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Students from Mougins School will be participating in this event which takes place in Marbella between 5th and 8th February. The programme includes two days of heated debates and a cultural excursion.

Students will present two prepared debates, one impromptu debate and one showcase debate. This event promotes a positive and inclusive environment, and is an opportunity for personal growth and development of lasting friendships.

Best dressed and high scores

Our debating team returned from the COBIS Debate Competition where they were competing with experienced teams who debate regularly at annual and monthly events. They certainly held their ground and scored in the thirties (out of forty) in the majority of the debates, with one student achieving forty in one of the debates and another selected for the ‘showcase’ debate based on his high scores. The result was a draw on one of the debates, which is to be commended, as this is their first experience under such challenging conditions. We applaud their tenacity and are delighted that this ‘taster’ has whetted their appetites to participate in more debating events both locally and abroad. Mougins School is organising workshops and more students now wish to get involved. European debate championships will be held in Bucharest in November and next year the COBIS world championships will take place in the Netherlands.

Apart from the hard work, this event proved to be rich in its demonstration of sportsmanship and also a wonderful opportunity for our students to exchange with other nationalities and cement new friendships. The organisation was first class as well as the accommodation, and a gala dinner and Cuban party were social highlights.

Thanks go to the School’s PTA for providing our team with sartorial elegance in the shape of team jackets with a tailor made badge.