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Nice Cannes Marathon Relay Results

This year’s Marathon relay competition proved to be the toughest and most exciting to date. With 120 km an hour headwinds on the second half of the course, even the Kenyans struggled to get close to their best times!
The biggest battle of the day, however, was seeing which one of the 4 Mougins school teams would cross the line first.

For those unfamiliar with the marathon relay, it is a full marathon split into 6 slightly more manageable stages. Starting in Nice, the first runner completes 8.7 km passing to their 5 fellow team mates waiting along the coastal route to Cannes, completing distances of 3 km, 5.2 km, 8.1 km, 10.8 km and 6.4 km respectively.
In 2012 a combined male staff/student team overtook the staff ladies in the final stage, beating them by 1 min and 30 seconds overall. This year, the Ladies were out for revenge and with the additional competition from a student girls’ team and a student boys’ team, plus a male staff team, the ‘seasoned’ ladies staff team had their work cut out.

The ladies got off to a great start, getting an early lead by some 8
minutes after the first 2 legs. The student boys’ team were hot on the heels of the Men’s team and the girls were keeping a steady pace 9 minutes behind them. At the start of stage 5, the wind was whipping up and so was the adrenaline! With the ladies team setting off 7 seconds ahead of the men’s team, who were in turn 12 seconds ahead of the boys, it was still very much all to play for!

As predicted the final stage would be a sprint finish and with male and female staff teams setting off hand in hand (not for long!!!!), it was to be just that. Out of 394 teams the final results were:
Mougins Ladies 3h 27.34 finishing 50th team overall and 2nd in the ladies category.
Mougins Men 3h 28.57 finishing 52nd team overall and 27th in their category.
Mougins Boy students 3h 36.06 finishing 76th team overall and 33rd in their category.
Mougins Girl students 4h 08.30 finishing 275th team overall and 14th in their category.
Congratulations to all those who took part! It was a fantastic day and we are already planning our team tactics for 2014!