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Following on from the sentiments written in Thoughts from the Head, I’d like to publicly and sincerely thank all of our secondary teachers for their unwavering support, commitment and dedication. Exam class teachers have worked tirelessly to ensure that students have had the best opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned this year so that they can submit the most accurate and representative evidence to the Boards. Support staff have worked around the clock to ensure that all the infrastructure is in place and students are looked after. We have all worked very hard to uphold the integrity of Mougins School and for that we should be proud. 

On the submission of grades and evidence, all secondary teachers have then directed their attention to our Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 students who have just completed their end of year examination period. As we all know, this has been a most challenging year for all of our students. The stress, uncertainty and change may mean that some students did not achieve what they’d hoped for. It’s in these times that it’s so important to fire up our growth mindset and change our thinking to, “I haven’t achieved what I wanted….yet.” This is one of the greatest learnings we can impart to our students. 


There is one other very important person I would like to thank. Our Health and Well-being Officer Alison Vibert. She has been an absolute saviour for so many of our students. Her calming, reassuring and encouraging manner has helped our students keep afloat when they thought they were going to sink. The respect students have for Alison is visible every day and is mirrored by the respect that Alison shows our students. From all of us Ally, thank you. 


All of our student achievements could not be possible without the support of our wider community. Our parents often bear the brunt of our very tired and exhausted students as they come home and deload. This is natural as home is where we are most comfortable, but it is not always easy to live with on a day to day basis. Students, I implore you to step back and take the time to say a simple thank you to Mum and Dad. Parents, if they don’t quite get there, here is a big thank you from all of us here at Mougins. 


Jane Ayerst
Deputy Head: Curriculum, Academic and Structures