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Meet the Music Department Team

Having first-hand experience of being a performer and conductor, Faye Gossedge has a track record of establishing and leading high-level music performances and directing some of the most challenging musicals in musical theatre, including West Side Story and the first ever performance of Les Miserables in China.

After having trained as a concert pianist in the Birmingham Conservatoire and the Krakow academy of music, Faye later pursued her love of leading choirs, and orchestra. Having taught music at two other prestigious international schools, Faye hopes to continue to broaden the rich music programme at Mougins, and to continue to instill a love of music and performance throughout the school.

Also new to the music department team is Dulcie Kellner, a music teacher with a wealth of musical and teaching experience internationally. Dulcie was trained as a clarinetist and a singer, and also shares an enthusiasm for choirs and instrumental music- making.

 Dulcie always wanted to become a music teacher, and has many years’ experience teaching secondary, before re-directing her skills towards primary music education.

As well as having two full time music teachers, Mougins school is blessed with having a team of excellent vocal and instrumental visiting tutors, who are fully committed to teaching and nurturing students’ passion for music. During the academic year, they set their students high aspirations through external music examination programmes such as the ABRSM grades and examinations with The School of Rock.

Voices from Broadway 2021

Discover our spring show “Voices from Broadway”!
We have a huge variety of performances from some of the most challenging and exciting musicals. Students worked tirelessly in order to perform ahead of schedule.

Students involved in the performance had to form a safety bubble by taking a SARS-coV-2 Antigen Rapid Test in the early morning, to ensure that they would be safe performing together on stage.  

With any performance, there are always a number of silent heroes who without their help, support and kindness, such events wouldn’t be possible to achieve. We would like to thank Eric Bianco, Jon Hallet, Anton Gorelov, Sacha Ferrand, Lucius Underwood, Brian Hickmore, Jerome Hebant, Hilary Lecoy and Alison Vibert, for their huge contribution and patience behind the scenes and also on stage. Last but not least, it goes without saying a huge thank you to our music specialists; Faye Gossedge, Dulcie Kellner and Lizzy Parks. 

Mougins School Winter Concert 2020

As our students performed in an empty theatre, the deafening silence after each recording didn’t deter their efforts. The biggest difference performing without an audience is after everything is over: no applause, no hugs from people who came to see you and no smiling faces.

Everything is virtual at the moment, and that instant feeling of having shared something with an audience is lost. Thankfully young people are incredibly resilient and the courage and hard work that went into each and every recording deserves to be recognized and congratulated. We hope that you will enjoy our 2020 Winter concert, and it will bring a little joy. Wishing you and your families a healthy and happy Winter Holiday..

Primary Christmas Concert 2020

This year, our Primary children have worked incredibly hard to bring some much needed Christmas cheer in these difficult times.

This video represents the very best of our children, who despite having to wear masks and adhering to strict social distancing, showed remarkable determination and resilience.

They have produced wonderful performances to be proud of! Wishing you and your families a very Merry Christmas!.

Autumn Recital 2020

The Lockdown this Autumn hasn’t prevented music making and performance at Mougins School – far from it!

We invite you to watch and enjoy our online Autumn Recital.

The Music Department at Mougins School is pleased to be able to offer lessons with private teachers in the
following instruments:


Each child is different and may wish to learn an instrument in a variety of ways. It is possible for your child to learn an instrument purely for pleasure and there is no requirement for them to follow one of our music examination programmes. For more information please download the PDF below.

Music Downloads

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