable to the accountant on the day. Please encourage your child/ren to participate and our thanks in advance to all those who support our efforts to bring education to children in Cambodia.

The Spring Concert takes place in the Performing Arts Hall on Monday 7th May and Tuesday 8th May at 19h00 and tickets will be on sale for 5€ in the Office from Monday 1st April.

Nicki Elcome is in the process of trying to secure two new peripatetic music teachers who will teach flute and violin and saxophone and clarinet. In order to know if this is viable, she will need to have some idea of the number of students who would be interested. Should your child/ren wish to have lessons for one of these instruments, could you please ask them to ask Miss Elcome for the letter she has prepared regarding this information.

Please note that the clocks go forward one hour on Sunday 30th March

From Sue Dunnachie

Once again the School has broken its record for the collection of Piéces Jaunes. This year we have raised 93.5 kilos of coins for the care of children in hospital. Last year our total was 88.5 kilos. Special congratulations to the two Forms which raised the most money: in Primary students in Form 1 who raised 9.00 kilos and in Secondary, Form 9b raised 13.00 kilos. Our heartfelt thanks to all parents, staff and students who gave so generously and particular thanks to Mrs Miller who organises this School effort every year.

Form 2 have taken the initiative of starting a pen-pal relationship with a school in England in order to study geographical and cultural differences between the two schools as well as working on their literacy objectives. The school in England is a preparatory school called Haddon Dene, with a similar philosophy to our own and is situated in Broadstairs in Kent. This exercise should prove a rich and rewarding one for all con cerned.

Form 7 (Advanced Level French Group)went to the Théatre Antibea on Thursday 30th January to see "Les Fables de la Fontaine". The group had studied the different fables which were presented that day and they had learned about the life of Jean de la Fontaine. The students absolutely loved the performance and they loved the discussion with the actors at the end of the session.
Commentary from a pupil:Lara Rippinger
Au début, quand nous sommes entrés dans la salle, je croyais que le spectacle serait interprété d'une manière classique. Mais tout de suite 'Jean de la Fontaine' eut Louis XIV au téléphone, ce qui n'était pas encore inventé cette époque. Le spectacle était plein d'humour et de modernité. Chaque fable était présentée d'une manière différente. Les costumes et décors étaient variés.

From Sue Dunnachie

The Primary Curriculum Garden will shortly be moving on to the next stage of development and this seems an appropriate time to thank Rachel Aspegren and the team she has so ably headed for all their hard work and the time they have given to this project. Naturally, none of the work would have been achieved without the generous input from parents and garden specialists, both financial and physical, and all those delicious cake sales. Your investment will enable students to work more closely with nature and, once again, we acknowledge how important parent support is in our School. Thank you Rachel and team.

We seem to have acquired a considerable amount of LOST PROPERTY yet again, much of it dating to before the holiday. Would you please ask your child/ren to check the Lost Property under the stairs in the Administration Building if they have mislaid any items. All unclaimed articles will be put in the container in the School parking on the first Friday of February for recycling.

Once again we will be collecting Piéces Jaunes this year and hoping to break our record of 88.5 kilos last year. This is a national exercise to collect small coins (centimes) and the
money is then used to help hospitalised children and adolescents. The School will have boxes in each class so, if you wish to empty your pockets of all those annoying coins, please help us make this collection a record-breaking one. The collection is from 8th January to 15th February.

The School has received a letter from the Director General of the Lenval Hospital for Children in Nice thanking all those of you who so kindly donated toys for children who had the misfortune to be hospitalised during the festive season. This gesture was sincerely appreciated by both staff and children. Once again, thank you for your generosity.

From Sue Dunnachie

On Tuesday 3rd December the President and Vice President of VISAYAS, the Philippine Association of the Riviera, came into School in order to receive a cheque for 3,200Ä raised by students, staff and parents ñ 1,862Ä for the cake sale, 1,150Ä in donations, 63Ä from Primary for the table tennis tournament and 91Ä from Reception. This was an extraordinary result, the product of enthusiasm and generosity. The presentation was made by the students and Mr Boron and Mr De Los Reyes both responded with gratitude and emotion. We will be seeing them again on their return from the Philippines in the New Year. Once again, a heartfelt thanks to all of you.

A big thank you to all those parents in Primary School who took the trouble to purchase a new gift for a sick child. A car full of these generous offerings was delivered to the wonderful Madame Gentil who works throughout the year to bring cheer into the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves. All the gifts are wrapped and delivered to the Lenval Hospital for Children in Nice. Your kindness will bring a smile to a childís face ñ thank you. Madame Gentil will also take any appropriate gifts left over from the Christmas Market and these will be distributed to families in need.

The International Speech Competition took place on Thursday 5th December at EBICA School. Five schools participated with two students from each school. Our chosen students were Sarah Heiberg (7a) and David Hallett (9b). They both acquitted themselves admirably and Sarah was awarded the trophy for 1st Prize. Our congratulations to her and to the English Department for their support and encouragement.

Wishing you an excellent festive season and may 2014 bring wisdom to our students, patience to our teachers and love and understanding to our parents.

From Sue Dunnachie

At Mougins School we encourage students to think of those less fortunate than themselves and this particularly applies during the festive season. Once again Primary School students will be encouraged to bring a gift for a sick child. These new unwrapped gifts will go to children who have to stay in the Lenval Hospital in Nice during the festive season. Primary School parents will be receiving a letter regarding this but, should you be in Secondary School and wish to participate, please do not hesitate. All gifts should be taken to Primary School classrooms before Monday 9th December and I would like to thank every family in advance for their kind generosity.

Our students, staff and parents were quick to react to the disaster which hit the Philippines recently and, thanks to the incredible generosity of all concerned, the School has, so far; raised 3,012€. The cake sale raised 1,862€ and donations raised 1,150€. This money will be going to the Philippine Association of the Riviera and a representative of the Association will come to School in order that we may present the cheque. A member of the Association will be going to the Philippines in December and we know that the money will immediately be used in order to bring the necessary aid. Thank you to everyone for their support of those in need.

On Tuesday 3rd December at 18h00, GCSE drama students will present a performance evening in the Hall. Parents and students are very welcome to attend. The International Competition, which is an annual event between competing international schools in the region, will be held on Thursday 5th December at EBICA School. This year Sarah Heiberg in Form 7a and David Hallett in Form 9b will be participating. These two students won the elimination stages of the School’s internal speech competition, which was held for all members of Forms 7, 8 and 9, and we wish them the best of luck on Thursday. A big thank you to our English Department for their support and, particularly, Vicky Bryan who had the difficult task of making the final selection.

This year the Winter Concert will be held on Monday 16th December and Tuesday 17th December at 19h00. The Concert is free but if you wish to attend you will need to collect a ticket from the Office from Thursday 12th December. (Performing artists should collect their two tickets from the 9th to the 11th) The PTA will be providing a bar on the two evenings and, on presentation of your ticket, you will be offered a glass of mulled wine or a soft drink, other drinks will be available to purchase. There will be no interval during the Concert so come along a little earlier in order to partake of the refreshments.

We have had a request from the delightful octogenarian with whom we collaborate for the gifts to Lenval. She regularly supports local families in need and a baby will be born to one of these families in January. They have no equipment or clothing for this child so, if you have any material for a newborn, please bring it to my office, it will be a welcome gift.

With both local and European elections coming up next year, I thought it would be helpful to let you know that as a foreigner (coming from a European Community country) who is residing in France, you need to register for each before 31st December 2013 (separate registration forms) if you want to be able to vote in either or both elections. This can be done at your local town hall.

From Sue Dunnachie

Please note the change in date for the Winter Concert which will now be on 16th and 17th December at 19h00 in the Performing Arts Hall.

A very big thank you to Primary parents for their kind generosity at the Harvest Festival. An impressive amount of food was duly delivered to the home run by the Petites Soeurs des Pauvres in Nice. This food is a welcome contribution to the elderly with no means, who are able to live in excellent conditions due to the charitable work of the nuns who care for them. Students in Forms 4, 5 and 6 went to the senior citizens home at the Font de l'Orme and enchanted the residents with their joyful singing. Instead of the usual offering of flowers, we took delicious chocolates and oriental cakes which were much appreciated. Thanks to all the lovely voices and Chloe Amsellem, our pianist and Mrs Martin who led the choir.

Wishing you all an excellent and relaxing half-term break.

From Sue Dunnachie

On the Mougins School website: you will find current information concerning the school organisation. The School calendar will keep you informed of the organisation of School trips, parent meetings, School and PTA events and any other essential dates in the School’s diary. You will also find the daily menu for the Café des Amis. Should a parent wish to discover the Café des Amis, you are welcome to come any day, except Wednesday, and have lunch with your child. If you wish to do this please see our accountant (Corinne Hajek) the morning of the day you wish to come and she will prepare a badge for you. The cost of a parent meal is 8€

The School accumulates an enormous amount of Lost Property each year and we would like to endeavour to reduce this. Please ensure that your child’s sports tee-shirts are marked with their name, as well any other items of clothing you do not wish to lose. The Lost Property box will be emptied the first week of each month and items in it will go into the collection bin at the exit of the School. This bin takes clothing and shoes so please feel free to use it if you are clearing out your cupboards.

In 2012 Pâcome collected 2,700 kilos of clothes and shoes from our container and they anticipate 3,000 kilos this year. All the clothes are transformed into industrial phonic insulation as well as being used in the automobile industry. Shoes are crushed and used in the fabrication of the special finish for sports pitches.

Parents often ask if the Library would care for some books and this sometimes lead to boxes of rather dusty and inappropriate books being left in the Office. We certainly do appreciate the offer but would appreciate it if you could speak to the Librarian (Denise Aughton) beforehand, in order that she may tell you if your donation would be welcome – English books only please. Many thanks.

Just a reminder that on 26th, 27th and 28th September Mougins celebrates Gastronomy with an International Gastronomy Festival in the village where internationally renowned chefs work in tented kitchens to produce some mouth- watering delights. Discover more at

From Sue Dunnachie

As the organiser of the Car Boot Sale, Michele Fraser worked very hard to ensure that funds were raised for the PTA, but she also had another goal, this was to raise money for the Children’s Cancer Unit of the Archet 2 Hospital in Nice. This is the unit in which Violet Fraser was treated with such care and the family wished to show their appreciation. The 1,000€ which was raised on their stand, (220€ PTA contribution), will go towards the purchase of a portable respirator. This assists with children’s breathing when they are asleep or when they have a general anaesthetic. It will be particularly useful during radiotherapy treatment of young children, aiding their sleep and helping them to move less during treatment, thus ensuring that the rays directly target the right area.

Thank you once again to all who contributed to this gift. During the year parents and students have given generously to our charity fund-raising and we were able to send 250€ to Sidaction, 2,470€ to Comic Relief (Red Nose Day) and 600€ to Pandrata Circle in India. Our thanks to you all for your energy and generosity.

The School has accumulated amountain of LOST PROPERTYthis year – it amazes us that students actually leave the School fully clothed at the end of the day! We will be obliged to put any items that have not been claimed by 15thJuly in the re-cycling bin. The Office is open from 09h00 to 15h00 during that period.

28th June sees the end of yet another year in Mougins School. It seems that time slips through our fingers with increasing speed so my message to our graduating students would be, grasp every opportunity life offers you and do not put off until tomorrow what you can do today – sometimes tomorrow never comes. I wish you all every success in your chosen professions and hope you will stay in touch with the School and inform us of your progress.

To those families who are leaving us, I hope you will take happy memories with you and to those who will be returning, we look forward to making more memories together next year. A very happy summer to you all.

From Sue Dunnachie

My thanks to all the students who participated in our ‘Bowl of Rice’ lunch on Friday 17th May. Thanks to your support of this action, we are able to send a cheque for 600€ to the Pandrata Circle Association in Gokarna in India, where the money will pay local artisans to make wooden shelving for the 150 kilos of text books which we have sent to the Cultural Centre, created by the Association. Students in the Primary School have made a wonderful selection of ‘flash cards’, to be used to assist with the teaching of English to the Indian children, and I would like to thank them and all their teachers for their enthusiastic support of this project. Here is a copy of the response received from the Association:

Toute l'association ''Pandrata circle" vous remercie, vous et tous les élèves et les professeurs qui ont participé à cette journée "bol de riz" et a la création des "flashcards" Il est peu probable que nous passions dans la région avant le mois d'Aout, donc nous serions ravis de recevoir les fruits de cette journée et de ce travail des élèves. Avec toute notre gratitude, merci de votre formidable soutien qui contribuera à mener à bien le projet de bibliothèque a Gokarna, et dont les premiers bénéficiaires sont les enfants de la région.

If you have collected a copy of the Riviera Times, you will have seen the journalistic efforts of Luca Goldig in Form 7a. Luca won first prize at the International Schools Speech Competition and had the privilege of being a journalist for the day at Riviera Times. As you will see from his article, his time was well spent so our congratulations to him once again.

In this copy of the Newsletter, you will have received an invitation to the Graduation Ceremony and End of Year Farewell which takes place on Friday 28th June at 18h30. This is a special evening which celebrates the achievements of our graduating students as well as the presentation of Special Awards for secondary students. All parents are invited to the Ceremony which is followed by a cocktail which gives students, staff and parents an opportunity to participate in emotional farewells. A professional photographer will be present and can deliver photos on the evening, should you wish to have a souvenir of these special moments.

Alycia Class, one of our students in Form 12p, is undertaking a project with the NGO Volunteer Corps Organisation in Ghana. In order to raise funds which will permit her to participate in this project, she is undertaking a sponsored kayak challenge in July. Students in Business Studies have organised several fund-raising efforts to help Alycia and I would be grateful if you could take a moment to read the following presentation of Alycia’s project.

I will be going to Ghana in August to work on a construction project with a local NGO, Volunteer Corp Organization ( in order to create a building that will house both a women’s empowerment centre and a Computer Education centre in a rural area. The goal for the women's empowerment centre is to create employment specifically for the disabled and widows through skill acquisition and training. The organisation would also like to focus on counselling for abused and battered women, child abuse, HIV/Aids, and teen pregnancy. The purpose of the Computer Education centre is to provide those rural students with the real experience of working on computers rather than learning about them through a book and drawings on the board. Providing students access to computers is a key step in bridging the gap between education in urban and rural schools.To finance this trip I will be doing a sponsored kayak challenge in July. I will be crossing Scotland coast to coast, from Fort William to Inverness along the Great Glen canal, loch Lochy and Loch Ness. This 95 km trip is normally completed in 5 days, but to make it a real challenge I will attempt to do it in just 3 days! Please support me by sponsoring this challenge, either online at or in the box which you can find in Elisabeth's office.

From Sue Dunnachie

A Bowl of Rice
On Friday 17th May Mougins School will be organising a lunch with a difference. For two years we have supported an Association in India called Pandrata Circle. This Association has been responsible for the creation of a library and cultural centre in Gokarna and its goals are to preserve and protect rare and valuable books, favour reading and intellectual practice, and help researchers and students. Mougins School has sent 130 kilos of text books in order to offer support to children who are not in education. Naturally, the books which have been sent need shelving to house them and we would like to raise money to pay for the construction of this furniture by local artisans. Our goal is 1,500€, a portion of the 14,000€ which will be raised with the help of other partners in this project.

In order to achieve the required sum, we are proposing that, for one day, students who normally pay for their lunch will have a ‘bowl of rice’. This will be accompanied by a curry or tomato sauce and vegetables, a yoghurt and a fruit. For students in Reception and Form 1 there will also be an added protein. The difference in cost for each meal will go directly to Pandrata Circle.

We would also like to open this meal to students who normally bring a packed lunch. The cost of the meal would be 7€. Students who wish to participate can purchase a ticket for the meal in the Office from Monday 13th May. This is an opportunity for our students to have some understanding of living conditions for children less privileged than themselves.

Members of Pandrata Circle will visit the School on the Friday and Primary students will be able to see a film about the Association and present the ‘flash cards’ they have made to assist with the teaching of English in India.

I hope that you will give your support to this very worthy effort and explain to your children why they are having a more basic meal than normal. Many thanks for your collaboration.

From Sue Dunnachie

Thanks to the enthusiasm and generosity of our parents, students and staff, a grand total of 2,600€ was raised for Red Nose Day. Congratulations to all those who helped to make this fund-raising effort such a success, including the hard working members of the PTA who organised the cake sale.
Three tons and still counting - that is the amount of clothing which has been retrieved from the recycling bin in the School car park since it was installed. All the clothing which cannot be distributed to people in need is used to make insulation panels for building.

From Sue Dunnachie

It is that time of the year again, when Mougins School students turn red, have fun and buy Red Noses. The big day is Friday 15th March and we need all your support for this worthy cause. This year Red Nose Day (part of Comic Relief) is celebrating 25 years of helping over 50 million people in the UK and Africa. At Mougins School we have been raising money for Red Nose Day for over 14 years and this year we would like to do better than ever. We will be selling Red Noses for 2€ and the PTA have kindly agreed to help with a bake sale.

Michelle Kimberly-Johnson will be organising the Red Nose Day workout for students and staff and there will also be a raffle. In order that your children can participate in this fundraising day, please ensure that they have a few extra €uros with them on the Friday. Thanking you for your generous support.
PS The sale of cakes will continue at 15h30 on Friday so why not take home a weekend treat of culinary delights.

The PTA is organising a Car Boot Sale on Sunday 5th May from 09h00 to 16h00. Space will only be available to Mougins School parents and their friends, but the event will be advertised in order to attract purchasers. This is an opportunity to have a Spring clean and endeavour to sell those items you no longer wish to keep – your clutter is someone else’s treasure. Anything from clothes to furnishings, toys to tools. Each reservation will give you two parking spots, one for the car and one for your tables etc. and the price is 25€. If you wish to reserve, please contact Michele Fraser (the organiser) on 04 97 21 07 57 or

We also need volunteers to assist on the day with the making and serving of refreshments, general help throughout the day and cleaning up at the end of the day. If you are able to offer assistance please contact Michele or Sarah Green (refreshments organiser) on 06 22 565218or

From Sue Dunnachie

The Director of the Lenval Hospital for Children in Nice has sent a letter to the School expressing his thanks to all those who so generously donated new gifts for children who spent Christmas in hospital. Many thanks, once again, for your kind support. In the same spirit, we have received a letter from Sidaction thanking the School for our generous donation.

From Sue Dunnachie

Dear Parents and Students,

End of Term Reports
Included in the envelope with this Newsletter, you will find your child’s end of term report. Please read it carefully, including the teachers’ comments.

Inside the front cover, you will find a full explanation of how the grading system works in our School, which follows national guidelines for our curriculum. It is important to read it carefully, particularly if you have joined us this year, as it may differ from reporting systems in other countries.

Winter Concert
Congratulations to all the participants who performed in the Winter Concert last Thursday and Friday evenings at School. The performances were excellent throughout. Thank you to all behind the scenes – technical crews for sound, light and stage management. Also to the peripatetic music teachers – Bojana, Margot, Rick, Tony and Jaren and to Stuart Barham, who accompanied on the piano for the two evenings. A special thanks to our Music Department – Rosie Dixon and Nicki Elcome for all their hard work and particularly to Nicki, who planned and directed the concert. A wonderful night out!

Science Building
Although we have had a few days of heavy rain, here and there, the weather has been favourable and the Science Building continues to grow (see photograph). We are still on schedule and within a week of the beginning of the Spring Term, the roof beams will be put into position. From that moment, you will be able to appreciate the final shape of the building.

As is tradition in our School, we will be performing a musical, in pantomime style, immediately after the Winter Vacation. This year, it is “Wicked”, a musical based around, and on, the characters of the Wizard of Oz. The performances will be on Thursday, Friday and Saturday 10th, 11th & 12th January 2013. Tickets will be available as soon as we return to School after the break. It’s a great production – don’t miss it!

Enjoy the Break
It just remains for me to wish you all, on behalf of us all at the School, a fantastic winter break, whether at home or away. To those of you who celebrate Christmas, have a very merry one! We return to School on Monday 7th January 2013 at normal start times. A Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year to you all.

Kindest regards,

Brian G. Hickmore

From Sue Dunnachie

Barefoot Books will, once again, be showing off their latest beautiful books and gifts, games and puppets for the festive season on the occasion of the Winter Assemblies. This is a wonderful opportunity to purchase quality gifts and avoid the Christmas shopping rush. Nicole will be outside the Performing Arts Hall for the Winter Assemblies on 18th December (Forms 1,2 and 3) and 20th December (Forms 4,5 and 6). According to the amount of money Nicole takes, Barefoot Books give the School some of their editions, so not only do your purchases delight their recipients, but they also bring pleasure to our students.

We would like to thank the two sponsors of the International Schools’ Speech Competition which will take place on Thursday 6th December. They are the MACM (Musée d’Art Classique de Mougins) who have sponsored the very generous prizes. The Riviera Times who are sponsoring a first prize of ‘Journalist for a Day’ and Riviera Radio for giving us air time. Thanks also to Bridie Roberts for her catering skills. Unfortunately, we are unable to open this evening to all our parents as the other four
competing schools each have a quota of guests, so we are obliged to confine our invitations to a limited number of parents in the classes concerned as well as our special guests. The results of the competition will be given in the next Newsletter.

The Winter Concerts will be on Thursday 13th and Friday 14th December in the Performing Arts Hall. Two tickets will be made available to the family of each performing student and must be collected between Monday 3rd and Wednesday 5th December. On Thursday 6th December tickets will be available to everyone. You are requested to collect your tickets from the Office and not make telephone reservations. Seats are not numbered and entry is free but a ticket is essential. This ticket will entitle you to either a glass of mulled wine or a fruit juice with a possibility to purchase further drinks from the Bar. We would ask you to only collect a ticket if you are certain that you will attend as numbers are limited.
On Thursday 6th, Friday 7th and Saturday 8th December at 18h00, get into the spirit of Christmas with Riviera International Singers at their Christmas Concert of traditional carols and much more at St. Blaise Church in Valbonne.

Please join us for a warming cup of mulled wine outside the church after the Concert. Tickets: Adults 10€ (wine included), children under 12 yrs 5€. The summer season of the Choir starts in January should any singing ‘amateurs’ be interested in joining us. Rehearsals take place at Mougins School. For more info: www.riviera-international-

From Sue Dunnachie

On Friday 12th October the Primary School celebrated the Harvest Festival and, as we have done for many years, students from Forms 4, 5 and 6 visited the senior citizens in the Foyer du Font de l’Orme where they delighted them with a rendition of the four songs they sung in the School Assembly. Their performance was so appreciated they were asked for an encore and I would like to thank them for their musical talent and their excellent behaviour. They were a credit to the School. We will be delighting the residents of the Foyer with a rendition of some festive songs in December. Thank you to Mrs Dixon and Mrs Martin for their hard work and Mrs Wyborn for accompanying us.

The School is in the process of revising our website and, on Tuesday 9th October Marco, of Evasion Photo, spent the day in School taking a new set of photographs. I would like to thank all students and staff who so kindly let us disturb classes and have helped provide an excellent set of visual images of the School and its students. Our thanks to Marco who is also our photographer for the Graduation Ceremony and has been present at several Prom celebrations. Marco is available for any events you may wish to record for posterity:

Bridie Roberts, who runs her own catering company: has kindly agreed to provide delicious bites to welcome guests to the Inter School Speech Competition to be held on Thursday 6th December and I would like to thank her for making a special effort with regard to the price and the PTA for agreeing to fund the refreshments at this event.

The Talent Show is back again, organised by Kaisa Törmä, Tamra Hooker and Marie-Claude Yaghil, this promises to be an all star event for students, parents and teachers and will be held on Thursday 15th and Friday 16h November at 19h00 in the Performing Arts Hall. Tickets will be on sale in the Office from Tuesday 6th November: 8€ for adults and 5€ for students.

Please remember that the lost property container is placed on the terrace outside the office every Friday afternoon. Why not check if you can find missing clothes or other articles!

From Sue Dunnachie

I am delighted to welcome so many new faces this year, as well as those already familiar to us and I wish all our students a very successful year in the School.

We are continually picking up lost property around the School. There is a wooden box under the stairs by the Office in which you may find missing clothing etc. This is emptied on the first Friday of each month and the clothes and shoes will go into the container situated near the exit of the parking. These are all recycled. If you have old clothes you wish to put in the container, please do not hesitate to do so.

On Friday 12th October Primary School will celebrate the Harvest Festival with an Assembly in the Performing Arts Hall to which parents are invited. As we have done for the past twenty years, we will be taking a group of children from the Primary School Choir to the senior citizens’ home just up the road (Foyer de Font de l’Orme). We are always greeted with enthusiasm and the residents are delighted to hear our students singing. (The Choir will be singing during the Harvest Festival Assembly) and students in Forms 3a, 3b and 5a will be showing their work This also permits an exchange between youth and wisdom, appreciated by all. As well as taking some small gifts of fresh fruit and flowers, we support Les Petits Soeurs des Pauvres, a home in Nice run by nuns for elderly people with no funds. We therefore ask parents in the Primary School if they care to bring either a plant or a small basket of fresh fruit, biscuits, tinned food, or dried food (pasta, rice etc.). If you are bringing dried goods these can be put on a table in the Primary building during the week commencing 8th October. Fresh fruit or flowers should be brought on the day of the Assembly. With many thanks for your collaboration.

Students in Key Stage 3 are busy preparing potential speeches for the Inter Schools Speech Competition which will take place on Thursday 6th December at 18h30, hosted by Mougins School. The participating schools are CIV, ISM,ISN and Mougins School and the Competition requires the chosen students to present two speeches which they have written. They are judged by a professional panel of four judges. This year the MACM (Musée d’Art Classique de Mougins) is sponsoring the competition and will be awarding the prizes. Parents are invited to join us for the evening and will be welcomed with refreshments. Should any parent wish to sponsor the refreshments, I would be delighted to hear from you. Sponsorship will be recognised in the programme distributed on the evening, in the School Newsletter and on the website and on Riviera Radio when we conduct an interview relating to the event.

May I remind you that you can find a calendar on the school website: in which are noted upcoming School events, both academic and social, as well as School trips.