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From Sue Dunnachie

Once again the School has broken its record for the collection of Piéces Jaunes. This year we have raised 93.5 kilos of coins for the care of children in hospital. Last year our total was 88.5 kilos. Special congratulations to the two Forms which raised the most money: in Primary students in Form 1 who raised 9.00 kilos and in Secondary, Form 9b raised 13.00 kilos. Our heartfelt thanks to all parents, staff and students who gave so generously and particular thanks to Mrs Miller who organises this School effort every year.

Form 2 have taken the initiative of starting a pen-pal relationship with a school in England in order to study geographical and cultural differences between the two schools as well as working on their literacy objectives. The school in England is a preparatory school called Haddon Dene, with a similar philosophy to our own and is situated in Broadstairs in Kent. This exercise should prove a rich and rewarding one for all con cerned.

Form 7 (Advanced Level French Group)went to the Théatre Antibea on Thursday 30th January to see "Les Fables de la Fontaine". The group had studied the different fables which were presented that day and they had learned about the life of Jean de la Fontaine. The students absolutely loved the performance and they loved the discussion with the actors at the end of the session.
Commentary from a pupil:Lara Rippinger
Au début, quand nous sommes entrés dans la salle, je croyais que le spectacle serait interprété d'une manière classique. Mais tout de suite 'Jean de la Fontaine' eut Louis XIV au téléphone, ce qui n'était pas encore inventé cette époque. Le spectacle était plein d'humour et de modernité. Chaque fable était présentée d'une manière différente. Les costumes et décors étaient variés.