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We are delighted to begin this new series of articles to introduce our People of Mougins. Our first interview will be dedicated to Alison Vibert who is a key member of the educational team, looking after the health and well-being of all pupils and liaising with family and medical sources of care.

Hello Alison, could you please introduce yourself?

I was very fortunate to have been born and raised on the small but beautiful Island of Jersey. I am married to Mark and we have 3 children Alex (27), Megan (25) and Ollie (15) who is a student in year 10 at Mougins school.

We love the outdoors and having always lived by the sea andbenefit from everything it has to offer. We are also very fond the mountains and enjoy hiking, running, cycling and skiing. This made living on the Cote D’Azur the perfect location. 

We are slightly nomadic and love to travel. In 2013 we packed our lives into a single rucksack each and embarked on an incredible adventure around the world. In the 7 months travelling we were able to experience many different cultures. This was a life changing time for us all with endless memories made and lessons learned. 

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I am passionate about my work. My career as a nurse spans over 30 years. The majority of which have been in an intensive care setting, including babies, children and adults. I have worked at a senior level for many years and I am trained in medical air transfers and instructing in reanimation for 25 years. 

My time at Mougins began in May 2020 when I came to support the return to school following the first COVID lockdown. My role in school is continuously evolving. Along with my nursing duties I am significantly involved in the management of COVID, health risk assessments and I am a Designated Safeguarding Lead. I aim to develop my role further and I am excited for the future at Mougins School! 

Tell us about your greatest professional moment or achievement

As a nurse working in acute settings it would be impossible for me to specify one ‘moment’ or ‘achievement’ that could be described as the most significant. For me the greatest achievements are any day where my role has permitted me to make a difference in people’s lives when they are at their most vulnerable.

What was your steepest learning curve?

This is an easy one, being the medical person in a school during a global pandemic! Covid has encroached on all of our lives. For me my role with Covid at Mougins has always been to reduce risk as much as possible, keep all of our students, staff and greater Mougins community  safe and well, whilst ensuring students and staff can maintain some normality at school. I believe that keeping our children in school is imperative and we will continue to strive to keep classes and school functioning within the boundaries of what is safe and sustainable. 

The constant changes in guidance have been at times almost impossible to keep up with. We had a week where the guidance changed 3 ! This has understandably allowed for confusion and frustration and I have worked tirelessly with the SLT and all staff to ensure Mougins is following government guidelines at all times, whilst taking into consideration the cohort we are dealing with. I have been impressed from the beginning in the commitment from all students and staff to engage and conform to the protocols we have put in place. As such, our incidence at school has been low with no direct cross contamination in school thus far. We remain in a volatile position, nevertheless, with an evolving vaccination program, easier access to testing and rapid isolation we seem to be gaining some control.

Mougins is a great place because ….

The incredible campus, the welcoming and committed team and the wonderful students. The combination of these things offer the most amazing platform for our students to achieve and grow into best version of themselves.

Thank you Alison for your time. We are delighted to have travelled with you for a while! Dear readers, see you next week for a new portrait.