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Tell us about yourself:

I am Cynthia Olivia Wolff, and have been studying at Mougins School for 9 years (I arrived in form 5). I was born in San Diego, USA but my family background is German. I have pretty much always lived in the South of France, apart from living in Brussels for 3 years. I really enjoy music, singing and playing instruments, and have a very wide range of music taste.

Obviously like anyone else I guess, I love to travel and discover new places and I am always ready to go on an unexpected adventure. I’m not a big fan of living a routine lifestyle,  I like movement in my life. Being independent financially and living freely and happily is my goal as we only have one life so we better enjoy our time with as much freedom as we can have! I like to think that I’m talented in languages, and not so much in Maths and Sciences… I’m more an artistic and creative person.

After my studies here at Mougins School, I plan on going to study in London to and work in Business Management and get introduced to the multi-faceted roles in this field. 

people of mougins Cynthia Olivia Wolff,

I am very excited about this journey as I love interacting and meeting new people. Where this path will lead next, I have no idea but that’s the beauty and excitement of it!

Not much else to say, but one more thing; build the life you want, no matter what other people tell you!

Tell us about your greatest achievement

I am quite proud to be the School President and represent the students! I would have hardly ever imagined me having such a position of responsibility – and it does come with a fare share of responsibility! Not to forget to thank Madison Perkins who pushed me to take on the role; very proud to have her as my Vice 😉

To sum up, I am grateful to have the opportunity to experience this, and Madison and I are always glad to help our student community!

What was your steepest learning curve?

I would honestly have to go with the transition of moving up from form 12 to 13. If older students tell you there is a huge gap between the two years, take their word for it. It is very different and especially with COVID.  We had to adapt to a lot of things this year, and having a lot of changes with some of our course teachers has been challenging. However, I have grown immensely during this period and I managed to achieve very good grades regardless of the challenges. To give examples, Music BTEC was a big learning curve for me. I was quite musical before but never knew the extent of what I could do! It was a lot of hard work and lotsss of dedication but my voice has improved so much through the teaching of Ms. Gossedge! My love for Spanish has grown loads during this year. I am the most fluent I have been since starting learning it 5 years ago.  Also through lots of work especially grammar exercises; muchas gracias Carmen!! And of course History… a true overload of notes – that thankfully gets weighed out by all the amazing jokes we get from Mr. Carver which he thinks are funny 😉 And lastly, French with Dominique is always great as we have some interesting conversations each lesson. Anyway, form 13 as a whole was definitely the steepest learning curve for me.

Mougins is a great place because ….

Mougins School has so much diversity and the campus is amazing. Our school always had this ‘family’ feel to it which makes the environment a very comforting place to be in. Over the years, it has been a very entertaining place to be and I have had many amazing experiences. I have built such good relations with teachers and knowing that everyone around you is caring and compassionate gives you that heartwarming feeling. Some great stories will be told about Mougins 😉


What would you like to share with the community?

This amazing Spring concert that has been organised by Ms. Gossedge!