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Once again a number of staff and students participated in the Sophia Games which was celebrating 25 years of existence this year. 130 companies took part In the ‘Challenge Entreprises’ which is organised for companies with 2 to 50 employees.

Out of 130 companies, Mougins School came 1st. Of the 2000 male participants, one of our Sports staff, Jerôme Hebrant, came 10th and Jim Farrell, a Primary tutor, 33rd. In the ladies team our Maths teacher, Jo McDonnell came 3rd out of 700 participants. Our student teams contributed with gusto to the number of points which earned us first place.

Once again, Mougins School has demonstrated its prowess in Sport which is an important of the School’s curriculum. Thank you to a dedicated Sports Department for their enthusiasm and encouragement throughout the year.