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Headmaster's Notes

Dear Parents and Students,

Keep a Close Eye on the Calendar!
May is always a confusing month with regards to the calendar, because there are a number of National holidays or “feriés”, the first of which is tomorrow, Friday the 1st May. They follow, this year, in regular succession, the next being the Friday after, 8th May. The week after that, Thursday and Friday 14th & 15th May are days off for the Ascension and the “pont” or “bridge” that make a four day weekend. Finally, after only one full week, Monday 25th May is another day off for Pentecost. Keep the calendar close at hand!

External Examinations
Next week also marks the start of the external examinations, principally for Forms 11 to 13 (one or two for Form 10). The examinations begin with the (I)GCSEs, which go on throughout May. They are joined by the AS Levels further into May that last until the middle of June. Finally the A Levels start generally near the end of May and go on until the end of June. We wish our students the very best of luck in their examinations and look forward to some excellent results (middle of August).

Important Note: The national holidays marked above are not necessarily days off in the UK, where our examination timetable is created. Students may well have examinations on these days, which, of course, cannot be moved.

Year 8 Science
Year 8, this month, used plastic bottle models to scientifically investigate if sweat does really cool the body down via the evaporation of heat energy. The students had to do a full investigation to include their initial prediction, generation of data, drawing a line graph of results, conclusion and final full evaluation of their work. They are truly developing into brilliant young scientists.

A reminder that all Form 12 students will return to School from Monday 15th June until Friday 26th June (mornings only). During this time, we will be looking at options for their final year, have guest speakers relating to further education and careers, working on personal statements and letters of motivation etc. Remember, applications to institutes of higher education are made in the coming Autumn Term 2015. These two weeks are compulsory for all Form 12 students.

Security Officer
I am sure you have noticed that, following the presence of the Police Municipal for the period of three weeks prior to the Spring Break, we now have a regular security officer at the beginning and end of the day, throughout the week, to ensure the safety of the children at drop off and pick up and generally keep an eye on the driving and parking through the campus. In view of the fact that we do not qualify in the same way as schools in the Educational Nationale for the presence of the Police Municipal, we will work with the security company on a permanent basis.

A Short and Intensive Term
This term always goes fast – there are only two months and they are packed with all sorts of activities, residential trips in both Primary and Secondary, the above mentioned exams, summer fairs, a musical etc etc. Be involved wherever you can and enjoy the term.

Kindest regards,
Brian G. Hickmore