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Welcome to The Learning Curve, 

Before I go on to discuss the main topic of Thoughts from the Head this week I would like to invite all parents and students to a strategic update “webinar with Wellings” on Thursday 3rd June at 18.30pm. A separate communication containing the link will be sent out next week but you can also find it in the notice board section. I hope you will join me for some important and exciting updates for the 21/22 School Year.

We have now been talking about the values for a number of weeks. After two surveys and a lot of conversations we now have the final drafts of our value statements. I am pleased to share them with you here and ask for any feedback that you feel needs to be shared. There are few words still being debated!


We are kind, compassionate and courteous. We value ourselves, each other and our environment. 

The respect value will drive the way we act and communicate at school. This is across all members of the community. I am very happy to see the importance placed on respecting ourselves and our environment as well as others. This is an important triangle! 


We are all learners who strive to develop and improve. We recognise the importance of effort, mistakes and reflection.

The learning value drives how we must think about the process of learning throughout the school. It is not linear and is not always easy. Through a desire to achieve and a mindset of using reflection to improve we can all meet our potential. 


We are reliable, honest, authentic and fair, especially in the face of challenges.

These are words we all know and can relate to. I am sure that, like me, you hope that you demonstrate kindness, honesty, fairness and authenticity on a daily basis. I think what is so important about this statement is that it asks us to maintain our integrity when things are not straightforward or easy. That is the real test! 


We are supportive, encouraging and considerate. Together, we celebrate diversity and are committed to equality  

Togetherness and the idea that we are stronger as a group than as a set of individuals is at the heart of this statement. This is not to dismiss the importance of individuality but rather it asks us to think about the needs and emotions of others as well as ourselves. In both the local and the global context the exploration and understanding of the benefits of diversity are hugely important. Equality should be thought of in terms of opportunity rather than outcome. The former being essential and the latter being futile!

We will settle on the very final statements next week. 

Have a lovely weekend everyone

James Wellings
Head of School