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Welcome to The Learning Curve, 

Music, music everywhere! Tonight is the summer concert, today we have had the genuine joy of the Early Years prize giving with Primary and Secondary prize giving events happening next week.

All week I have heard and seen the preparation for these events going on in school and what a pleasure it has been. Two things have really stood out. Firstly, the dedication and talent in our wonderful music department. Everywhere I look Mrs Kellner and Ms Gossedge are conducting, instructing, playing and singing with groups of children from the smallest to the tallest. I see the passion they have for their discipline and it’s infectious. 

Secondly, it is amazing how much talent we have in the school and, just as important, how all of our students are getting involved and making these events a real joy. It’s a truly lovely way to wind down the year. As many of you may know I have two daughters in the school, the youngest of which has been learning the songs “Let’s go fly a kite” and “Summer Holiday” ready for the event. I still live some distance from the school and our quite lengthy daily commute has had a soundtrack of my youngest performing these songs loudly and on repeat in the back seat for the last month. The other day I was walking around school and found myself singing out loud: 

“…… and seeennnddd it soooarrring” 

It may be some time before I stop doing that. My apologies if you hear it.  

Schools are more than exams and classrooms and textbooks. Sure, those things are part of it but this week reminds us that they are just as much about celebration and passion and experience. These are often the memories of school that remain long after some subject knowledge has faded. 

We should remember that.  

Have a lovely weekend everyone. 

James Wellings
Head of School