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On Monday 24th June a weird and wonderful Pop-up dog appeared on the campus of Mougins School. During the school year of 2017/18 Form 2 made a multitude of woollen pompoms, under the direction of Caz Petrequin, as well as finger-knitting the dog’s fluffy coat, as taught by Sarah Kench the Art teacher.

This year’s Form 7 students, again with the assistance of Miss Kench, constructed the dog’s body and he was then ‘dressed’ and placed on the campus. On Friday 14th the Primary students were able to mark the spot where they thought the dog was hiding on a map of the campus and give a donation of 1€ to participate.

With a small contribution from School charity funds, Mougins School will be offering 200€ to the Animal Refuge Jean Duflos in Antibes. Congratulations to Mark Darnell in Form 2 for discovering Pop-up Dog’s hiding place. He will receive a doggy footwarmer for humans as his prize but may wish to wait until the winter to enjoy it.

Our thanks to Tania Marcanik, EAL specialist, for her organisation of this fun initiative.