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Finding a path, a study option… Each year orientation is an essential phase in the future of a student’s career: it is very important to take inventory of all desires and the whole situation in order to better adapt into a professional project. To help our students as much as possible, we are delighted to host Speakers on the Rocks on Wednesday 9th of June at 1.30pm.

Fun and entertaining talks

This event will be a great opportunity for all our Secondary Students to join great speakers on the rocks for fun and entertaining talks about their jobs and career paths! Two of our Form 13 students Margaux Dacremont-Kobouloff and Michael Aspergen will be hosting this event. Margaux has been accepted at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania to study business and Michael Loughborough University to study electronic engineering with computer systems and yet, they will be the hosts of Speakers on the Rocks, in front of important successful members of the Mougins community.

Our Speakers

We are really looking forward to introducing our Speakers on the Rocks: Patrick Vieira, Hans-Peter Franklin and Aileen Lane.

Patrick Vieira will do us the honor of speaking about all the hard work accomplished in his career choices that may have led him to become World Champion football player. 

As the founder of Fitlane, Hans-Peter Franklin has become a respected and recognised entrepreneur in his field in France and in Asia. Guided by perseverance, creativity and hard work, Hans would like to share his advice with the students to help guide them towards their best options.

Finally we are very pleased to welcome Aileen Lane, Business Coach Consultancy for Image and Style. Her mission is to help others overcome their fears and give them the tools to make their dream career a reality. The dream for our students!

speakers on the rocks

Thanks to the PTA

This event could not have happened without the hard work of Sabine Bascle, Courtney Plotnick and the PTA. We are incredibly grateful to them for helping us provide further guidance to our students. By working together on common projects like this, it is evidence of the values we wish to promote for the future of our students and our community. 

We hope to see you Wednesday on the Rocks!