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Sixth Form Guide

Higher Education

The Sixth Form at Mougins School is an international community working within the framework of a British independent school style of education, offering A-Level subjects.

A-levels are internationally recognised qualifications that are required for entry into many university courses and professional training opportunities. Students typically study A-levels between the ages of 17 and 18.

A Levels are two-year qualifications that give students a chance to study an existing (I)GCSE subject in greater depth or sometimes it is possible to try a completely new subject. In the first year, students study the Advanced Subsidiary course and the Advanced Level course in the second year. The combination of assessments from both years combine to give students an A-level qualification.

The qualifications we offer lead to university entrance worldwide. The courses are all designed for specialists and are therefore excellent preparation for the rigorous demands of top-class Universities. Our students gain admission to a large number of Universities, both in the United Kingdom and abroad. Students progressing into the Sixth Form follow a rigorous schedule and helping our students to reach their academic potential is one of our primary aims. Our examination results are excellent, and we are very proud of the achievements of our students.

International families that are new to the British system often have a lot of questions about how this specific system operates. Some of those questions, that have come directly from our parents, are answered in the FAQ document.

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