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Welcome to The Learning Curve

Summer seems to have arrived and this is right on Q following our discussions around change last week!

Thank you to everyone who attended the webinar. Please remember that you can access the audio version of the presentation on the Take the Stairs Podcast. I have also put together a short videocast covering the main points of the presentation.

Take the Stairs (1)

This week I have found myself repeating a little mantra. For those close to me It may have become a little annoying. Nevertheless I can’t help but repeat it once more here. 

“Lots of little conversations will almost always stop bigger horrible conversations”

Both professionally and personally I have found this to be true and incredibly useful. It is also highly relevant in the context of schools! Here are some examples why: 

In leadership team meetings we can encourage each other to have small (and sometimes a little difficult) conversations. By respectfully challenging one another, raising questions and debating we can understand a problem better. Therefore we are less likely to brood on comments or ideas that we did not agree with yet said nothing. We can develop enough trust to flag issues and discuss them as they arise.  This will make us a stronger leadership team

In classrooms teachers can have regular  “little conversations” with students around behaviour expectations or areas for development. These help everyone know and understand boundaries and will help students to become better learners. This will make us a stronger school 

On the phone or via email teachers can keep in touch with parents about their children’s progress, attitude or values before issues become too serious or too big and need more direct interventions. This will make us better partners in the learning of our students

At home parents with concerns can get in touch with the school early  to talk these concerns through and find solutions, answers or further information. This will make us a stronger community.

So here is a challenge to all of us. Let’s make sure we do not run away from the little conversations so we don’t run straight into the big ones! 

I look forward to the chats! 

Have a lovely weekend everyone

James Wellings
Head of School