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The end of the year is coming up and some great events are going to happen at Mougins School. Despite another complicated year with the health situation, our future graduates will have more luck than 2020 and will be able to enjoy the joys of being a laureate after all these hard efforts!
Today we asked Honor Jones, in form 13, to tell us about her project to create the “2021 Yearbook: A Not So Traditional Year” that you will be able to acquire very soon!

Tell us about yourself

Hi, I’m Honor Jones. I have been at Mougins School for 13 years, and am graduating this July. I am very much a creative person, hence my A-levels: English Literature and Art & Design. This is why I was excited at the prospect of taking on the creation of this years yearbook.

Tell us about your greatest achievement

I am proud of having taken on the project of the yearbook with my three friends and fellow art students Ella, Stef and Irem after Mr Charlton, who traditionally produced the yearbook, retired.
We managed to overcome some difficulties by working together on the project. It wasn’t easy but I hope you like the result as much as we do.

What was your steepest learning curve?

The yearbook has never been produced by students before and so my team and I were complete novices when it came to the project. We had to learn quickly how to organise, delegate roles and use tools we’d never come across before. Managing time was perhaps the biggest learning curve as all of us are art students, which means a lot of our free time is already taken up with coursework, on top of the rest of our A-level work!

Mougins is a great place because ….

…Students are allowed to take charge of projects such as the yearbook and staff are always willing to lend a helping hand (big thank you to Ms Achilli and Lise for all the help you provided regarding the yearbook)

Anything that you would like to share with the community

It would be wonderful if you got your hands on the yearbook when it is available as we spent a lot of time throughout the year creating it.