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Bonding on the Île St Marguerite

From 17th to 21st Form 7 students will enjoy the experience of a residential trip on the Île Ste Marguerite off Cannes, a veritable haven of peace and a nature treasure trove with its bird sanctuary and wonderful variety of flora and fauna. On the island...

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What if English is not your child’s first language.

At Mougins School, non-English speaking students are given assistance to progress in English with English as an Additional Language lessons. The benefits of this assistance can be seen in the results of the Cambridge Young Learners exams. 21 students in...

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Form 7 are raising money through a cake sale

On Monday 19th March students of French in Form 7 organised a sale of cakes with profits going to 'Un Enfant par la Main'. Working with this organisation, our students are raising money which will pay for an afternoon snack for school children in...

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Sophia Games 2018

Once again Mougins School participated in the annual Sophia Games, the sporting competition organised in Sophia Antipolis with the participation of five academic institutions and about one hundred and eighteen companies. Competitions range from darts to...

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The magical world of Alice in Wonderland

On 25th, 26th and 27th  January the stage of the Performing Arts Hall was occupied by wonderful creatures from the magic world of Alice in Wonderland. Our annual pantomime was a visually enchanting production with the imaginative and professional input of...

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