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Family & Secondary Guides
Welcome to Mougins School, whether as a new family or a returning one.
Please read the Family Guide and Secondary Student guides carefully. It contains much of the practical information you will need during the year and is also the document linked to the contract you have signed, accepting the conditions under which we work.

If you have an edition from last year, or before, please recycle it in a paper bin, as it will contain information that is out of date. The one piece of information that you have to commit to memory is the name of your child’s Form (e.g. Form 2, Form 7a, Form 10b etc.). With this essential piece of information, you can always find the name of the primary class teacher, secondary tutor or subject teacher you are trying to find on the next page.

We look forward to another successful school year, where our pupils enjoy their time at school and achieve results that reflect their highest potential, whether involved in sporting, cultural or academic pursuits.

Guide Downloads

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Mougins School

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