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Tell us about yourself:

My name is Matt and I have been teaching science at Mougins School for the last 3 years. My role is to develop young people’s understanding of the world around them and stoke their curiosity. Teaching has lead me all over the globe, myself learning a lot about people and culture. I have great interest in developing project based learning opportunities to help students link theory to real life applications.


Tell us about your greatest achievement

Seeing KS3 students move on to GCSE study with a passion and drive to continue study in science!


What was your steepest learning curve?

When cycling around the world, my cycling partner had to return to the UK briefly. I spent a month cycling alone between Dushanbe and Tehran. There has never been a more efficient way to learn and find the answer to the question ‘Who am I?’ than navigating difficult terrain, unfamiliar cultures and frequent sand storms with little more than a paper map and some friendly locals.


Mougins is a great place because …

…Everyone is welcome, accepted and supported!