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Year 7 Science

Year 7 Science were studying acids and alkali's this month. They studied substances that we use in everyday life like toothpaste, vinegar, washing powder and coffee that may not be thought of commonly as acidic or alkaline. More dangerous examples were also studied to include battery acid, drain cleaner and oven cleaners where great care is needed in their use. Pictured here are some of the Year 7b with their excellent descriptive posters on the pH scale of acidity and alkalinity. The effort these students put into the completion of this assignment shone through. Very well done from Mrs. Keeling.
Year 8 Science
In Science, Year 8 studied Respiration this past month which included the areas of fitness testing using breathing and pulse rates. Here the 8A group are doing impressive energetic star-jumps - a fun way to spend a science lesson, or was it a disguised surprise extra PE lesson for the students? They were certainly enjoying themselves whatever conclusion is reached.†