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Sports in the Primary department

We are very fortunate within the primary to have some wonderful sports teachers who work with children in KS2 and support primary staff with PE lessons in EYFS and KS1. We have excellent sports facilities in school, including a beautiful purpose built sports gym, that our children are able to access. As well as specific teaching in a variety of areas the children are taught how to monitor and take care of themselves whenever they do any sport.

Wide range of taught activities

Children in KS2 get to experience a wide range of taught activities including: Cross-country, Football, Gymnastics, Volleyball, Orienteering, Athletics, Dance, Striking & Fielding, Badminton or mini-tennis, Fitness and Basketball.

Each year sports days are organised giving children the opportunity to showcase their skills and to compete with one another. These competitive opportunities help to develop resilience, courage and sportsmanship skills. 

Due to Covid restrictions this year the sports department have worked exceptionally hard in ensuring the PE provision has continued and has been in line with guidelines at all times. This has meant, in particular, that Sports Days this year are very different. KS1 children are fortunate that we are able to organise an on site event, this will take place on Wednesday 16th June.

For KS2 sports staff have been using normal lesson times to set up the competitive activities they would normally do. Results were collected and Jerome Hebant, PE Subject Leader with the aid of Mr James Wellings, Head of School was able to present medals in our zoom assembly.

We are really pleased to share the great results. Many congratulations go to: 

Year 3:

Girls: Nathalie B #1 / Elina P #2 / Anastasiia F #3

Boys: Ludovico F #1 / Maksim K #2 / Maxim R #3


Year 4:

Girls: Toni M #1, Constantine H #2, Naima V #3

Boys: David W #1 / Basile P #2 / Xavier C #3


Year 5:

Girls: Melodie D #1, Nelly P #2, Laetitia N #3

Boys: Tommy D #1 / Emil M #2 / Egor D #3


Year 6:

Girls: Claudia S #1 / Ekaterina F #2 / Julie R #3

Boys: Aidan T #1 / Daris C #2 / Byron W #3


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