Mougins School

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Headmaster' Notes

Dear Parents and Students,

Finished Car Park – Finally!
During the half-term break, we will finally re-mark all the lines in the car park, making it clear for all where you may and may not park - and which way you have to go around the roundabout. There will also be signs at eye-level to make it even easier.

Campus Security
Thank you so much for your cooperation during the high security alert period. Unless there are further problems, the level should be dropped the day before you come back to School. However, in the interest of safety and focusing on the children’s education, the day will continue to start at 08h45 for both Primary and Secondary School children.

The teaching staff will also continue to “man the gates” in the mornings and afternoons, as at present, and adults will only be permitted on campus 15 minutes after the final bell in the afternoon.

Some parents have asked me about internal procedures and so without going into detail, for obvious reasons, I would like to inform you that we have both “evacuate” and “lock down” procedures. All staff are fully briefed for both.

This month, the Year 8's matured into young would-be chemists by greatly raising their level of terminology as used by real life chemists. They undertook various experiments where they had to discuss and write about formulae, atoms, molecules, reactants, nitrates versus nitrites, chlorides versus chlorine. The picture shows Lea and Marie-Celeste forming precipitates (solid-like substances) from a reaction of two separate liquid starting reactants. The future of chemistry at Mougins School looks bright with such upcoming chemists.

Regional Championships for Orienteering
Firstly, congratulations to all the teams who participated in the County Championship earlier this month. We achieved gold, silver and bronze positions in Collège and Lycée and gold and silver in Benjamins. Two days ago, we competed again at regional level and our teams did extremely well. We are not able to give the exact positions at the time of going to print, but will announce the results in the next edition of the newsletter.

Enjoy the Break
However you intend to spend the short vacation - on the slopes, visiting family in other regions, or simply having a calm break – enjoy yourselves! School resumes on Tuesday 3rd March at 08h45 for all pupils, as the Monday is a staff training day.

Kindest regards,
Brian G. Hickmore