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Mougins School celebrated its annual Book Fair on Thursday 28th March with the arrival of a team of booksellers from England setting up shop with a display of books for all ages in the Primary School.  

Throughout the day students are given the opportunity to browse and purchase. And 20% of the money spent is then offered to the School in the form of books which go the School Library. John Dougherty, author, poet and songwriter for children was this year’s guest and a number of activities were organised to showcase his talent. Students in Year 6 attended a Shakespeare workshop, revisiting and bringing to life key scenes from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. With Forms 1 and 2 John read and sang one of his stories I’ve Got a Pig Up My Nose and the laughter could be heard throughout the Primary building. With Forms 3 to 6 John talked about creativity and the writing process with such talent and enthusiasm that many chose to spend their break time talking to John or getting their books signed.

Following John’s visit, a number of ‘reluctant readers’ were to be found reading in a corner at playtime or coming into School with a huge smile on their faces, having read a whole book in one night. Some Form 6 students have proposed to write a book in the ‘John Dougherty style’ during the Easter holidays. They were truly inspired by this real writer and realised that they too could have a go.