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Following the black box session for parents in the school car park we will look to update you all with plans for improvements in the coming weeks. For now though I need to give an important message regarding safety and security

Please note that we will adopt a zero tolerance approach to any member of our community who drives dangerously and puts others at risk. If any incidents related to this occur we will immediately inform the police. Any students who do not drive safely and place others in danger will face the very real possibility of immediate exclusion. 
As a community we have a responsibility to report any instances of dangerous driving and we would urge you to do so.
Thank you for your support. 


Message from Mr Robert Cooke

Dear Parents and Students

As the summer time is approaching we would like to ask for your help and support with appropriate dress code when attending Mougins School. As teachers we would like all our students to study, work and play in a comfortable and positive educational environment. Therefore we need students to come to school with sensible and appropriate clothing and we do not want any teacher or student to feel uncomfortable about a student’s clothing in lessons or on campus.

If a student does come to school wearing inappropriate clothing we will do one of three things:

1 – Give them a Mougins school t-shirt to wear

2 – Phone and ask parents to bring appropriate clothing.

3 – Send the student home.

We will always try to be sensitive and helpful with the students when questioning the inappropriate clothing but we would ask students to reflect on what they are going to wear to school and for parents to also question their child’s choice of clothing for school.

I would like to thank you for your help and support in this area as it is important for us to promote a safe and healthy learning environment.

Best Regards

Robert Cooke


We are delighted to announce the return of “Speakers on the Rock”, a great opportunity for our children to be inspired! 

    • Wednesday 9th June – between 2 and 3.30 pm
    • Wednesday 16th June – between 2 and 3.30 pm


What a pleasure to announce this date for the Summer Concert

    • 25th June – 6pm  


Thank you MumAbroad for this article that highlights the melting pot that exists at Mougins School!



We are pleased to offer Mougins families the option of summer camps during the school holiday. Riviera Kids will be running an exciting program for under 12’s based at ICS Cote D’Azur (EBICA) and for over 12’s at Mougins. The programs are an exciting mix of sport and outdoor adventure that take advantage of this wonderful place in which we live. 


12+ Summer Camp (English version) 

12+ Summer Camp (French Version) 

Under 12s Summer Camp

As France slowly moves towards deconfinement we would like to clarify the current situation at school. At present government guidance remains unchanged.
  • An entire class/ year group (in secondary) will close on confirmation of 1 positive case.The entire class/year group will be required to take a rapid antigen test within 24hrs of class closure and isolate for 7 days. An initial negative result does not reduce the isolation period. A negative PCR or Antigen test will be required to return to school after isolation. 
  • Students must remain at home if they, or any member of the household tests positive for Covid. Parents have a responsibility to inform school as soon as possible to ensure any action required occurs without delay. 
  • Lunches will continue to be staggered in the canteen as per government guidelines. With the warmer weather finally arriving,  the use of the large outside spaces will also facilitate ‘safer’ eating times. 
  • Masks – The new Alpes Maritimes relaxation of mask wearing only applies to beaches, promenades and urban ‘green areas’ e.g. Parks. In school masks must continue to be worn by all students (from year 1 upwards), staff and visitors. Masks must also be worn by parents/guardians at all times whilst on school grounds including drop off and pick up in the car park. 
  • Sports are now being held both inside and outdoors under strict health protocol conditions.
  • We continue to liaise with the local authorities with regard to routine saliva and self testing in school. We will inform you as soon as we receive the details on how this will be rolled out.
  • Although some travel is now opening up there are some requirements that remain firmly in situ at present.
  • On return from travel within the EU and Schengen region a negative test is required within 72hrs of returning to France. 
  • On return from travel outside the EU and Shengen region a negative Covid test is required within 72hrs of return travel, Isolation for 7 days on arrival to France and a negative test prior to return to school. 

If you have any questions related to Covid please contact

Primary Info

Please read the notice board info from Primary:

    • Week of 31st May – End of Year assessments;
    • Friday 25th 9:00 Early Years Prize Giving assembly
    • Monday 28th KS2 (4,5,6) Prize Giving assembly 9:00
    • Tuesday 29th KS1 (1,2,3) Prize Giving assembly 9:00

Secondary Info


We look forward to celebrating our Year 13 Graduation on Friday the 2nd of July!

FORM 11 & 12

Please find HERE our Elective Activities